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East Hampton Town Rejects Autism Specialist's Bid To Move Into CDCH Building

What is the Town's plan then to find a not for profit school to accommodate the growing population of autistic and other special needs children in our community?
Or will they continue to sit back and do nothing while the CDCH building, which is
fitted for special needs, sits empty?

And, no, the current schools do not have this covered. They do not have the necessary certified, experienced Applied Behavioral Analysts to help these children become independent adults.

In the long run tax payers will bear the burden of this short sighted unethical mistake. Tax payers will increasingly need to finance services and residential care for these children into adulthood if they don't get the serious intervention needed early. There is a reason the rest of Long Island has so many private schools to address this. The rates of autism are steadily going up with no cure in sight. The East End is not exempt from this. " Dec 8, 17 9:49 AM

Embracing Students With Autism: School Officials Talk About The Need To Take Care Of Their Own

The schools claim to emphasize inclusion. Lets be clear that currently, the lower functioning children are bussed to Alternatives in Southampton and BOCES in Westhampton. And those among them who are actually attending district schools are in their own classroom, separated from the rest of the student body. In all of these settings, these children are not getting the intensive, highly qualified therapy they need to progress and become functional.

If the school districts really cared for these children, they, themselves, would long ago have advocated for better options. Instead, they have let short sighted personal interests stand in the way.

By neglecting these children's development now, the taxpayers and districts will be paying far more later; if they don’t become high functioning they have to go into residential care, which costs vastly more and has to be paid until these children turn 22.

This is a very costly and unethical mistake." Mar 13, 18 5:45 PM

Town To Buy CDCH Building As Foreclosure Looms

If the lease still stipulates it be a special needs school, let's hope the town finally gives the growing autistic population out here the quality programs they deserve!!!!! " Nov 22, 18 1:58 PM

Town's Purchase Of Former Hampton Bays Chamber Building Poses Challenges For Potential Tenant

A hub for the our adult population with special needs is much needed. If the town does not feel this property is appropriate, what solution do they have in mind?
Surely, a center like this is for the public good.
" Feb 9, 19 10:59 PM

Heated Races For School Boards In East Hampton; Wainscott Will Seek To Pierce Tax Cap

Julian Barrowcliffe is also running in Sag Harbor- Please correct." Apr 24, 19 5:44 PM