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Southampton Town Department Heads Raise Issues With Preliminary 2011 Budget

Did you read the article in the press? A heated argument took place on several issues. One employee position in the trustees office is NOT being funded. The employee is being forced into retirement. Is this what she meant by no layoffs? Just force people out into retirment so that it appears not to look like a layoff. If the supervisor is not funding this or any position, this is a layoff. She also stated when the budget was presented that no cut would take place. Well, according the article in todays press, department heads complained of cuts taking place. Are you certain of your facts?
Lastly when Ms. Anna was running for the supervisor seat she was opposed to cuts in the Youth Bureau, stating that it would hurt residents and children. Now she changed her tune. In my view she never really cared about hurting resident and children, she was just saying anything to win the supervisor seat.
Not funding a position and trying to make it look like a person retired is dishonest. This kind of behavior is disgraceful.

" Nov 12, 10 1:40 AM

The supervisor bragged when the budget was presented that no layoffs would take place and no cuts in services would happen. Now we learn that people were taken out of the budget and forced to take retirement, in an effort for it to appear that no one was laid off.
As a tax payer I am not opposed to layoffs but the supervisor mislead the public with her dishonest, sneaky tactics. As I said, Anna’s radio ads in the 2009 campaign were full of criticism of the previous supervisor’s budget. Anna said that the 40 people slated for layoff’s and cuts in service in the 2010 budget would hurt people. She really is a disgrace, if she wants to layoff people she should be up front about it.
" Nov 13, 10 11:31 PM

Southampton Town Board's Majority Remains Mum On Budget Changes

I thought Terry was retired from the Suffolk County Sheriff's Dept and also involved with the conservative party. " Nov 18, 10 10:57 PM

Kabot Says District Attorney Should Be Ashamed

11968 that was you who was drinking in Magics and got a DUI. " Nov 18, 10 11:13 PM

Despite Objections, Southampton Town Board Appoints OTB Official To Top Management Post

II watched the TB Meeting on Channel 22. It was so obvious that these speakers were democrats invited by Anna and Bridget. There were democrats who ran for elected office and lost, an ex town leader, of course Dennis Suskind and a few democrat tax payer/friends of ATH invited to make it appear real . Dennis was part of the majority when the town got into this financial mess. He also made plenty of money off this town developing property, looking for favors from cronies on the ZBA and planning board. Whose is he kidding? Anna and Bridget said that the majority of the voters are against this resolution. If you call those who are blogging here and those (set up) speakers and letter writers the majority, where are the rest of the 54,970 people?

Did Anna write the speeches for all her cronies? She should get the academy award for grandstanding and so should her side kick Bridget. Anna didn’t care when she stuck it to the previous supervisor with last minute resolutions and changes.

If anyone knows Anna on a personal level, you would know it is her behavior that is shameful. She’s a true professional?

" Nov 30, 10 10:24 PM

Nasty? You don't know nasty until you witness just how nasty Ms. Anna is.
BTW how would you know what Anna wrote or did not write? Unless of course you were Anna herself.
Also, I did not say that democrats cannot be tax payers and therefore don't have the right to protest.
Read the comments again." Dec 1, 10 7:41 PM

You are right on with your comments. Ms. Anna can do anything she wants and is the first to criticize everyone else.
Anna could not wait to get rid of Blowes (not that he was a bargain) she didn't even tell him about the press release that he was leaving.
When you get to know her well she is a phoney like no other. " Dec 1, 10 8:23 PM

Agreed they (all 5) are a disgrace. We need a whole new TB.
I never said I defended them. " Dec 2, 10 11:46 AM

Ed Deyermond and Allyn Jackson retired, and from the info on the towns web they will be working p/t for $30,000 a year. " Dec 2, 10 8:40 PM

Golden Boy
Put your thinking cap on. Who had a high level job with OTB that is also connected with the Town of SH and the GOP.
Come on think." Dec 2, 10 8:50 PM

Southampton Animal Shelter Receives Puppies From Georgia Rescuers

These people are doing the work of angels. We are so lucky to have such dedicated people who work and volunteer at our shelter. Best of luck and God Bless! " Jan 20, 11 4:14 PM

Jury Selection In Kabot DWI Trial Slated To Start On Thursday

It's to bad we can't see you get yours. " Jan 26, 11 4:24 PM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

The Southampton Press is a disgrace for putting this up on 27 east. Yes we know its news and it sells papers.
Some of these comments and the press have reached a new low.
This newspaper has become a real rag and slanted in most of the reporting.

