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Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

It is sad that it had to come to this. The citizens of Hampton Bays have had it with being made fools of. HB has been deteriorating for years while the areas around it have been flourishing. The taxpayers and hard working people in HB do not deserve this. It guess all the talking finally got old. "Your actions were speaking so loud, we could not hear a word you were saying".....
" Jan 29, 18 3:02 PM

With Lawsuit Threatened, Southampton School District Administrators Try To Clear Up Confusion Over Proposed Changes At High School

The advanced kids will suffer. Teachers will be forced to teach to the lowest common denominator " Jan 31, 18 1:38 PM

Hampton Bays Water District Files Lawsuit Over Well Contamination

OMG. Only in this piggly wiggly town would this be accept s. " Feb 24, 18 12:49 PM

Strain On Hampton Bays Water District Caused By Out Of Service Wells

How is the town letting the residents know about the alternating watering days? " Jul 3, 18 12:07 PM

Thiele Announces East End Road Upgrades

Yep. East of the canal as usual " Jul 13, 18 4:53 PM

Two Southampton Town Beaches Could Soon Get Needed Renovations

Hope there is money in the budget for someone to clean the bathrooms at Ponquogue. They have been disgusting all year. Worse than the NYC subway bathrooms. Seems like something the DOH would be interested in " Aug 22, 18 3:59 PM

Kind of missing the point. ��" Aug 23, 18 5:12 PM

Community Members Speak Against Town Purchasing Bel-Aire Cove Motel In Hampton Bays

It’s a novel idea. But an idea nonetheless. Nothing has changed for 10 yrs. nothing will ever change if we keep the status quo. Keep doing things the same way expecting different results is insanity. I know we have been disappointed many times by this board and prior boards in HB, but we have to do something.
I commend the Supervisir for at least thinking outside the box. I don’t know if this is the answer, but to keep stallling them will accomplish nothing. And the blight will continue to get worse " Sep 26, 18 4:52 PM

That has failed over and over. And here we are 10 yrs later waiting for something to change " Sep 26, 18 5:55 PM

Southampton Town Board Rejects Proposal To Purchase Bel-Aire Cove Motel With CPF Money

To Crmac. You are incorrect. I was there and both myself and my husband (via s mail) arebin support of the redevelopment of the property. This article from the press is to biased as usual. Economic development is HB is sorely needed. Not an empty lot " Jan 23, 19 5:28 PM

I have been following very closely. Been to every meeting about this issue. Took me some time and thought before I chose a side. We can agree to disagree on this topic. The urban development plan will be on the website shortly. The Supervisor asked Ms. Scalera twice to the CPF resolution instead of looking for a motion. This would allow the community to compare both options. She chose to not table it because “ they have kicked the can up the road long enough”. She said the board could put up another resolution if need be. That process would slow this down again. So her unwillingness to not table the CPF took away the opportunity for the community to finally be able to weigh both sides. " Jan 23, 19 10:33 PM