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Southampton Town Board, Supervisor Candidates Will Participate In Press Debate Thursday

Current tax receiver spends most of the time on the golf course " Oct 10, 17 7:18 PM

Current tax receiver spends most of the time on the golf course " Oct 10, 17 7:18 PM

Race For Southampton Town Trustee Heats Up

The some of the current Trustee's are too worried about keeping their positions then doing their actual jobs... " Oct 31, 17 9:09 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Threaten Legal Action Over Southampton Village Lettered Roads

I don't see why Nancy and Mike are disappointed .. Both were on the board during Epley's rein. They could have stepped up and done something.. ( oh Right ..Mike has put more sand on Road A to prevent further access to the public)
the village has effectively restricted or denied public access to the beach!!!!
Not only have the roads become overgrown, but the neighboring property owners have encroached onto the roads, preventing the public from being able to use the roads to get to the beach. " Nov 14, 17 8:48 AM

Sea Scouts Seeking To Lease Part Of Conscience Point For Maritime Club

There a little more to this..Tax payer should not be hoodwinked Clean up the area. " Mar 9, 18 12:20 PM

Judge Dismises Lawsuit Challenging Picnic Area Beach Driving, Parking In Southampton Village

Thanks to all who came to all the meetings, The Town Trustees for fighting for our rights. The power of the many out weight the power of the few.!!!
Please continue to enjoy the beach as we have done for many years and years to come
The Trustee roads are next and some permanent bathrooms at the Helipad parking lot..
" Mar 20, 18 9:00 AM

Judge Dismises Lawsuit Challenging Picnic Area Beach Driving, Parking In Southampton Village

Lefts, Right, A Frames You are correct !!!!!!!!!
" Mar 22, 18 1:38 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Allow Homeowner To Encroach On Property In Return For Maintenance Work

This is totally out of line.. The trustee have to back out of this deal...
They are allowing him to expand his property.
this is a neutered board... The homeowner will not do all these requirements and The Trustees wont follow up with this..
" Apr 19, 18 10:40 AM

Cops Called To Help Maintain Order At Southampton Town Trustees Meeting

Time for the people vote them out!!!
Next election will be very interesting
The whole thing is a scam
They all know it" May 9, 18 6:42 AM

The real article should be about how the people were hoodwinked by all these crooked politicians" May 9, 18 8:52 AM

I bet this deal has to do with them getting the tax line!!!!" May 16, 18 8:43 AM

Trustees' Battle Over Lettered Roads Continues In Southampton Village

Park on the roads. They are for the people
We neeed more parking !!!!
To say that police and emergency services will be the town trustees responsible. That is a mayor who doesn't know what he is talking about !!!
Road G is not across from the heli pad. It is further west on country park line
All these roads could be like Road D. " Jul 6, 18 3:51 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Eye Date To Open Mecox And Sagg Pond Cuts To Lower Dangerously High Water Levels

The current Trustee are USELESS!!!! Permits are not needed . Open the Cut up and get rid of the fences and stakes. the plovers are gone.
the same issue at the Bathing corp in Southampton
I agree Icecreamman " Aug 8, 18 9:34 AM

Southampton Town Official Says Mecox Plan Could Be Presented To Trustees In September

How can the Village of Southampton drive a tractor on the Beach at South main street and dig up a pipe and proceed to drain Agawam with the piping plovers there..??The town Trustees just cant grow a set and just do it...." Aug 22, 18 12:48 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Presented With Mecox Management Plan

How can the Village of Southampton just drive a tractor on the beach Main Beach next to The Bathing Corporation when ever they want to open the Drain to drain Agawam when the levels are high and the same at Old Towne ??

I understand it is a much bigger body of water. same concept

Village doesn't seem to be bowing to the DEC, Nica Strunk, angry homeowners etc...
they just do it... Town Trustee have to always jump through hoops and spend money" Nov 7, 18 11:13 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Win Appeal Over West Hampton Dunes Spit Of Land

Boo Hoo Gary needs a tissue" Dec 19, 18 10:06 AM

Southampton Village To Hold Public Hearings For Stricter Regulations To Landscapers

Time to fire up the leaf blower !!!!!
Just more government involvement " Jan 16, 19 5:55 PM

Southampton Village Residents Rejoice Over Proposed Stricter Regulations To Landscapers

Fire Marshal is enforcing it because the Village cops are too busy. They have to do their second jobs as security and house watching. while on duty.

Villages way to sell rakes in the village now ?" Jan 24, 19 10:01 AM

Contractor Accused Of Falsifying Pyrrhus Concer House Bid In Southampton Village

The village should support local contractors Keep the money out here. Let it circulate locally.
" Jan 30, 19 12:41 PM

Residents File Lawsuit Against Town, Property Owner Regarding Rose Hill Road Deal

This was a horrific decision on all Trustees They all voted..
This group is NOT looking out for the FREEHOLDERS
" Mar 7, 19 10:58 AM

Legislation To Regulate Landscapers In Southampton Village Tabled For Two Weeks

What is going to Happen to the homeowner who use his blower every time he mows his lawn?. Is code Enforcement going to go his home every week because his neighbors complains weekly? Fire up the blowers boys

Redmax ebz 8500!! " Mar 20, 19 9:34 AM

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