" Feb 2, 11 1:38 PM

Hey guy (EEGolf) are you still drunk from being pulled over in EH." Feb 3, 11 2:29 PM

Jury Verdict In Kabot Case: Not Guilty Of DWI

Why does the president of the PBA have the cell phone number of the then town councilwoman Anna Throne Holst? All these test messages and cell phone calls were taking place just as she was being arrested.
Does this not stink?

" Feb 3, 11 4:50 PM

So then Anna Throne Holst is liar. As I always thought." Feb 3, 11 6:13 PM

You are mistaken, she was not a bad supervisor. This happened to her because she was doing the job she was elected to do and hold the town police officers to their agreement and retire after 20 years and save the tax payers money. Hiring new cops at the lower starting salary. But no, the PBA president and vice pres. with officers in uniform stormed a TB meeting and told Kabot that her time in office would be short. Watch the TB meeting its in the archives on the town web site. " Feb 3, 11 6:20 PM

Was the PBA President Pat Aube on duty with all the these personal calls & test messages?
Also, has Aube stepped down as PBA President the article above states the then PBA President? " Feb 3, 11 6:25 PM

You are so out of touch how did Kabot continue Heaney's budget busting cronyism? What are you talking about re: the tape, despite a right wing conspiracy, showing a woman under the influence.
The tape does not even show Kabot, the police officer is standing in front of her most of the time. If she was stopped for going over the yellow line and not stopping at a stop sign why was she NOT issued any tickets??? Let me explain:They were not interested in giving her any ticket they were looking to get rid of her as Supervisor by arresting her for DWI. " Feb 3, 11 8:31 PM

No it does not wash, he was still a cop. Does that wash for you?" Feb 3, 11 8:33 PM

What does the salaries for WH Village police have to do with L. Kabot. " Feb 3, 11 9:26 PM

Where are all the ATH left wing lovers. What no comments from them about Madam Supervisor being a liar." Feb 3, 11 9:29 PM

EE What are you drinking? Get real and sleep it off." Feb 3, 11 9:32 PM

Go to bed and get some sleep before you hurt yourself." Feb 3, 11 11:07 PM

Congratulations Linda, I'm happy that you can put this nightmare behind you.
Some people just don't get it how much you were and are hated by the police dept. for doing your job. " Feb 4, 11 8:17 PM

Eagleeye I totally agree.
Anna is a fraud, liar and phoney. She will give the town away to the police and never inforce the local law to retire them after 20 yrs." Feb 4, 11 8:44 PM

At this point the right thing for the SH Press to do is remove the video of the arrest.
I think Linda Kabot and her family have had enough, the police have distroyed her reputation and her career.

The real lesson here,is do not mess with the local police. Elected official's better not try and enforce the law. Even though we have a law on the books that state that a PO should retire after 20 years.
It is truly said for the tax payers that this law of the Town of Southampton have never been enforced.

