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Shinnecock Tribal Members Upset Over High-Speed Chase In December Involving Unmarked Police Car

Wasn't it recent when the tribe wanted to use private beaches and not have to pay? I see cars ride in and out of there with no plates on their cars and no headlights at night. Why?" Feb 22, 18 10:24 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Village Police Say Additional Threat Led To School Lock Out

27 just did a article regarding... Southampton schools are the safest. Wouldn't that article ne a target?" Mar 5, 18 4:48 PM

UPDATE: Police Offer No Leads In Thursday's County Road 39 Fatality

Why is it allowed for delivery trucks to park in the median, walk across highway? This is done daily. Dangerous in front of s.h masonary." Apr 5, 18 10:30 AM

I heard they caught the woman on res. Why are they not reporting?
" Apr 10, 18 9:13 AM

Immigration Forum Focuses On Industries' Need For Foreign Workers For Seasonal Farm, Service Jobs

The east end is over filled with illegal immigrants. Why do we need more
" Apr 11, 18 11:55 AM

The problem with your statement is that local employers are now the Illegal Immigrants.
" Apr 12, 18 9:31 AM

Former Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender Discusses Drug Addiction During Opioid Task Force Forum

This an should not have a platform " Apr 12, 18 11:15 AM

I think you are ashamed that you got busted." Apr 14, 18 10:01 AM

Sources: Police Seized Vehicle On Shinnecock Reservation In Connection With Probe Of Fatality

Someone knows something. No justice no peace where's the march?" Apr 20, 18 2:37 PM

East Hampton Sommelier Released From ICE Custody After Posting Bond

He had a go fund me page to raise money for his attorneys and
family. The illegal community of east hampton helped. Would they help a local who is facing jail time for DWI?" May 14, 18 10:43 AM

Plan To Demo Old Diner For Medical Offices In Riverside Steadily Moving Forward

Medical office? Too many!! I guess better than nail salon" May 22, 18 8:07 AM

Tick Numbers Increase On The East End, Bringing Illnesses With Them

The East End is overpopulated and over built. The East End is looking more like Nassau County" May 24, 18 9:45 AM

Local Restaurants Ditch Plastic Straws As Part Of Surfrider Foundation Campaign

I would not go to a restaurant that did not use a straw. Put in your mouth on a cup where hands were touching is disgusting. Germs! " Jun 8, 18 9:38 AM

Temporary County Road 39 Traffic Light Installed To Reduce U.S. Open Traffic

Well... how much is this costing southampton? I also heard they are mot hiring locals for work. Police make enough doing their jobs. Is local restaurants and shops doing more? We shall find out after this craziness if it was worth it. " Jun 8, 18 9:42 AM

Local Doctor Says Prisoners Who Need Addiction Meds In County Jail In Riverside Have Difficult Time Getting Prescriptions

So these criminals are suffering from anxiety cause they got caught and spending time in jail? Should we also give them a blow-up mattress for their cell" Jun 29, 18 11:52 AM

Community Members Protest Immigration Policy At East Quogue Village Green Saturday

Our taxes should be paid on our own homeless. We have 100k children in foster care. Yes separated. Have no family and we are choosing illegal immigrants? So I'm American wake up." Jul 3, 18 3:50 PM

Strain On Hampton Bays Water District Caused By Out Of Service Wells

Maybe there's no info on website because it's summer and they're at the beach or protesting" Jul 3, 18 3:52 PM

East Hampton Raid Finds 32 Residents In Four-Bedroom House

They'll open a b3sroom for an illegal immigrant but not a legal homeless?" Jul 31, 18 6:24 PM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

How can this organization even be legal? Any organization against the government has a name. Why doesn't the illegal undocumented people here just turn themselves in so we don't need ice" Sep 27, 18 6:09 PM

Bridgehampton School Board Awards Construction Contracts For Expansion Project

All up island. Should be some arugment from east end workers. Support and hire your neighbors. " Oct 19, 18 9:07 AM

How do you not know none of the businesses selected is not family related??" Oct 19, 18 10:15 AM

East Quogue Third Graders Plant Tulips Near School's Main Entrance On Wednesday Morning

Wait... why is this news? Send a letter home with the kids. " Nov 12, 18 12:58 PM

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