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Developer Files Pre-Application For 137-Unit Subdivision In East Quogue, Backup Plan To 'Hills'

As an East Quogue resident I'm not understanding the resistance here. Would we prefer an as of right development without any favorable considerations to the environment, community, and the school district? Easy to say we want the land to stay unspoiled- except that DLC does not want to sell the land back.

The gamble here is that they won't develop. Somebody will- and when they do- are we prepared to pay even higher taxes and experience devaluation of our Real Estate from increased inventory ? Resort homes have cache and are a niche market whereas more housing and more inventory is counter productive.

What DLC wants to do helps our area. It's in their best interest to invest in our town- not because they are magnanimous-because they want to sell it. Our interests dovetail.

The only certainty here is that things change. Question is do we want change that will help or change that will hurt?" Nov 14, 17 2:15 PM


East Quogue loses with the as of right option- the only win is the PDD.. SOMETHING WILL BE DEVELOPED THERE. Would you rather 137 + 30 units on the Parloto parcel or 118 and lower property taxes???" Nov 14, 17 7:56 PM

Southampton Town Board Pushes Votes On The Hills Findings Statement And PDD To December

Smh at all these posts from folks that do not live in East Quogue yet feel it prudent to knock down the only proposal on this land that addresses environmental and school tax concerns.

How does the as of right proposal help at all? How does the approval of 137 units plus another 30 on the Parlato property help groundwater? School taxes?" Nov 15, 17 7:51 AM

There are recent sales on Honeysuckle and Polo Grounds in excess of 1.5M now.. There are 3-5 acre lots that have been sold adjoining Southampton Pines on the cul de sacs (Malloy, Candace etc.) for around 450k. Again, if you're not from East Quogue- and you don't have a horse in this race- why put your 2 cents in?

The district does not need more students, and the as of right proposal is something that will NOT benefit EQ residents OR have the environmental benefits the Hills proposes. Also- let's not forget the additional 30 plus homes on the Parlato property..

What is better: 167 homes without benefits or 118 with benefits?

" Nov 15, 17 6:15 PM

Developer Files Pre-Application For 137-Unit Subdivision In East Quogue, Backup Plan To 'Hills'


The point that apparently is not transparent to some s that DLC owns the Land. The have a right to develop- in fact they have a right to develop 137 units, and the Parloto property can be developed into another 30+ units. There are no benefits to the environment, the Village or the School district if the Board over plays its hand.

Water is our most valuable resource- we agree, however this proposition is the best one for this site. It will be developed, this is not a poker game. DLC has their right to build on it- and they will." Nov 17, 17 7:09 AM

There have been several homes sold above 1.5 n EQ over the last few months- all North of Montauk Highway- and none of them new construction.

If they put up 137+ units- without ANY environmental givebacks- how does that help anyone???" Nov 17, 17 7:13 AM

Discovery Land May Have Other Paths To Golf Course In East Quogue; Supervisor Pitches Public Access

Guess the Fat Lady won't be singing December 5th..

DLC owns the land. They have a right to develop it. There is no option on the table for the town to buy it back. As an East Quogue resident, and a resident of Southampton town, we should be focusing on the best use of the property for the environment and the district- NOT be knocking any and all proposals.

" Nov 20, 17 3:30 PM


DLC owns the land. Why should there be no more development?

The as of right development helps nobody. Why should the PDD be knocked down?

Why should folks 20 miles away throw their 2 cents in on East Quogue- when the only horse they have in the race is ideology?

" Nov 22, 17 8:24 AM

Southampton Town's Conservation Board Says The Hills Project May Hurt The Environment

Let's allow DLC to develop the property with the as of right zoning instead. How does the Conservation Board feel about that? Further, let's have them build on the Parlato property and yield another 30-40 units.

When we bought our property in East Quogue, we needed to be mindful of the easement on the property prohibiting us from clearing more than 50% of it. We submitted a plan from our Land Engineer and built on it. DLC will do the same, with their AOR restrictions.

This land will be developed, with conservation/community benefits or not. Our elected officials need to use proportionate leverage to arrange the best deal for all involved.

Unless of course the Town (and the taxpayers) are prepared to make an offer to buy back the property- that makes sense to the owner- make the best deal possible." Nov 30, 17 8:13 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Board Votes Down The Hills Proposal Tuesday

As an East Quogue resident I have yet to speak with someone that opposes the PDD. I see the occasional sign on residents lawns saying, 'protect our water' or similar- but I don't understand why the board would vote this down and have the developer get approval with their as of right proposal.

This will end up in a law suit if it is declined, and we the tax payers will bear the brunt of that cost.. Not sure how our Councilmen and Women can vote something down with a worse reality facing their constituents.." Dec 4, 17 4:31 PM

Assuming DLC continues down the road to try to improve the property to receive the approvals to build on this property- given the as of right parameters, the town will need to approve the application. If they do not, there will be a legal- Unless the town buys back the property.

Can the town make them jump through some hoops? Yes. Are these people well funded and prepared to do what they need to do? Yes.

Believing that nothing will be developed here is naïve.. It's a gamble that the taxpayers will ultimately lose. Look at the existing proposal and gently squeeze more environmental/community benefits for the constituents. Right now is the best time to negotiate with DLC as they face their biggest opponent- time.

As an EQ resident I was originally against the PDD. Now I'm most interested in getting the best possible deal for our groundwater and our residents. Think our elected officials should be viewing this the same way. " Dec 6, 17 6:48 PM

I believe thinking that this is 'over' is incorrect.

DLC would not have spent the 100k on their new application for 137 units- if it was over. Also- let's not forget the Parlotto property and the 30+ units proposed there.

I'm curious: what are the environment safeguards in the As of right development for residential homes that really like green lawns?

Once that all goes down will we all still be congratulating John and Julie? Be careful what you wish for. Take this opportunity with maximum leverage to ask for even more than they have offered. Make it hurt a little bit more- then approve it for all involved." Dec 6, 17 6:58 PM