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UPDATE: Lee Zeldin, Ilhan Omar Trade Barbs Following Subcommittee Appointments

Old white men are not the future of the United States but they are pathetically clinging to their perceived power. In a few years, baby boomers will begin to require elder care which will be caringly provided by brown people. The future of our country is capable of avoiding sunburn while outside on a sunny day without the use of sunscreen : )" Feb 6, 19 10:15 AM

Experts To Speak At Public Forum On Single-Payer Health Care In New York At Stony Brook Southampton Campus

Most people don't fit into the characterizations of their political affiliations. I gave $ to Bernie, Hillary and Beto (my donation is like the kiss of death) and generally vote straight Working Families.
However, fiscally, I am more like a libertarian. I think a careful and thorough financial analysis of single-payer healthcare might conclude that it would be a net cost savings and that opposition to single-payer healthcare, as well as intentional misinformation about it, originates from health insurance/pharma companies who are rolling in the dough with the status quo (rhyme).

In order to move more towards unfettered free market economics how about we end the $20 billion a year in subsidies to fossil fuel companies?

I advocate for taking a GIANT step closer to a real free market. Let's eliminate all public roads! Sell them all to the highest bidder who can own, maintain and operate them as toll roads. We could have a private express lane from NYC to Lobster Inn -- one could pay whatever the market would bear and drive out the Friday before July 4th, having a 120mph speed limit knowing that delays were highly unlikely. In 2007, according to the congressional budget office, $146 billion was spent on US highway maintenence. Let's accept the inevitability of free market economics and stop messing with it!

I'm a registered Democrat -- Do my above ideas sound like socialism? Let's stop pigeon-holing the other side." Feb 6, 19 10:46 AM

UPDATE: Lee Zeldin, Ilhan Omar Trade Barbs Following Subcommittee Appointments

Most Americans are heavily in debt. Stacy's Abrams debt means she is better able to understand the obstacles that average Americans face. I'm in the hole about $500,000.

Compare Stacy Abram's understanding of the struggle with that of "furloughed workers are better off because they didn't have to use vacation days Kevin Hassett" and "really don't understand why unpaid federal workers are going to food banks Wilbur Ross".

Let's elect people who represent the economic, racial, age, gender, educational... demographics of the United States!" Feb 7, 19 9:32 AM

I like typing words into glowing rectangles and so do you : )" Feb 7, 19 4:05 PM

Sixty-Unit Workforce Housing Complex Being Considered On County Road 39 In Southampton

Does this mean the unwashed hoi polloi might have a rental in my 11968 zip code? Does this expand "the valley of ashes" that I often pass through? Wilbur and I don't understand why people don't just buy nicer things and lead better lives. Can't we build something useful there like a private equestrian facility?" Feb 11, 19 5:53 PM

Lee Zeldin, Ilhan Omar Trade Barbs Following Subcommittee Appointments

I'm kinda a member of the tribe and I think Sheldon Adleson is gross and causes all sorts of terrible harm. Both Israelis and Palestenians have legitimate claims to land and have been killing each other for generations. What a complex, sad situation between Israel and Palestine. More military spending is not the answer! " Feb 11, 19 6:10 PM

Our current president is a bad hombre! He's a sad, overweight, old white man who never figured out how to treat people with kindness. He's also a dotard who is not grounded in fact. Fortunately, given his age, diet and level of physical activity, he'll be dead soonish, which will allow our nation's progressive youth to work towards fixing the sins of their ancestors. " Feb 12, 19 10:21 AM

Hi Po Boy, thanks for the shout out. MLK taught me "I have decided to stick with love, hate is too great of a burden to bear". Most of us wingnuts and libtards don't fit into simplistic characterizations.

Most of my friends and family are white. Men are physically stronger and more spatially aware than women but some men are testosterone fueled fools. Several very close family members and friends of mine are elderly and I care about them deeply. I strongly believe in the inevitability of capitalism, I just wish it were true unfettered free-market capitalism. I advocate for privatizing all roads and turning them into toll roads -- few opinions could be more capitalistic. People with low intelligence can overcome their obstacle and lead meanigful, ethical lives. Depression is a serious disease. Hatred of the living? Sure, I'm self-loathing. Hatred of my ancestors? More like having an understanding that each generation inherits the sins of their ancestors -- I beleive in original sin. I have my own traditional social values but I would never push those values on strangers. Hatred of lifestyles? Unsure what you mean by that but I do think each moment spent staring at glowing rectangles is harmful to the individual and true social collectedness. I am glad to live in the USA and certainly don't hate our country. Hatred of freedom? Wrong again -- I believe we should have more freedom, including the freedom to purchase an automatic 50 cal after a background check as well as most any psychoactive legally in a convience store. Do I hate our current president? I wouldn't frame it as hate, more like feeling sorry for an old man who will never self actualize and who is causing so much harm. Finally, I LOVE facts and live by Dale Carnegie's quote "I may be wrong, I often am, let's examine the facts."
" Feb 12, 19 3:28 PM

