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Mission school in Haiti founded by Southampton church shaken by major earthquake

I hope and pray that everyone reads this article and considers all of the energy and time Pastor Havrilla has put into helping the children of Haiti against all odds. My husband and my son traveled to Haiti 10 years ago to work on the school builings and spend time with the children. The experience left a lasting impression of the suffering and hardships the people have to endure there especially the children. We have supported children throug the mission there for many years and will continue to do so. I only wish we could do more. I want to encourage everyone to help support the children of Haiti through this mission or in any way you can. As my son said today, he would like to go back there and help rebuild the school so that the children will continue to have a place to go to be educated and fed. Please help." Jan 21, 10 10:40 AM

Your compassion for your fellow human beings is jus overwhelming." Jan 21, 10 2:15 PM

Adoption day to bring attention to plight of neglected horses

Wonderful article Cailin. Bringing awareness to the situation is the first step. It is unfortunate how part of our society just seems to discard animals when their usefullness to us is over or when we can no longer profit from them. Let's hope that the adoption day is a success for all of the horses, dogs & cats that need to be cared for." Aug 26, 10 9:23 AM

Southampton Senior Is A Natural On Horseback

Great article. I had a client of mine call me on the phone to tell me how much he enjoyed this article and how well written it was. Great work Cailin as always." Nov 19, 10 1:04 PM

Matthers Is Hero Again As Pierson Field Hockey Advances To State Championship

Great article. I am sure it brings back memories for the writer of this article as she was once a Pierson field hockey player who went up to Syracuse with her team for a state championship, only they played in a blizzard!! Go Pierson." Nov 19, 10 2:24 PM

From The Stands: Special Meaning

Excellent story. Brought back all of the memories to me as well. Sag Harbor was and still is a great place to raise a family. All of my kids would agree I am sure. Where else can you go from Kindergarten to 12th grade with the same small group of kids and then , as mentioned in the article, have them in your wedding and part of your life forever. Those memories of the team of 99 and how the community embraced them are wonderful for the kids and their parents. Great job Lady Whalers. You have much to be proud of." Nov 23, 10 10:21 AM

Southampton Girls Basketball Team Wins Its First Ever Long Island Championship

How about the community being proud of the girls for their achivement!!! Get over the noise. This is something the community should be supporting. Too much attention is always paid to the negative things our young people do and not the positive. " Mar 8, 12 11:06 AM