The only elected official (Linda Kabot) who ever tried to enforce the law was treated with disrespect, insulted and threatened by PBA officials (in 2008) at a town board meeting that her term in office would be short.
It makes me so mad that people like the one above is such a moron and refuses to listen to the facts and events that led up to this. " Feb 4, 11 11:08 PM

Explain what are you talking about? If you know something share it." Feb 4, 11 11:12 PM

You just did say it was wrong.
Now you are comparing OJ (the low life murderer) and Michael Vick (dog killer) with Kabot." Feb 4, 11 11:23 PM

You are so right on with your comments regarding Anna Throne-Holst. Its to bad the SH Press will most likely delete your comments. I have stated almost the same thing in another post and it was deleted. Many dead bodies in Anna wake. ATH is the darling of the SH Press and they don't like to hear the truth about her character.
I followed the 2008 campaign closely and know her well,she will do anything to win.
We'll see if we have freedom of speech." Feb 5, 11 1:08 PM

Read it many times maybe you should re-read it.
Why is it that those like you on the far left and a Anna Throne-Holst supporter will not comment on the fact that Madam Supervisor ATH is a liar, a phoney and of poor character.

" Feb 5, 11 6:32 PM

Not only was Theile mentioned but also Dan Russo, Pat Aube, Linda Kabot Darlene Troge just a few she screwed one way or another." Feb 5, 11 6:34 PM

This story clearly shows that Anna Throne-Holst is a liar. If anyone is interested in calling out Supervisor Throne-Holst on this horrific lie show up at the Town Board Meeting on Tuesday, February 8 at 6 p.m. in the town board room 2nd floor of town hall. At the public portion of the agenda you are allowed to speak and ask any question you want of any of the 5 town board members. Anything at all, just raise your hand and you will be asked to go to the podium. She must be called out on this horrible lie because the press won't do it.

" Feb 5, 11 6:59 PM

Radical Razza judging from your posts
You need to keep you own comments in check but then again you left wing-nuts are so beside yourselves trying to get your agenda passed. Bishop supporter. " Feb 5, 11 7:16 PM

I don't agree on how this hiring was handled but when was a public hearing ever held on a personnel issue like hiring?
I don't think ever.
When the postion of Comptroller was given to Tamara Wright was it re-opened to the public, were applications taken or was she just handed the job? We know she worked p/t but the job should have been opened to the general public with a job posting in the paper. Was civil service regulations followed in Tamara's case? Tamara is a friend of Anna's and donated about $1,000 to her campaign. For the record both parties have cronies. " Feb 6, 11 3:15 PM

That comment from SHNative about Fleming being the smartest person on the TB is hysterical he must have written comedy for the Smothers Brothers at one time. " Feb 6, 11 6:36 PM

If Bridget was so smart she would not be sitting on the TB. She would not need to, she would be making so much money in private practice.
Word is she is a terrible lawyer." Feb 6, 11 9:29 PM

Many people were fooled with Anna Throne Holst because of her angelic face and her soft spoken demeanor. But her true character has come to light with the lie and dirty politics. I don’t know what she was thinking, to lie about something she knew people eventually fine out. Then again Anna would do anything to get elected and she did.
This dirty politics at its worst and her reputation and credibility is damaged badly.
I’m curious to see how she handles this, seeing that the heat is on her now as it should be.
" Feb 7, 11 7:23 PM

Skip befriended Anna because of his hatred for Linda Kabot. Don’t forget Skip lost the primary to Linda. He would have done anything to make sure Linda lost the election in Nov 2007. Skip ran anyway on the Conservative Line only, Linda on the Republican and Jim Henry on the Dem line. The rest is history but it didn’t end there.
Some people say that Skip remained friends with Anna just to try and make Linda’s life miserable on the TB. The Republican Party (still under Skips rule) even invited Anna (then registered blank) to screen with the Republican Party for supervisor in the spring of 2009. She turned them down under the advice of the democrat leader.
Anna and Skip’s friendship was based on a common goal, to get rid of Linda Kabot.

