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Southampton considering new graveyard protection laws

I am embarrassed. if I could delete that comment I would." Nov 6, 09 5:41 PM

Nor'easter takes toll on beaches

i have no sympathy for people who build houses close to the water. They are also polluting the environment with their chemicals of every sort. they don't care. it is all about them not the Earth." Nov 20, 09 7:45 PM

Former Southampton Village administrator honored with bench

i am proud of you too!" Nov 20, 09 7:50 PM

Oddone defense case likely to be short, if not sweet

he has no defense. he is a very deranged animal who deserves to die." Nov 20, 09 7:56 PM

Supreme Court lifts injunction on use of Aldrich Park

we are all God's children" Nov 24, 09 7:14 PM

Defense seeks mistrial; Judge rejects motion

why are they calling this a "fight" ? this was clearly no "fight"" Dec 4, 09 6:04 PM

President declares South Shore beaches a disaster area following November storm damage

I am totally against this. what i am also against is people messing with the planet and disturbing nature by erecting all sorts of things to save their huge mansions which the price could feed to many of our hungry and homeless. selfish people. thinking only of themselves." Jan 5, 10 11:10 AM

Special election date set by Southampton Town Board

time to move. sad,but time to move." Jan 11, 10 8:48 PM

Illegal fishing charges brought against East Hampton harbormaster

leave us alone. we are only tryhing to make a living. you don't care if we leave though. that is what you want." Feb 1, 10 5:11 PM

One dead and 15 injured in Northampton bus crash

suffolk county transit drivers are not good drivers. i hot hit by one a few years ago and the same driver had a previous incident where he left the curb before a woman had completely exited the rear door of the bus. i would not reccomend people ride these buses." Feb 3, 10 12:33 PM

Illegal fishing charges brought against East Hampton harbormaster

i guess your not a local bayman." Feb 3, 10 12:34 PM

Hooters hoax in Bridgehampton

we are a small town,striving to hold on to our mom and pop stores. if you cannot help us, or do not want to, please leave. next you people will want a walmart." Feb 12, 10 7:15 PM

Developers present new plans for Tuckahoe hamlet center

the money must stay in Southampton Town!" Mar 26, 10 5:15 PM

Oddone sentenced to 22 years in prison

not long enough for odone. too long for Mrs. Reister and, all the Reisters." Apr 14, 10 4:02 PM

Publisher of Dan's Papers files for Chapter 11

yup, everybody sterotypes that if you are from here you have money. this time, that sterotype hurt this company.
" May 5, 10 8:09 PM

Suffolk County Water Authority installs more solar panels

these too must be maintained. i hope they do this.
" May 5, 10 8:10 PM

County ends voucher system to house homeless sex offenders

castrate them all and put them in Siberia." May 16, 10 9:56 AM

why are my tax dollars giving them food and a warm bed? i can't pay my own mortgage." May 16, 10 9:57 AM

Bob Stevens Appliance closes

corporations suck" May 22, 10 7:51 PM

Forum on proposed Tuckahoe shopping complex planned for June 1

so sad, all this change and growth is ruining out town. it's all about one thing, $$$$$$$$$$$$$, nothing else maters.

" May 30, 10 9:28 PM

Southampton Village looks to toughen penalties for illegal demolitions

hello.......... they don't care..........it's all about them........." Jun 10, 10 4:06 PM

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