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Westhampton Beach Village Police Put Forward Plan To Station Armed Officer In Schools

Abolish the 2nd amendment entirely - it's an archaic joke. Give the fools who think having a gun is "protection," unlimited booze, some Fox News and lock them in a gym for 72 hours. I project we'll see Darwinism at it's finest. " Mar 5, 18 4:30 PM

UPDATE: Remsenburg Teenager Charged With Vandalizing Westhampton Beach High School

Drawing swastikas and pro-Hitler graffiti is NOT what dopey kids do. What world do you live in? Do you know what Hitler did?" Apr 11, 18 4:47 PM

Really? Kids doing kid things? When was the last time you saw a swastika as graffiti? Get your head out of the sand, turn off Fox and quit defending a sexist, racist, bigot. " Apr 11, 18 4:50 PM

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Eastport Utility Poles

Wonder who paid who off..." Apr 27, 18 5:27 PM

Zeldin Says Families Should Be Detained Together, But Sees Little Sign Of Legislative Progress

And your thoughts on draft dodging? Spineless too? Let me know how your foot tastes. " Jun 25, 18 3:56 PM

Gershon's Comparison Of Trump's Rise To Hitler's Stokes Political Flames In 1st District Race

How soon we forget that there were "good people" in the KKK. The moron in chief is such a sad joke, it's scary. " Jul 25, 18 12:12 PM

UPDATE: President Trump Arrives In Southampton

Moron in chief can stay home. I'm sure GOP shill Lee was happy; might be the only one. " Aug 20, 18 5:02 PM

East Hampton Village Mayor Voices His Opposition To Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Use

Do you know WHY pot was deemed illegal in the first place?" Feb 15, 19 3:28 PM

It's going to be legalized nationally in the next few years anyway so your point is moot. " Feb 15, 19 3:33 PM

Representatives Zeldin And King Urge County Sheriffs To Work More Closely With ICE

ICE is a much of a joke as the DEA and FDA. " Feb 27, 19 2:42 PM