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Guldi Accepts Plea Deal, Will Be Sentenced To Time Served

George Guldi is one scary looking dude!!" Dec 4, 17 2:08 PM

Shinnecock Tribe Member And World War II Veteran Lubin Hunter, 101 Years Old, Meets Tiger Woods At U.S. Open On Tuesday

Easy Frank... the planes had to have taken off from somewhere!" Jun 13, 18 12:42 PM

Schiavoni Proposal To Limit Recreation Space Shot Down

You must be a Trump guy Mr. Chief1! I can easily tell by the name calling. Your (not my) president would be proud!!!" Oct 22, 18 10:12 AM

Absentee Ballots Are At Center Of Storm Of Accusations

Hey Bigdumb!!!Because it is associated with white supremacy in 2018. " Nov 8, 18 2:24 PM