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Local Restaurants Ditch Plastic Straws As Part Of Surfrider Foundation Campaign

Fair point about germs. Wouldn't those same germs be on plates and utensils? How does one drink hot beverages using a straw? Is one to drink quality alcoholic beverages using a straw and/or disposable cups? Drinking a nice coffee/wine out of a disposable cup and/or with a straw doesn't do it for me.

Thank you to the participating businesses for pledging to reduce their use of plastics which will outlast any of us : )" Jun 8, 18 10:15 AM

UPDATE: Union Memos Outline Opposition To Bill Clearing The Way For New Southampton Hospital

Hyperbole right back at you chief1. Unions make New York wonderful!!! Those opposed to them make Nicky Scarfo look generous!!!! I accidently liked your comment, unfortunately I can't unlike it.

Hyperbole only serves to further divide us, I am a troll for making my above statement.

Unions protect the rights of workers and help to ensure safe working conditions as well as fair compensation. Fred Thiel is a unique and fantastic politician who truly has the best interests of the East End in his soul : )" Jun 8, 18 10:42 AM

chief1 -- please provide information about Nassau and Suffolk counties bankruptcies and how municipal unions were the sole cause of these bankruptcies -- this is quite a claim!

It is my understanding that fewer than 100 US municipalities have ever defaulted on their bond obligations for even one day and that it is exceedingly rare (statistically speaking less than 0.25% throughout all of US history) for a US municipality to declare bankruptcy. Neither Nassau nor Suffolk county has ever declared bankruptcy.

" Jun 11, 18 2:28 PM

Chief1 -- I Appreciate your thoughtful response that contains two accurate and solid points!

Bankruptcy is a legal term for when an entity can not pay their outstanding debts. Nassau County has a A2 credit rating from Moody's, Suffolk an A3. Neither county is in danger of near-term bankruptcy or has declared bankruptcy at any time in the past.

Chief1 -- you're absolutely correct that both counties have been running a deficit for years now, this could be fiscally concerning but is not unusual for US municipalities. Attributing these deficits solely to municipal unions (or any single cause) is grossly oversimplifying a complex matter. Regarding municipal pension obligations, it is true that their costs are projected to grow. The recipients of these usually modest pensions are our hardworking community members who are receiving fair compensation for their years of service as teachers, police and other public sector employees.

Thank you for the opportunity to engage in a meaningful dialogue with you : )

" Jun 12, 18 9:38 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Village And Town Police Work Together On Traffic Signal Modifications

If only there were some affordable human-powered conveyance that was ideal for commutes of under twentyish miles and that didn't pollute and took up little space. " Jun 12, 18 9:47 AM

Manufactured Oyster Reefs And Farms Could Help Improve Local Water Quality

Barley is intelligent, well-educated, hard-working and has his soul in the right place. The East End is lucky to have him : )" Jun 13, 18 10:19 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Village And Town Police Work Together On Traffic Signal Modifications

Get rid of the highway and make it a railroad ; )" Jun 14, 18 9:49 PM

Public Shows Support For Southampton Village Effort To Allow Eight Foot Deer Fences

Is there a single problem that can't be solved with fences and/or walls?" Jun 15, 18 2:33 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Discusses Combating MS-13 Gang At Roundtable With President Trump In Bethpage On Wednesday

What are the criteria by which a comment is determined to be off-topic and removed?

Isn't the subject of this thread the current President's speech about MS13 that he gave in Bethpage?

" Jun 15, 18 2:46 PM

27dan: I'm not upset and didn't convey that I am (was). I strongly agree with a free exchange of ideas. I don't have cable television, never had a Facebook account (or any social media) and only have a limited cellular Internet connection.

I believe both Republicans and Democrats sometimes unreasonably lump those they perceive have different political opinions into broad stereotypes instead of seeing people for the individuals they are.

