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Software Tracks Traffic, Complaints At East Hampton Airport

“Under pressure by the community” is classic Brundige understatement. The relentless noise has not been addressed over decades of complaints, and Brundige himself took the “credit” for placing over 80% of helicopter noise over one route in 2012 (although it is now widely accepted that that particularly malicious act was directed by Stanzione, at the behest of Tom Twomey and his cronies in the EH Aviation Association—the same Twomey who tried to get all flights routed over residential areas other than where he lives in Northwest…yes, Twomey the self-serving pilot. And now the airport is trying to put out good “spin” on its actions…PlaneNoise is operated by the guy who is paid spokesperson for the Eastern Region Helicopter Council……give me a break. If you are going to report this stuff, report the other side as well or your publication’s credibility will be further at risk. As to Brundige, consider why there has been such mismanagement fiscally at the airport. He may once have been a good pilot but his management skills are at 101 level." Feb 13, 14 4:53 PM

Most people have just given up calling, they know the ":game". It is widely acknowledged that for each call that is made, there are dozens that are not. the airport spinners can spin all they like, but the community voted clearly that there is a big big problem at the airport. and let no one outside of EH be at rest, now is the time to let the new town board members know that those outside of EH town borders will hold them responsible for fixing what ails us. and that is East Hampton Airport. " Feb 13, 14 5:03 PM

EH Airport Releases Data On Noise Complaints

Yes, the most complaints come from outside East Hampton, and guess what---we are not going to take it anymore. if EH wants an airport let them have it, but fly over EH town land and over the water. PERIOD. People are fed up calling the fox who guards the henhouse, RobertGrotell, spokesperson for Eastern Region helicopter Council who operates the noise complaint system PLANENOISE. And Boleis of the EH aviation association was one of those responsible for printing the full page ads full of lies over the past two years. Give me a break. Shut up that blasted airport NOW." Mar 19, 14 7:00 AM

Hey Shrek, how about taking responsibility for putting out misleading data...a favorite dirty trick of the EHAA. How about taking responsibility for the pollution you and other moneybagging "flyers" cause, flying low over our homes and playgrounds releasing toxic AVGAS emissions at very low altitudes so you can get a good "shot".
People are sick and tired of the lame excuses put out by EHampton about how little noise there is. people have been calling in complaints for decades and nothing has happened, just more lies, by the usual suspects. " Mar 27, 14 6:20 AM

Aircraft Noise Complaints Doubled This Memorial Day Weekend At East Hampton Airport

From what I hear, the noise is widespread, but those in Noyac will never forget the Brundige/Stanzione doubling of traffic over/Noyac/North Sea area in 2012. So folks in Noyac will remain ever vigilant especially vis a vis helicopters and seaplanes and will continue to log their complaints. Others in badly impacted areas would do well to do likewise. As this report shows, traffic is increasing and will continue only to worsen until restrictions are set in place. " Jun 5, 14 4:39 PM

East Hampton Town Continues To Look For Added Revenues At Airport

Sounds like Cindy Herbst does not like the idea that the gravy train she and Sound Airfcraft have been on really should run out. Have food prices not increased substantially, even in the last few weeks, let alone in the 15 years since there was any increase in fuel flow fees....how about the cost of (non-leaded) gas to power our cars---figure the increase over 15 years and WOWEEEEE. Insurance, property taxes, school budgets, school supplies etc etc. And the pilots and Ms. Herbst are crying about 15 cents increase after 15 years and much of the gas they are profiting from so handsomely is toxic AVGAS---leaded fuel! Have they no shame, none at all, not even a teensy weensy bit of shame....Woman up Ms. Herbst and join the rest of us and PAY YOUR WAY. " Jun 19, 14 11:13 AM

East Hampton Town Board Doubles Airport Fuel Fee Despite Pleas

One can feel a certain sympathy for the companies having to absorb an increase in fees for the first time in 22 years---and all at once. However, no increase in 22 years!!!! gave them a lot of time to save for what they must have realized was at best an oversight by airport admin and one which would someday catch up with them.
Clearly, another example of very poor administration by airport management over decades......" Jun 20, 14 9:05 AM

East Hampton Airport Manager James Brundige To Retire

The future is are beginning to look a lot brighter...
...already! " Aug 26, 14 2:14 PM