" Feb 7, 11 7:50 PM

Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

Anna tried to pay down the fact that the town attorney that she wanted dropped the ball on filing the paperwork on time on this $70 million lawsuit. Anna where is the transparency you are always talking about. The council members did not know about this, except Flemming she knew, and tried very hard to cover it up with Anna. What the heck is going on$70 mill the tax payers may have to pay because this guy screwed up?
This is the same town attorney (Mike Sordi) that Anna said could handle the MTA lawsuit. Remember that argument folks. She wanted to discuss that issue in Work Session and now she wants to discuss this issue in Executive Session which is closed to the public.
Are you getting it people, this woman we have for Supervisor is a liar and a phoney.
Unbelievable. " Feb 8, 11 10:28 PM

This is not only about the lawsuit being frivolous. This is about the Town Attorney dropping the ball on this. If the court does not accept the excuse given for filling the paper late, the TAXPAYERS have to pay $70 million.
Also, if she was from the Middle East she would have been given better treatment because all the liberals would say she has rights. " Feb 8, 11 10:37 PM

Understood. I was trying to make a point. She tried to discuss the MTA lawsuit in an open work session a few months ago. Nuzzi, Malone and Graboski vote yes to hire outside counsel and not give the case to the town attorney Michael Sordi. Now because the Town Attorney
screwed up she wanted to cover it up and not even inform the 3 about it. Nuzzi, Malone and Graboski found out about Sordi not filing the papers on time in a Town Board meeting tonight. So the reason for exec session was not just about the town's strategy.
Did you happen to see the meeting on the web?" Feb 8, 11 11:49 PM

Correct the Supervisor always get to pick the Town Attorney of her choice. The rest of the Town Board usually just agrees in the hiring and votes yes on the resolution. As in this case. Sordi is Anna's boy and if you have kept up with the meetings you will notice he always agrees with her. Remember the MTA argument regarding the open work session and questing of outside counsel.
Thats way she is defending him, this is a direct reflection on her for hiring him." Feb 9, 11 11:51 AM

You have to kidding PERSONAL LIFE? He is the TA and it was his job to follow-up on this or give it to someone else. He had months to file the papers.
This m guy is a screw up, I can't believe anyone would defend his actions.
$70 Million folks. " Feb 9, 11 11:54 AM

Maybe they could find you a nice room at Pilgrim State" Feb 9, 11 12:32 PM

Nice link Nature
Once at the link that nature provided, go to the February 8, 1 p.m. meeting click on the little camera icon, a screen will open of the town board meeting you can fast forward to the public portion after the public hearings. " Feb 9, 11 12:37 PM

Heaney tried to get the supervisor's term to be 4 years, he failed. " Feb 9, 11 12:41 PM

Frank you are correct all all point and Anna is a liar and incompetent.
Turkey Bridge is the spin master but we the people are not Stupid.
We are watching closely on what is really going on." Feb 9, 11 5:43 PM

Who are you damage control for Anna Throne-Holst the untimely filing now is irrelevant??? " Feb 9, 11 5:47 PM

Radical Razza you have really lost it. Read the comments again it was not me who mentioned his children. Try to keep up." Feb 9, 11 6:11 PM

Jury Verdict In Kabot Case: Not Guilty Of DWI

The Public Portion of the 1 p.m. meeting was pretty eventful. Mike Sordi the Town Attorney forgot to file paperwork on the Genovese lawsuit and now it may cost the town $70 million. Anna did everything she could to defend his actions.
Also, if you read the article in the press about Linda being found not guilty see what Anna had to say about who called her, now she is changing what she was asked and how she answered. Her lies just get deeper and deeper." Feb 9, 11 7:34 PM

Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

Not true localspud
1. This is not routine operating procedure for SH
2. The town attorney Michael Sordi is not that young, he's not a 30-or 40 year old for sure.
3. Joe Lombardo is not the head attorney, no such thing as head attorney.
Really you have no idea what you are talking about, the rest of you comments are just plain BS. " Feb 10, 11 6:38 PM

Political Theater??
Typical comment from a democrat Anna Throne-Holst supporter.
Same goes for the political granstanding comments below.
How blind some people are. " Feb 10, 11 6:42 PM