The subject of the tone of discourse on this and other internet threads as well as how administrators monitor and censor them is fascinating -- the multiple factors that lead people to behave less civilly and diplomatically in an Internet forum than they would in face-to-face interactions. The anonimity found within the Internet and private motor vehicles makes people feel they can act in ways they otherwise might not. 27east considered requiring a validated identity but felt understandable push-back and decided against it. I too, hide my identity behind a moniker while only a few courageous people post using their full legal name.

Optimistically, I believe the East End provides a beautiful example of what is increasingly rare, a place where members of both political parties live peacefully together and respectfully work collectively towards mutually beneficial goals.

Have an enjoyable weekend all : )" Jun 16, 18 9:40 AM

New Legislation Aims To Clear Obstacles Set By State Unions, Ink Deal For New Hospital At College

Unions protect workers, help to ensure safe working conditions and are part of what has made NY great. Make America Great Again -- Protect Unions : )

As of March 2017, the average annual amount paid to NYS employees retirement system recipients was $23,026.
Also as of March 2017, the average annual amount paid to NYS Police & Fire retirement system recipients was $49,123.
As of March 2018, the average annual amount paid to NYS teachers retirement system recipients is $41,703.
Any "high" pensions such as the one Shashikant Lee earned are outliers.

Make America Great -- Protect Unions : )" Jun 19, 18 9:41 AM

Gershon Wins Democratic Primary; Zeldin Attacks City Roots

Partidarios de Zeldin -- Por favor usa la puntuación y grammatical en ingles correctas. Tu ingles te avergüenza y me confunde.

The lake which many refer to as "Big Fresh Pond" prefers to be called Missapogue : )" Jun 20, 18 9:41 AM

Zeldin Helps Extend Dredging Window To Remove Dangerous Shoals Outside North Sea Harbor

The sandbar to the northwest of Towd Point has been there for years, it is only dangerous to boaters if they don't stay within the well-marked navigational channel. The sandbar there also provides singnificant recreational opportunity to those in the know ; )

Try as we may, humanity is unable to stop littoral drift. Although I am dissapointed to see the sandbar go, I am confident it will return before the end of 2018. Dredging companies have incredible job security as long as we insist on moving sand around at great expense. Some dredging is sensible while some of it is pointless and wasteful.

What are the criteria by which administrators remove off-topic comments? How do the comments by Turkey Bridge and MoronEliminator pertain to dredging? The Zeldin connection is tangential at best." Jun 20, 18 11:34 AM

UPDATE: LaValle Says Linking Hospital Bill To Key Union Legislation Was A Key To Its Passage

Fred Thiele is a fantastic politician who has been working hard for decades to help the east end. Thank you Mr. Thiele : )" Jun 21, 18 11:47 AM

Southampton Town Residents Come Out In Support Of Rose Hill Deal

I strongly agree with bigfresh that the Board of Trustees as an entity is crucial to keeping access to east end waterways! I also agree that the Trustees functioned much better when they were allowed to work independently, before the lawsuits from Westhampton Dunes et al. The Dongan Patent is essential to keeping the East End ecologically intact. Public access to waterways is more important than ever, with "temporary" emergency erosion control turning centuries old dunes into bluffs that drop straight to the water.
Baymen may be dismissed in some circles because they are not scientists and their knowledge is anecdotal but locals have a more intimate connection with local ecosystems that fosters knowledge that many Marine Scientists will never understand. The baymen just don't know the jargon or have the desire to engage in the politicking.
The Trustees may have "mucked up" the Rose Hill deal but it doesn't change the entities urgent role on the east end!" Jun 21, 18 5:04 PM

pw herman's comment on July 22nd at 11:54am is so far off topic-- nevermind the absurdity of the comment.

