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Pope, Schiavoni score wins for Dems

Very sad if we cast a vote for a candidate just because of party. It should be soley on their merit. I for one am glad to see both sides representated on the town board and sad that we don't see the same on a national level. Think of government as the eagle..you need two strong wings to fly.

As far as the comment from "love the beach"...I doubt you will see upscale shops in Hampton Bays. The outlet center in Riverhead drained on all small retail businesses along with the economy. Unique shops would work, but high rents and taxes are too draining on the small business man. Most business that will out last this economy have been established for many years. " Nov 6, 08 10:07 AM

Obama supporters are pushing for change in Washington, D.C.

Senator Obama is a very articulate speaker and obviously has a knack for showing us signs of change with his cabinet selection. I mistakenly thought change was something other than resurrecting those from the Clinton era. This is like getting rethread tires after paying for new. " Nov 24, 08 2:06 AM

County Road 39 billboards defaced

Mr. Campanelli where did you come up with the figure $15,000. The article clearly states cost of $3,000 and two signs..my math is completely different than yours. However, I think instead of the signs as a reminder..the police should be out in full force enforcing the speed limit. Take a ride on CR 39 and if you are doing the speed limit..you are one of the few and are just waiting for one of those speeders to jump on your bumper. " Dec 4, 08 4:36 PM

No one cares how they spend our tax dollars...we are in the process of selling off at least the next three generations to be tax slaves for these politicans that don't know to tighten their belts. I agree with you Mr. Campanelli..they are offensive and it is mind-boggling to think that anyone with intelligence authorized them. " Dec 6, 08 11:33 PM

New law requires restaurants to disclose prices of daily specials

We are such simpletons...how could we forget to ask such an important question as how much when presented with that daily special?? Amazing how we can go to a grocery store and not find items marked the shelves and that's fine. Does government have anything better to do?? This is about as bad as the clothes line law in Southampton! " Dec 6, 08 11:42 PM

Thiele, LaValle want LIPA investigated

I believe the reasoning behind closing Shoreham was because no one wanted another nuclear facility in their backyards. Secondly, as much as I am pro nuclear power it is realized that we need to find safe ways to rid them of spent fuel. The fears people have of nuclear plants is due to the problems that were encountered from plants years ago. It is very rare you hear of any incidents today engineering and technology have come a long way. Utilities and the government need to start educating people about the safety of these plants. To believe that coal and oil-fired generating facilities are problem free to the all of us is ignorant. If the cap program for carbon emissions passes Congress...just wait until you see how our electric bills are going to skyrocket. All utility companies will be paying a hefty price that will be passed right along to us. Until we find a way to produce and implement our power needs, we better all hope that Congress uses their heads about putting fines on the utility companies. " Dec 15, 08 11:38 AM

County backs Shinnecock casino effort

Soundview are you suggesting that the Indians are not hard-working individuals and are not educated? Wanting to keep their heritage intact and living on a reservation is wrong? One of their biggest problems of wanting to stay on their reservation is that they are not able to get mortgages or home improvement loans to better their living conditions. Therefore they need to find ways to generate large amounts of money to keep this way of life alive. This does not make me pro casino, but let's all face reality when the government gives them recognization they will be able to move forward with their casino plans. Let's applaud the county for realizing this and hope they find a location that is more feasible than in Hampton Bays. If it wasn't for the influx of traffic in the summer months would we still be up in arms? Our roadways then would be no different than those leading to Foxwoods and it would be okay? I think not. The simple fact is people do not want a casino out here, but it doesn't bother anyone that there are games of chances being sponsored by other organizations. Last I heard the Hampton Bays Diner had a running poker night and I never saw a raid there. " Dec 15, 08 12:04 PM

Immigration coalition holds its first forum

The numbers are staggering of how many illegals are here. It would not be cost effective to deport them. Bishop is absolutely right; ;however when an illegal commits a crime or is not productive..they should be shown the door. " Mar 19, 09 12:31 PM