Razza re-read your 283 comments. They are filled with anger, if you can't see how angry you sound, you have a very serious problem.
If you don't think that Anna is a true democrat you are mistaken.
She is a democrat through and through. She registered indepentent to make sure she gets that line in this years election. She will get the dem line and the indy line. You may not be a Anna supporter but your comments show that you are not only a sicko but you do lean to the left and are a huge Bishop supporter. Infact your comments show that you really don't like anyone at all.
Being a hugh Bishop supporter speaks volumes about you. " Feb 10, 11 10:49 PM

OK so you say you didn’t vote to ATH, only you know that for sure.
In your post of Feb 10, 1:23 p.m. you sure do sound like a ATH sympathizer. I don't believe this was orchestrated, Anna was clearly trying to cover up for the town attorney. She should have made the board members aware that this could be a problem. She covered it up because the Town Attoney hire was her choice. If he messed up it could make her look bad. ATH does not like to look bad ever.
Talking about well orchestrated drama, ATH and Bridget Fleming are pro's at that. Did you happen to watch the work session when the TB was discussing the MTA lawsuit. According to ATH and Bridget it was OK to discuss that case in an open session. It was clearly an Executive Session item, what drama that afternoon.

" Feb 10, 11 11:21 PM

Southampton Town Board Accepts Town Attorney's Resignation

If Nuzzi and Malone voted No, it would appear they were not in favor of the town attorney's resignation. By abstaining it showed they were not in favor of the big severance pay out Anna gave to Mr. Sordi.
All with tax payer money, now she has to hire a new TA with over $100,000 salary + the payout. Where does this end with the wasteful spending. " Feb 11, 11 8:31 PM

ATH acted quickly to safe her own neck. The conversation most likely went something like this:
Look you have to resign Mike because I have an election in November and this is making me look really foolish. So we'll give you a healthy payoff and out you go.

" Feb 11, 11 8:41 PM

Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

The Raz 5351
Congratulations you can count to 5. " Feb 11, 11 8:51 PM

Southampton Town Board Accepts Town Attorney's Resignation

Resolution still would have passed even with a no vote. For the record a vote to abstain is better than a no vote (in my opinion).
No means you were not in favor of the resolution. If they (Nuzzi & Malone) wanted drama they would have voted no and walked on their own resolution. Sometimes you have to pick your battles and this case I guess they did." Feb 12, 11 12:06 AM

Anna was the sponsor of this resolution. Maybe Ms. Throne-Holst should have never had a special town board meeting to put this resolution on.
Anyway, even if the 2 did vote NO it still would have passed.

" Feb 12, 11 8:49 AM

Town Releases Details Of Sordi Separation Agreement

Turkey Bridge or George who ever you are, said “$9600 that’s it”??

No Turkey that’s NOT IT.

$9600 VACATION 4 WEEKS All ADMIN STAFF GET 4 weeks up front
for the New Year.
$3925 5 MONTHS OF HEALTH INS (Cost Of Health Ins. $9500 per yr)
$25,894 Total payout

This amount may be even more, who knows how much leave Sordi had left over from 2009 & 2010.
This guy has been with the town for less than 2 years he should have gotten the boot Anna, not a payoff. The employees that you forced to retire this year, what did they get???
Did they get paid off or were they shown the door? Did John White get paid off for screwing up? Or does a double standard exist in Anna's world of governance.

The point is Turkey; this guy should have been fired not paid off. This is something you refuse to get because in your eyes Anna can do NO WRONG.

When will you comment on the fact that Anna Throne-Holst is a liar and dishonest?

She did her best to twist the story with the press on what question she was really asked regarding the phone call from P. Aube at 1 a.m. on Sept 7. She failed miserably in her attempt to explain and should just stand up and tell the truth.
Do we want a liar or someone dishonest like Anna for Supervisor? NO WAY JORGE!

" Feb 15, 11 7:43 PM

How much of this are you assuming? So much for "A Nature's Tale"" Feb 15, 11 9:31 PM

Correct rabblerauser
We have a liar, phony and chief for supervisor." Feb 15, 11 9:36 PM

Correct on one point we are very different (thank God). I don't like phonies or liars and Ms. Throne-Holst is both.

