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LaValle, Fleming Debate Issues In East Hampton

George aka Turkey Bridge and you lines are very different from what Fleming said. You say Bridget and others have reservations putting public money into moving sand that will go away again in a short time, as it always does.

Bridget said:
“I have not decided how I am going to vote on that because it is very important to save our beaches,” she said, “but it’s also very important not to spend millions and millions of dollars on something that there’s no guarantee it’s going to work, and it may have harmful environmental impacts.”

George you seem to know for sure as you stated above that the sand will be gone. In your view its a waste of money and time to do the beach restoration/rebuilding. It will not save our beaches as Bridget said above and it may even be harmful to the environment and will be costly as Bridget also stated. If all of this is the case its a no brainer she should VOTE NO! And you George should get a life, attending all those town board meeting is making mush out of your brain.
"GO ROMNEY"" Oct 24, 12 8:02 PM

Cuts To SEA-TV, Traffic Control In Southampton Town Budget Are Questioned

The sea-tv channel is a disgrace repeat after repeat. The programing is awful, Goverment, education channel, oh please. Get rid of him, big waste of money. I agree with this cut." Oct 24, 12 8:15 PM

LaValle, Fleming Debate Issues In East Hampton

N Tiger very surprised you would be voting for Obama even if you are a democrat. He has credibility? He has done in office what he said he would 4 years ago. Was the Libya attack about the video? Shocking for a smart man like you.
" Oct 25, 12 9:38 PM

Cuts To SEA-TV, Traffic Control In Southampton Town Budget Are Questioned

The town board meeting's are important for the community to see.
Although you can see the meeting on the town web site.
I'm sure the channel director is not the one filming them. He should be reduced to part time or retired. The channel is really showing crap most of the time.
" Oct 25, 12 9:58 PM

LaValle, Fleming Debate Issues In East Hampton

NTiger thank you for taking the time to detail your perspective. What is disturbing to me is your statement that Libya is a non-issue to you. I heard someone else say that as well, can't recall where I heard that. I'm sure this was NOT a non-issue for the families of those 4 men that were killed. Those navy seals were hero's trying to protect the ambassador. Obama got lucky that Bin Laden was taken out on his watch. He brags about it all the time on the campaign trail, the navy seals should be given credit not Obama. I feel he is trying to convince the american people that all is great in the middle east with Bin Laden dead and Al Qaeda taken care of. Obama said that, I heard it with my own ears. The liberal media is not even covering anything about the 4 deaths. This is such a lie, Al Qaeda is not dead it is alive and well and the 4 men killed is just one example of that.
I do not trust Obama and I never did.
This will be an even better country with Romney in the White House.
Be Well.
" Oct 27, 12 1:43 AM

Obama had a very comfortable democrat majority in his first 2 years in office. What crap this is blaming the rep in the house.
If Obama is a one term president its his own fault. " Oct 27, 12 8:28 PM

UPDATE: FEMA Gas Relief Arrives In Hampton Bays

Went on Hess web site they showed the SH Hess having 9,000 gal. they close at 11pm. got there at 10:30 with 12 people on line they would not let any one have gas. This is BS, I got out of my car and told the person that the web shows they had gas, the hess employee had no response. They have gas but they are holding out. " Nov 3, 12 11:00 PM

Abused, hourly employee? When they have no more gas they just close up shop and shut out the lights like every other gas station that ran out. No riots why would anyone riot if they really had no gas. " Nov 3, 12 11:35 PM

LOL Q333 better get some sleep yourself. Thanks but I didn't ask for you advise.
Time and a half for a gas station employee Mr Z, careful what you say. From the way I read Q333 comment it sounds like a gas station attend is just worthless.
BTW according to Q333 everyone can relax because she said this situation will be restored to normal soon. OMG I don't know what I would have done if she did not make that statement. " Nov 4, 12 12:41 AM

Heaney Returns To Southampton Town Hall To Advocate For Business

Heaney was always a close friend of Ann LaWall, Vice President of the SBA. LaWall owes him big time. As they say birds of a feather etc.
" Jan 5, 13 11:03 PM