Rabbi Hillel once said "What is hateful to yourself, do not do to your fellow man. That is the whole Torah; the rest is just commentary. Go and study it."

Both Richard Sackler and Sheldon Adelson worship money over honoring their religious heritage.
Richard Sackler, who has a home in Amagansett, has caused immense harm by promoting OxyContin while strongly downplaying it's addictive potential. Sheldon Adelson has perpetuated violence by lobbying for hard-line Isreali policies.
Just as in all religions, there are followers who have lost their way and do not live by the religions basic tenets. Nothing wrong with politely pointing out when the actions of public figures do not mesh with their stated religious beliefs. To me, Ilhan Omar's comments were sloppy and immature but not entirely inaccurate." Feb 13, 19 10:33 AM

IMHO -- For some US politicians, supporting Jews means only increased military spending. Individuals, such as Sheldon Adelson, hide behind false interpretations of beautiful religions for their own financial gain. Those who support a Hard-Line stance on Israel's neighbors fail to follow basic principles of the Torah. Israeli Hard-Liners are only perpetuating terrible violence and ensuring future generations of Anti-Semites.

Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are long-term threats to the GOP agenda, therefore much effort is going towards smearing them.

Elect multilingual brown ladies today for a better tomorrow : )
" Feb 14, 19 11:31 AM

Southampton Town Approves Ban On Plastic Straws And Polystyrene Products, Starting In May

Single-use plastics are a primary source of marine plastic pollution, kudos to Southampton Town for reducing the amount of this terrible waste.

As several other commenters pointed out, this ban is low-hanging fruit. Next up, let's address the thousands of ageing septic tanks leaching nitrogen into our aquifers and estuaries. Let's decentivize idiots like myself driving massive, pollution belching, deadly to pedestrians/cyclists, 6000 pound vehicles with never used 4x4 differentials on short errands. The Town of Southampton is taking sensible steps to protect the environment and a ban on single-use plastics is a good start : )

TIF has a beautiful sterling silver straw that I covet but can't really afford. Cardboard straws disintegrate in your drink and are awful.

" Feb 14, 19 11:48 AM

Ice, Cameras, Action: Sag Harbor Celebrates 'Harborfrost' On Saturday

Winter 2018/2019 has been lousy for east end winter sports, hopefully it gets cold and snowy soon : )" Feb 18, 19 4:26 PM

East Hampton Village Mayor Voices His Opposition To Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Use

Cannabis is enjoyable to ingest : )" Feb 18, 19 4:27 PM

According to the National Institutes of Health, 88,000 people die annually from alcohol related causes in the US. It is physically impossible to die from ingesting too much cannabis. Man made alcohol, G-d made ganja -- who are you going to trust? Making a plant illegal is silly. -- To the tune of Row, row, row your boat -- "Roll, roll, roll a joint, lick it at the end, take a told of the magic smoke and pass it to a friend". " Feb 19, 19 8:40 PM

East Hampton Town Fortifies Gerard Drive In Springs

There will be lots of flooding in the future from sea level rise caused by humans burning GHG's" Feb 19, 19 8:49 PM

@ bigfresh -- Let's agree to disagree : ) And as a point of consensus, I think we both agree that our Trustees should be independent, well-funded and that the entity is important to our town.

I am unable to prove to climate change deniers that humans choosing to release massive quantities of GHG's is changing our climate which is having and will continue to have myriad devastating consequences.
Believe what you like: the world is flat, trickle-down economics, the tooth fairy, our current president is good, alien reptilians rule the earth from under Denver airport, coal ash is non-toxic, the Jersey devil, the solution to firearm violence is more firearms, widespread voter fraud, burning fossil fuels doesn't cause climate change.

