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School Districts Will Provide English and Spanish Ballots For May 21 Budget And Board Vote

So the President was right about the invasion! " Apr 4, 19 3:42 PM

Cap On Foreign Workers Lifted For 2019 After Outcry From Business Owners

So you racists can bunk down in your lily white cocoons and enjoy your Dorito's and Budweiser while listening to Ted Nugent when you're not watching FoxNews."

You're pretty racy yourself..." Apr 4, 19 9:39 PM

Popular Nightclub Could Be Moving To Southampton Village Main Street Spot

I always thought it was dumb to turn Neptune's into a museum. I mean, really? It could have been something....." Apr 30, 19 10:18 PM

New York State Lawmakers Pass Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban

I saw a women in the grocery store one day with about 25 clear plastic vegetable bags. Zucchini in one bag. Turnip in another. I decided I didn’t want to resemble this woman so I looked in my closet for cotton napkins I had used for setting the table, only nobody comes to visit anymore so they just sit there. Now when I go to the market I wrap my precious eggplant in washable lavender cloth and my basil in calico-print. Why use plastic when 200-300 thread count is prettier." May 3, 19 2:33 PM

Riverhead High School Principal Accused Of ‘Sexually Assaulting’ Female Student

They “made out for a minute…” That’s a long time to be kissing somebody your disgusted with. The guys's a pig. The girl is old enough to know better. " May 10, 19 12:03 AM

Supervisor Announces Plan To Freeze Tax Assessments For Two Years To Study Process

North Sea Citizen wrote, "They are raising tax money based on budgets. How many people who complain about their taxes actually go to town board meetings which represent all the departments under the towns domain, school board meetings etc. the tax bill is made up of many taxing districts, ambulance, police, who ever went to a fire department budget meeting? What about Suffolk County?? Its all on your tax bill."

I've looked at my bill and the largest budget is the damn school. Heck, I depend on the police, the firemen, highway dept. and really don't have a problem with those budgets....it's the damn school, and frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn about the school.... " May 12, 19 11:42 PM

CVS Eyes Hampton Bays Movie Theater Location

Can you imagine if they had built a CVS on Main Street in Sag Harbor instead of the cinema? Only in Hampton Bays..." May 21, 19 11:03 PM

UPDATE: Shinnecock Tribe Continues Billboard Work As Lawsuit With State Looms

I have not seen the towers yet so I'll avoid commenting. I actually avoid county road 39 because the cars travel way too fast. But I’ll say this… I hate those trashy, plastic flower memorials all over the place where people have crashed and burned. In his country we remember our dead in a cemetery and not at the crash site." May 29, 19 11:05 PM

Southampton Town Trustees To Tighten Rules On Beach Easement To Limit Overnight Obstructions

“The rules would prohibit beach-goers from doing anything or placing anything in the Trustee-owned easement of any bay or ocean beach… that could prevent people from passing. The items include… umbrellas, chairs… The proposed rules specifically say the items cannot be left for long periods of time…The rules are also meant to deter people from leaving garbage…”

The rules are not meant to deter people from leaving garbage on the beach, but to deter people from being on the beach. Basically, after these rules are put into place, all you can do is walk along the easement, and God forbid if you set a chair down, then what? Let me guess… the homeowner who thinks they own the beach in front of their property is going to call the easement police to have the chair-sitting, potential garbage dumper removed because their blocking their view?

Read between the lines and you get the picture, really clear. Nice going Trustees… if I owned beach front property I’d keep voting for you, too! " May 30, 19 10:58 PM

CVS Eyes Hampton Bays Movie Theater Location

"EH currently has TWO CVS stores!"

And lots of old people... " Jun 1, 19 12:15 AM

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