Enjoy the weekend all : )" Jun 22, 18 12:59 PM

Southampton Town Officials Seek Opinion From State On Legality Of Trustees' Rose Hill Road Deal

The concern shown by asking Thomas DiNapoli and Rose Harvey if the deal is legal would seem more genuine if it was taken before the deal was closed and the land was used by 475 Rose Hill. " Jun 22, 18 5:15 PM

Zeldin Says Families Should Be Detained Together, But Sees Little Sign Of Legislative Progress

According to Piaget's "Theory of Moral Devlopment", an individual should achieve "Autonomous Morality" at about ten years of age. After reaching this developmental milestone people grasp moral relavitism and are guided by their own beliefs about what constitutes moral behavior instead of relying on rules/laws to guide their actions. Individuals who have moved beyond morality imposed from the outside ("Heteronomous Morality") may choose to break laws/rules, while accepting the potential consequences of doing so. Truly moral behavior comes from following what is inside ones soul : )" Jun 25, 18 3:17 PM

Cowards need weapons to defend themselves! Even Flow -- Is your intention to cause those with different political beliefs to fear for their well-being?

How does one determine the political affiliation of people by looking at them?

Please elaborate on "push back and confront" and being "well armed".

To me, even flow's comment at 6:16 am on June 26th seem like a threat of violence.

" Jun 26, 18 9:48 AM

Gershon Wins Democratic Primary; Zeldin Attacks City Roots

Even flow: you very nearly called for violence on the "Zeldin Says Families..." thread at 6:16am on June 26th. You wrote "Patriot call to arms: where you see Democrats - gather a crowd, push back and confront. The civil war has commenced. Good luck be well armed and be vigilant."

Please specify what Democrats have called for violence and quote what they said." Jun 26, 18 10:33 AM

Perry Gershon Wins Democratic Primary For Congressional Seat Tuesday

The First NY Congressional district is hotly contested, Zeldin-vs-Gershon will be a close race. Nearly $6 Million has already been raised for this race, the second most of any congressional race in NYS. Unfortunately, the candidate with the most money backing them is likely to win. Bombastic statements on Internet threads are impotent, if you want your preferred candidate to win, open your wallet and donate to their campaign. If doing so disgusts you, donate anyway, then advocate for campaign finance reform. This race Is too close to determine who will "loose", either candidate could turn out to be the "looser".

Get moldy figs out of office. Hooray for Ocasio Cortez!!!" Jun 27, 18 9:41 AM

Montauk Woman Sues East Hampton Town Over Battery Storage Approval

A battery storage facility at low elevation a few blocks away from the bay -- what could possibly go wrong?
Anyone with an understanding of Montauk history knows there has never been devastating flooding in the Navy Road area. Why not also move the marinas to Navy Road?" Jun 27, 18 10:26 PM

State DOT Shuts Down Southampton Town's Plan To Blink Water Mill Traffic Light During Rush Hour Commute

Blinking lights create a hostile environment for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists turning from/onto the highway." Jun 28, 18 2:50 PM

Sag Pizza Restaurant Closes In On An Opening Date, Plans To Add Outdoor Dining

I miss Conca D'Oro!

I also miss Superica, Porembas, Deerfield, Altenkirchs, Morris Studio, IGA Southampton and Many other businesses from the past" Jul 2, 18 3:54 PM

Jury Says East Hampton Town Is Responsible For Montauk Erosion

It is true that jetties alter littoral drift and can significantly reduce sedimentation.

IMHO, finding EH guilty for the erosion at Culloden is unfair.

Carl Fisher first constructed the jetties in the 1920's after dynamiting a channel between Lake Montauk and Gardiners Bay. In the 1940's, the Army Corps repaired and extended the jetties at EH town urging. At this time, EH town gave the Army Corps permanent easement and the Army Corps was freed from claims for damages related to the jetties.

How many Culloden homeowners purchased their houses before the installation of the jetties and how many moved into an existing condition? What steps could (should) EH town take to put sediment in a shorefront location that had its sedimentation rate decrease owing to shoreline hardening?

Long Island shorelines have always moved, any notion that the shore will remain in a precise location is misguided. " Jul 3, 18 9:57 AM

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