I could never defend a liar (as Frank Wheeler pointed out) like Anna Throne-Holst.
The reason you find my comments about Anna being a liar and a phony tiresome is because you know it to be true. With my constant reminder to you and everyone else on this blog is upsetting you. You see Turkey the people should not ever forget what Anna is.
The statement you made about Nuzzi and Malone can do no wrong in my eyes is just not true. The Kauterville appointment as I stated at the time was handled badly.
Can you face the fact that all your comments from July 26, 2010 12:02 PM through August 10, 2010 11:38 PM defending Anna, Bridget and Michael Sordi handing the MTA case was a big mistake? Do you still say that Sordi could have handled the MTA case? Do you still say that the 50,000 the other board members voted on to hire outside counsel was a mistake?
Both you and Anna are 2 of a kind, both liars and big BS artists. If the shoe fits (as Bridget would say).

" Feb 16, 11 7:54 PM

I hope all bloggers are following this story in all the local papers.

Is everyone aware that Anna Throne-Holst at last Fridays work session broke with open meeting protocal by neglecting to mention a special town board meeting would be held following the executive session. This was the special board meeting where the resolution to accept Sordi's resignation would be voted on.
Let me explain why this is important. When an executive session is the last item on a work session the press all leave town hall and go home or go back to their offices.
Did Supervisor Throne-Holst not want the press in the board room? It seems see did not. You must as yourself Why?
Where is the transparency she ran on for Supervisor? Nice attempt in a cover up on the part of our Supervisor.
The reporters found out by others and stayed for the meeting." Feb 16, 11 8:34 PM

The press has the article of the Sordi resignation up on line. Very interesting, it seems that the town board members have been discussing laying off Sordi for months. As the article states he's been screwing up for months. It started shorly after he was hired. The article further states that Anna and Bridget would not agree with the other 3 to terminate him. It was not until recently that Anna and Bridge agreed to let him go. Anna also said in the article that she knew about Sordi's troubled past working for Nassau County. OMG why hire this person? So for months they carried this attorney knowing he was a screw up, what a waste of money. Some people say it would have cost the town more if he filed a lawsuit against the town. What a nerve he would have filing a suit against the town.
Is Anna Throne Holst not to blame for this screw-up? Of course she is. " Feb 16, 11 9:47 PM

Of course she did, I know it's a disgrace but it's true. " Feb 16, 11 9:59 PM

Southampton Town Board Accepts Town Attorney's Resignation

I hope all bloggers are following this story in all the local papers.

Is everyone aware that Anna Throne-Holst at last Fridays work session broke with open meeting protocal by neglecting to mention a special town board meeting would be held following the executive session. This was the special board meeting where the resolution to accept Sordi's resignation would be voted on.
Let me explain why this is important. When an executive session is the last item on a work session the press ...more all leave town hall and go home or go back to their offices.
Did Supervisor Throne-Holst not want the press in the board room? It seems see did not. You must as yourself Why?
Where is the transparency she ran on for Supervisor? Nice attempt in a cover up on the part of our Supervisor.
The reporters found out by others and stayed for the meeting.

" Feb 17, 11 9:06 PM

Nature I'm assuming you mean if he should want to run and be nominated to run for supervisor and win.
Well, I would like to see some new blood throw their hat into the ring. But if Nuzzi gets the nomination and wins I think he can do better if he remembers his humble beginnings.
In my opinion the current supervisor plays/played dirty politics even when she was councilwoman. She has not followed through on her promise for transparency. It seems that her campaign never ended, she grandstands at every opportunity. She over did reaching across the isle with a particular town member that is no longer on the board. As a woman I find that kind of behavior offensive. In my opinion all the behavior above comes natural for her.
I don't think it comes natural for Nuzzi he will not scratch and crawl to get to the top.
" Feb 18, 11 7:04 PM