East Hampton Village Board Adds To Pressure On Town To Resolve Airport Noise Problems

LocalEH The question asked by oystercatcher about HELICOPTERS, NOT FIXED WING CRAFT was not answered, rather you provided FAA blather.
Read the question again, if you are able please respond. TKS

" Sep 9, 14 8:05 PM

East Hampont Town Hires Second Noise Analysis Consultant, Noise Abatement Solutions Ahead

Time slots are worth consideration, along with every other possible measure to reduce the bombardment from above. Voluntary recommendations for noise issues were thumbed at by many pilots- certainly helicopter and seaplane operators and jets.
So,whatever it takes to bring peace and quiet back to our area I sincerely hope the town Board just goes for it. This is a resort area, people seek peace and quiet and relaxation, NOT NOISE UNENDING. Our "resort" economy depends on the many who come here not the few who fly in and out.
" Nov 15, 14 11:26 AM

East Hampton Airport Noise Subcommittee Recommends Curfews, Complete Ban On Noisiest Helicopters

Public input will be necessary to support the recommendations of the subcommittee. Some EH board members may not be convinced that thousands have suffered endlessly with this barrage of noise. Once a public hearing date has been announced, it is certain that all in favor of these restrictons must speak their piece one last time--or risk once again this year to be deafened by the handful of aviation operators making money hand over fist ferrying commuters to and from NYC and regional other airports. Certainly the aviation lobbyists are very very busy marshaling their forces to keep restrictions to a minimum. The fight is not yet over. " Jan 22, 15 10:23 AM

Aviation Businesses File Suit Against FAA, Argue Mismanagement Of East Hampton Airport

Good luck with suing the FAA. if successful, residents will clamor to follow suit!

" Jan 30, 15 8:57 AM

East Hampton Airport Budget Committee Cannot Work Out Impact Of Proposed Regulations

This reads as a very one-sided and therefore shocking piece of unbalanced journalism. May I suggest you check sources-- other than paid spokespeople for the aviation sources- and then print the entire story including a retraction of sloppy reporting.

I look forward to reading the corrected piece. This one has an extremely unpleasant odor, to say the very least.
" Mar 3, 15 5:16 PM

there are no paid sources on the other side---just thousands of volunteer hours...check your info or become part of the propaganda machine paid for by the aviation special interests. they have been at it for years---business as usual. Fiction versus fact---they excel at it. " Mar 5, 15 10:36 AM

Group Opposed To East Hampton Airport Restrictions Distributes Fliers Ahead of Hearing

Sure the aviation special interests are coming out against this because the punch in the gfut will be to their profit lines, not to EH Town whose econmy will only improve should restrictions be set.
EH is currently know as the poster child of noise problem airports--IN THE NATION.
MORE NOISE COMPLAINTS THAN CHICAGO O'HARE DOES NOT ENTICE TOURISTS, BUYERS, OR RENTERS. Visitors will visit the Hamptons no matter what---they will continue to come as they did when it took a three-day journey to get here. the only thing that will happen as a result of restrictions is that there will be many more of them.

The economic turmoil described by aviation special interests will be when they can no longer reap profits from their noise and pollution over residents homes. Simple as that. " Mar 10, 15 3:00 PM

Misinformation campaigns distributed out by airport proponents aHe nothing new; refer to the templates previously used by the disingenuous East hampton Aviation Association, campaigns which, incidentally, failed miserably for the Standzione and Wilkinson crowd, aviation proponents extraordinaire.
Yes, that was interesting, watching worms squirm.
Residents have right on their side, all the aviation crowd wants is to continue to reap profits and try to litigate the Town into submission. Driven by greed alone, big profits at risk for commercial commuter companies.