People over age 60ish will be dead by the time the worst of anthropogenic climate change hits, some mature people understandably have an IBG (I'll be gone) attitude." Feb 20, 19 10:50 AM

Protest Held In Bridgehampton On Monday

Our current president frames disastrious failures of his as great victories." Feb 20, 19 11:19 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town GOP Chooses Candidates For All Town Board Positions Except For Supervisor

John Bouvier is wonderful! He has a personal connection to local ecosystems and is not beholden to developers. Hip, hip, hooray for John Bouvier : )" Feb 21, 19 10:01 AM

Montaukers Plead For Town, Neighbors To Find A Third Option For Montauk Substation

Montauk has been dependent on NYC money for at least 100 years, the Montauk LIRR line was opened in November 1895. Yes, there are more and more city-people in Montauk and the town sometimes now has a feel that I don't like either but Montauk (and the rest of the South Fork) has been utterly reliant on NYC money for well over 100 years." Feb 21, 19 10:10 AM

Town Board Member John Bouvier To Discuss Background In Space And Deep Sea Exploration

John Bouvier is wonderful! John Bouvier understands science and accepts its veracity. He has a personal connection to local ecosystems and isn't in the back pocket of developers. " Feb 22, 19 9:21 AM

Major New Offshore Wind Farm Proposals Submitted To New York

NYS and Lung Guyland are VERY far from the "forefront" of green energy. Wind turbines and solar panels are widely used, efficient and reliable technologies that have been successfully used for decades. While you are correct that there is not exact consensus among qualified scientists on precisely how much sea levels will rise, there is near consensus that sea levels will rise enough to cause catastrophic damage to low-lying areas. Anthropocentric climate change resulting from humans burning GHG's is real whether you and others believe in it or not.

Mr. Donaway -- Thank you for a well-written post and for using your real name, a refreshing difference here : )" Feb 22, 19 9:48 AM

Half-Built Massive Meadow Lane Residence Could Be Demolished

Sad to see the beautiful Jaffe house at 210 Meadow Lane (just east of Coopers beach) demolished. IMHO, it was among the best designed houses in all of 11968. The new owners clearly have zero appreciation for brilliant architecture nor do they understand the house in its historic context. Lots of money does not equal good taste : (" Feb 23, 19 8:42 PM

East End Homeless Shelters At Max Capacity During Winter Months

There are homeless people all over the south fork if you know where to look -- in the woods, train station waiting rooms, people living in vehicles. The contrast of wealth is especially acute here, with empty heated mansions that are people's second, third, fourth...homes less than a mile from people without a warm, dry place to live. " Feb 23, 19 8:49 PM

Police Chief Raises Concerns Over State Plan To Legalize Marijuana

It's a plant, outlawing it has been a ridiculous failure. Stuck-in-the-mud, fuddy-duddy South Fork towns can choose to ban sales under proposed recreational cannabis laws but they can not ban possession or use. Also, the black market has and will continue to offer a range of illicit products -- capitalism works : )" Feb 24, 19 10:00 AM

Hampton Bays Water District Officials Dispute Test Results Showing High Manganese Levels In Drinking Water

Welcome to our dystopian future where only the privledges can afford safe water to drink and clean air to breathe. I'm lucky and can afford fancy corporate bottled water (Esca is my fav) and high-end air purifiers (highly recommend Austin Air). The privatization of commoditized water has been happening for decades. Lung Guyland has been poisoning is aquifers since at least the 1950's, we will reap what we sow : (" Feb 24, 19 10:16 AM

Police Chief Raises Concerns Over State Plan To Legalize Marijuana

Cannabis being illegal is super silly but the way it is being legalized is disgusting, a huge corporate money grab. CGC, TLRY, CRON and others have been a roller coaster ride over the past year. Corporate tobacco and alcohol companies are buying cannabis companies and will target cannabis to vulnerable, young people the same way they did with their other products. Concentrates are increasing in popularity and while fun to an experienced, knowledgeable user, they maximize some of the worst side-effects and eliminate many benefits. I prefer flowers grown in dirt outdoors in the sunlight but this seems to be increasingly rare. " Feb 25, 19 10:10 AM

No parent in the history of earth has ever known everything their healthy child is doing. Cannabis is not a drug, it is a psychoactive herb : ). Please consider refocusing your ire at the Sackler family for intentionally covering up the harm OxyContin would cause. Legal pharmaceuticals pose a much greater threat to our youth than MJ." Feb 25, 19 10:21 AM

UPDATE: Zeldin Votes Against Bill To Block Trump's National Emergency Declaration

It's an emergency -- I didn't get my way! Our current president has the maturity of a petulant three-year-old." Feb 26, 19 10:05 AM

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