Town Releases Details Of Sordi Separation Agreement

V. Tom & Nature:
I AGREE" Feb 18, 11 7:16 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst To Give State Of Town Address

Wait one munute TB
You are giving Anna all the credit single handed? Typical TB.
It was the previous supervisor who cut $5million out of the budget, and employees where let go (retired or on unemnployment) reducting the budget. Also the animal shelter was privatized saving the town over $1 million. Where did Anna cut?
Also, ATH was in the right place at the right time, just when the state was offering an incentive. Yes, the whole TB voted to join in on this incentive, not just Anna. She also cut people out of the budget forcing some into retirement or unemployment. That was all hush,hush. So, stop you usually BS.
Can't wait to hear her state of the town taking the credit and on April Fool's Day. Who are the fool's the Tax Payers? (inside joke on us) " Mar 31, 11 11:39 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst Delivers State Of The Town Address

Turkey Bridge
You should really sign your real name to these blogs. Your cover was blown after your letter appeared in the SH Press. In one of your other posts your used the same words as in your letter George.

" Apr 4, 11 10:37 PM


fcmcmann & EE Homie are both of you democrat committee members too? Re-read my comment I never said any of the statments you mentioned in your comments.
Both of you totally missed the point. TB posts are only because of his political connection to the democratic party. He's not just the average tax payer complaining about SH town's elected officials.
" Apr 5, 11 9:55 PM

Thats the point Nature No body cares what you and George Lynch post on this blog. Especially George, (AKA Turkey Bridge)
he the one that asked another blogger to please keep his identity private.

" Apr 5, 11 10:18 PM

I would love to know how many posters are democratic committee people and how many are republican committee people.
George Lynch (aka Turkey Bridge) do you know? " Apr 5, 11 10:26 PM

The photo strikes me as one of a phoney. It was the previous supervisor who cut $5 million from the budget. ATH was in the right place at the right time, just when the state was offering an encentive for county and town employees. All of the Town Board voted for this incentive not just Ms. ATH. Also the animal shelter was privitized under the past supervisor saving the town over $1 million.
ATH is taking all the credit for something she did not do. " Apr 5, 11 10:37 PM


I believe it was Heaney that cozied up to ATH, she didn't seem to mind, you know the type she is. " Apr 5, 11 10:51 PM

ATH did not even thank the past supervisor for cutting $5million from the 2010 budget, laying off all those employees, handing her a leaner town government on a silver platter. ATH was also handed a town with no animal shelter, cost saving to the town over $1 million. I can't believe she is taking all the credit for someone's else hard work. She is a joke, shame on you ATH. " Apr 5, 11 11:23 PM

Careful old man we don't want to see you burst a blood vessel. " Apr 6, 11 11:52 AM

Come on George (aka Turkey Bridge) you need to grow up. Your comment is childish." Apr 7, 11 10:21 PM

Southampton Town Board Fails To Appoint New Police Chief

Read some of the articles it seems that it was ATH, Bridget and Jim Malone who is lookining to appoint Wilson as Chief Not the GOP.
BTW who in the rand and file would you like to see get appointed to Chief?
Its ok with you that ATH has been bought and sold by the SHPBA. " Apr 20, 11 7:10 PM

All the posters here must read the article in the press and the letters to the editor regarding this appointment.

The conservative party leader threatens not to cross endorse or support a member of the SH town board if they do not support Wilson for Chief? If this is true what a disgrace ATH, Bridget and Jim Malone are.
As taxpayers and residents should our town be run by the SC police dept, our local SH PBA or the leader of the conservative party Ed Walsh? No Way!
Is Jim Malone still the conservative leader in SH town? Wasn't he suppose to step down when he became a councilman?
" Apr 20, 11 10:23 PM

I totally agree, Capt. Tenaglia should be appointed as Chief, he should be the only choice. The Town Board should appoint him ASAP. " Apr 22, 11 10:51 AM

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