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Center Moriches Bartender Brendon Henry Considers Bid To Unseat Lee Zeldin

The idea that being heavily connected to party politics is the only way to win is what is wrong with this country. I'm sure that this is going to be an uphill battle for Mr. Henry, but I applaud his interest in entering the arena and I hope that as many people that have an interest in serving the people do the same. " Aug 24, 17 2:09 PM

Southampton Town Board Member Won't Attend Work Sessions Until School Ends

Seriously? I voted for this guy and now you're telling me that he didn't even take a couple of minutes to check the meeting schedule before running? This is completely unacceptable. Get it together Dems! " Jan 3, 18 4:24 PM

Will he offer to take half of his salary until the school year is out? If you're only going to do half of the job then you should only receive half of the pay. It appears to me that he is double dipping with paychecks from tax payers and doing half of the job at one of them. I would be ok with it if he agreed to that " Jan 4, 18 10:48 AM

Southampton Town Planning Board Hires Consultant To Review Environmental Study For Golf Course

Turkey Bridge - you need a hobby. I feel sorry for you. " Jan 29, 19 4:19 PM

Cuomo Signs Voter Reforms Into Law

Much needed! " Jan 29, 19 4:25 PM