GOP and Throne-Holst Talk, But Cross-Endorsement Is Not On The Table

To the Editor:
I believe you have some incorrect above. The article states that this will be Anna Throne-Holst's last term. I believe the supervisor has a total of 8 years and is entitled to 4 terms in office. Anna has served 2 terms thus far. Also, she took office in January 2010 not 2009 as stated above.
Not sure but I think I am correct" Feb 27, 13 6:51 PM

Suskind Eyes Return To Town Board

Jim Malone is not a Republican. The TB has 2 republicans." Feb 28, 13 8:18 PM

Kabot Says She Wants To Run For Southampton Town Supervisor Again

Yes, firecat please do tell FORGET WHAT? Your ok with having a supervisor like ATH who is a liar? " Mar 19, 13 8:34 PM

Please Linda RUN! We need some honest elected officials in town hall." Mar 19, 13 8:36 PM

Spinny have you paid attention who the SHPBA donates some
money that they raise to? ATH's marriage to the SHPBA was the marriage really made in haven. They gave her money for her campaign, donating over the allowable limit. She had to give back money only after it was made public. She has not enforced the TOS retirement (20yr) law on the books, because they own her. They endorsed her and even had a life size billboard sign on the PBA office property when she ran for supervisor 4 years ago.
So what do you have to say Spinny, spinning the Bull!!
" Mar 21, 13 6:44 PM

Southampton Town Board Will Consider Barring Cops From Politics

Spinny you must be a new to the Town of SH and not at all knowledgeable of past town board meeting. Go to the town web site and take a look at the town board meeting of August 26. 2008 Public Portion and educate yourself on how the PBA powers at the time were disrespectful to the then supervisor. The intimidation was disgraceful, with officers dressed in uniform, standing room only.
How convienent of you to forget about this town board meeting, stay in speonk in your own dream world. Also, you are incorrect about how much SH police officers earn take some of you own advise and look at the budget.
For the record I thing we have some very good PO in SH but Spinny you are just spining lies. " May 7, 13 1:26 PM

Come on Spinny are you for real? Go to the Town of SH web site click on the Budget, go to the 2013 adopted budget, go to the Police Dept budget and see all the police officers earning over $100,000 a year. Of course some do earn under 100K, but many earn over the 6 figure #. Don't forget Spinny that figure shown on the town web site does not include overtime. Also, if you think for one minute that those police officers speaking at the Aug 26 TB meeting were not disrespectful then it is you who is delusional and most likely a PO on the job or retired. The behavior displayed by the PBA at the Aug 26 TB meeting was disgraceful and if you see nothing wrong with it then you are a disgrace too. " May 7, 13 6:54 PM

Kabot Gets GOP Nod For Southampton Supervisor; Glinka and Mansfield For Council

Now we (the voters of SH) have a real supervisor election. Let the campaign begin. Good luck Linda!" May 21, 13 10:59 PM

Nature you do not understand the history with Kabot and the PD. They could not stand her because of the retirement law. She had no choice but to refuse the breathalyzer and blood test. Just from what Kabot witnessed when they pulled her over, with one cop saying to another cop "Look who we got" she knew not to take any tests.
I would not have either if I were in her shoes.
" May 23, 13 10:40 PM

Indeed!" May 24, 13 7:53 PM

Democrats Post Bender, Zappone and Throne-Holst For Town Board Election

Anna Throne-Holst is a liar and dishonest.
When is she going to get into compliance with her campaign finances. She is not above the laws even though she thinks she is. " May 26, 13 8:18 PM

Kabot Challenge Bounces Conservative Party Candidate From Primary Ballot

You know what's really scary? Jim Malone! When he ran for Town Council he said he would step down as the SH Town Conservative leader, he is such a liar.
Thank God he is not running for elected office again, he has done nothing but collect a pay check from the tax payers of SH. Go away Jim, you done in politics!" Aug 21, 13 8:58 PM

