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Eastport South Manor School District Shortfall Jumps To $4.4 Million For Next Year

Time to merge districts? ESM is a merged district.
Ms Kesnig "disappointed"?The BOE runs the district. Consider a new BOE.
The next step? Cover the shortfall w a10 year bond. The public needs to attend BOE meetings and make spending cuts everywhere.

" Feb 15, 18 6:25 PM

'The Hills' Developer Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against Southampton Town For Rejecting PDD

120 homes 276 school age children. This may lead to EAF part 2 question 17, increase in more than 5 % population is a major impact to the community. The burden is on the developer to reduce the impact." Apr 18, 18 7:25 PM

PSEG Will Bury Hated Power Lines In Eastport, Remove 24 Steel Poles

Save Eastport bury the poles. Historic district, no notification to residents." Jan 6, 19 6:33 PM

Agree with Patriot 1776 100%, thank you.

A friend was reviewing the lawsuit, it appears the highway work permits for the poles and a completed environmental impact study cannot be located. PSEG has a problem.

Remove the poles bury the lines.

" Jan 12, 19 11:45 AM