" Mar 10, 15 6:09 PM

The ranks of the noise abatement proponents are mostly working folks, some from the North Fork are farmers, and there are Shelter islanders, folk from Noyac and North Sea, from Stony Brook and Wading River, Hampton Bays and Southampton---need I go on! They want to sleep at night, to enjoy their summer and protect their families from fuel emissions like thinking folks do. they do not have development dreams, just nightmares from aviation noise.
Others are retired, no one is a developer. Inform yourself before making a fool of yourself. Restrictions are being set t protect the well-being of many against the convenience of a few.Learn something, then talk; it may help you the future. " Mar 11, 15 6:06 PM

East Hampton Airport Opponents' Lawsuit Dismissed By Appellate Court

No, they are not going to win this one. All it takes is people with a lot of stamina and a lot of passion and a lot of guts. And we have them. We outnumber them. Join us. there are several groups all working against what you describe and who are committed t not giving up this battle. Whether this year or next, we WILL win.
" Mar 11, 15 8:39 PM

Pleeeze.....the economy will not fail because there are fewer f\pllutants in the air (yes, even your children are in danger from those), far less noise, and the area will be much more appealing to visitors. if anything, expect a boon to the econmy---each time there have ben restrictions on quality of life issues, that is what has happened. Look at the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and many others.
No, the impact will be on those who are making huge profits and apart from fixed bvase operators are taking them for the most part back to NJ, CT and elsewhere. take a look at where the ERHC and most of the groups are based---New Jersey.
There is very little that is local about this, despite the attempts to position it that way. " Mar 12, 15 12:56 PM

Please tell me how I can line my own pockets? i could use a little cash since I can no longer rent my home under the flight path.....so do tell. " Mar 12, 15 12:57 PM

Community Largely Split on East Hampton Town's Proposed Airport Regulations

On the contrary -- with so many statements in support of the board's proposals, one would have to have a major hearing problem not to have heard the voices of residents last night. No, they do not all live next to the airport---that much was adamantly obvious. Yes, there were the aviation special interests, who seek to continue their profit making at the expense of quality of life of taxpayers....but that is business as usual. interesting to learn how much those FBOs have amassed in profit.
The issue is: do we save the town or ruin the town....economic prosperity will follow if we preserve the unique qualities of our area. The short sighted naysayers need to look beyond their own pockets and towards the future that is just around the corner and will impact them. the town can choose as Barnstable/Hyannis did and allow noise to put an end to their resort area boon---....Hyannis? Who goes there anymore....too noisy!" Mar 13, 15 8:15 AM

UPDATE: Small Aircraft Makes Hard Landing At East Hampton Airport, Runway Reopened

I am so tired of these pilots blaming the current town board for what their puppet Standzione and his puppeteer Wilkinson did for two terms---allowing airport repairs to lag while they argued about a deer fence, then a control tower, and on and on....all so they could justify asking formore FAA money. the game is up guys....you lost the election.
The rest of the EHAA crowd should get over it too, there is no more free ride. those two will not be back, what happend under their watch will never be forgotten. " Mar 19, 15 2:21 PM

East Hampton Town Pulls Back On Weekend Helicopter Ban

So, the Supervisor of Southampton Town and the Mayor of that village decided to throw the citizens of the eastern part of Southampton Town under the bus.
The EH Town Board apparently decided to do likewise to the western portions of East Hampton town, in favor of the Concerned Citizens of Montauk (aka NIMBYS) where totally unconcerned about the remainder of the EH residents, as long they are not impacted. An action to be remembered for sure.
Politics as usual. Without the helicopter ban, do any of these proposals have any teeth? I doubt it. " Apr 7, 15 1:54 PM

So, the Supervisor of Southampton Town and the Mayor of that village decided to throw the citizens of the eastern part of Southampton Town under the bus.
The EH Town Board apparently decided to do likewise to the western portions of East Hampton town, in favor of the Concerned Citizens of Montauk (aka NIMBYS) where totally unconcerned about the remainder of the EH residents, as long they are not impacted. An action to be remembered for sure.
Politics as usual. Without the helicopter ban, do any of these proposals have any teeth? I doubt it. " Apr 7, 15 1:54 PM

Noyac Residents Give Zeldin An Earful On Aircraft Altitude Request

Foillow the money trail........
" Apr 7, 15 3:15 PM

State Department Of Environmental Conservation Rejects 'Sand Land' Application In Noyac

Perhaps they can build a heliport, since the impacted area is Noyac, not Anna Throne-Holst's constituents in Western Southampton Town, the only constituents Anna and her cohorts consider need protection from airport noise---to their ever-lasting shame.
" Apr 8, 15 7:33 AM

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