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Hampton Bays Friendly's To Close Soon; Building Listed For Sale

I'd go out on a limb and say the same people that are saying "Make America Great Again" are the same ones saying "Hampton Bays is deterioriating." " Jul 22, 17 7:46 PM

Hampton Bays Downtown Overlay District Comes Under Fire At Public Hearing On Tuesday

Take a simple inventory of the store fronts along Main Street from Ponquogue to Springville. The quadrant of stores on the corners of Ponquogue,
Main Street, and Squiretown lack charm - a tavern (one closed) that doesn’t serve food, a massage parlor/“spa”, whatever the design store is, and Tony’s Asian Fusion. Continue to meander along Main Street and there’s more stores which I truly wonder how they’re able to afford rent or make a profit. The Ligget’s plaza used to be slightly charming in the early 90s when it housed a shoe store, Krieg’s, and RaceHampton. In the past couple of years it’s become absolutely down trodden. Can the owner of the parking lot invest in a flower pot? The Main Street facing parking lot kills any type of walking village vibe.

Good Ground Park provides somewhere to walk to, but when there’s no events, provides not much else. I always wondered why a fabricated water feature, like a pond, was not included.

Not one establishment in Hampton Bays has cafe seating. Guava could possibly do this, as could Scotto’s. The restaurant district that includes Matsulin, Villa Paul, the Gelato spot, Buckley’s and now the Standard, is not conducive to walking, but is pleasant on the eyes.

Don’t even get me started of the Hamlet Green. That used to be a cool little spot but in the 2000s took a nose dive.

When I have friends visiting, they don’t ask to see Main Street - it’s the restaurants on the waterfronts and beaches that they’re attracted to - something Hampton Bays has more than any other town besides Montauk. " Jun 27, 19 12:30 PM

Southampton Village Residents Fed Up With Nightclub Noise

Music? And ...dancing?! Not on my watch! " Jul 17, 19 6:57 PM

Music? And ...dancing?! Not on my watch! " Jul 17, 19 6:57 PM

Zagster To Bring Bike Share Program To Hampton Bays

G.A. Lombardi I’ve noticed you’re always pessimistic towards something new and innovative. Give something the opportunity to succeed before immediately shooting it down. " Aug 14, 19 2:05 PM