Chief you are so wrong.
Linda was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think the officer just got lucky stopping her, I don't think they were waiting for her in WH. When the officer started to follow her they knew who they had when they ran the license plate. If you followed the story why the local police hated Linda you would understand why she could not take the sobriety test. Also, can you explain why the president of the then PBA texted Anna at 1 a.m. and then they spoke about the arrest in a phone conversation a few minutes later. Why did they both deny the fact that he texted her and that they spoke? " Aug 26, 13 7:34 PM

The local leader of the Conservative party is a liar what makes anyone think that Eddie Walsh is not a liar as well. If anyone believe's that Ed Walsh was telling the truth in Newsday as to why he would not give Linda Kabot the Conservative line is a idiot." Aug 26, 13 7:43 PM

Chief come on don't be so naive, "risk there jobs"? Why who was checking on these cops, other cops? Didn't you ever hear of the Blue Code of Silence? The video camera could never get that close as to read the test results.
From your statement above you have not followed the story of the arrest or the finding during the trial. It was proven that the PBA president did in FACT text Anna Throne-Holst and also spoke to her at 1 a.m. that morning. The phone records proved it and testimony under oath proved it as well. I rest my case unless you still don't get it. " Aug 27, 13 7:02 PM

Chief, and do you know for sure Ms. Kabot did drink?
BTW you never responded to the fact that a text and a phone call was made by the PBA to ATH at 1 a.m." Aug 28, 13 6:20 PM

Tuesday Will Be An Odd Primary Day In Southampton Town

Has there ever been a bigger liar, phony or dishonest politician than Anna-Throne-Holst? It's one dishonest campaign filing after another. " Aug 30, 13 8:21 PM

Kabot Challenge Bounces Conservative Party Candidate From Primary Ballot

Chief you are really hopeless, stay in your dream world and vote for Anna! " Aug 30, 13 8:34 PM

Tuesday Will Be An Odd Primary Day In Southampton Town

Capt Phil with all due respect you do not have a chance to win the Supervisor race. This race will be between Linda Kabot and Anna Throne-Holt. I am sorry to say you were asked to be part of this primary just because of Malone's dislike for Linda Kabot. I really think the conservative party does not care if Anna wins. That is the real disgrace here. This is not about a representative government, its about politics at it's worst. Do the right thing a back out of this race and tell Malone to get lost. Don't you feel used? If you don't you should." Sep 4, 13 9:19 PM

Yes, of course it's mostly Skip Heaney's doing also. He will never forget that he lost to Linda Kabot. Capt Phil if you are really a stand up guy you will see how you are being used by dirty politicians. Tell the party bosses to get lost are you not better then them? " Sep 5, 13 10:03 AM

Did you ever stop and think why this opportunity was presented to you NOW. Why was this not presented to you back when the screening's were being done in the spring?
Thank you for service and loyalty to our country but you are kidding yourself if you really believe what you stated above. On the other hand you did say when your party calls you, you ask, "How can I help? Ok I get it how can I help you help Anna Throne-Holst win.
I'm sure you also understand you will not win this supervisor race, you are in it so that Kabot does not win. OK, I get it and so do the voters of SH they know a spoiler when they see one. Your have no principles sir!

" Sep 6, 13 12:05 PM

Kabot Wins Conservative Primary By One Vote

Mr. Keith is a true Gentleman. I hope we the voters hear from him again, we need more honest people running for office in SH." Sep 20, 13 7:06 PM

Malone is just so sleazy it is still up to the conservative leaders to withdraw their challenges. " Sep 23, 13 10:28 PM

Wow congratulations Linda. Now we have a supervisor race, fasten your seat belts folks this is going to be some wild ride!" Sep 24, 13 7:46 PM

East Quogue Couple Still Searching For Person Who Shot Their Dog With Pellet Gun

Awww look how sweet this dog is. How can anyone shoot this poor dog. The person that did this needs to go to jail." Feb 11, 14 6:53 PM

I like that idea dnice, I agree." Feb 12, 14 10:02 PM

County Road 39 Reopened Following Two-Car Crash Sunday Morning

They know this Suffolk County road is a nightmare, who knows if anything will ever be done. When no accidents occur it does move along, much better then prior to the completion date of spring 2008 when traffic was backed up daily west of the canal.
" Aug 17, 14 4:42 PM

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