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Aviation Groups Sue East Hampton Town In Effort To Block Recently Approved Airport Restrictions

Thank you EH Town Board (the vote was 4 to 1) for passing these proposals which should bring some relief to residents of all towns. Although many remain bitterly disappointed about the board dropping the helicopter ban , they may revisit that decision later in the season. Helicopter traffic remains the issue for many and crafty operators are certain to fin ways to avoid the one round trip per week restriction. " Apr 17, 15 7:12 AM

East Hampton Pilot Pens Petition For Safety At East Hampton Airport

HOW DARE YOU spew this misinformation
YOU know very well what EHAA, Wilkinson and Stanzione tried to do---use surplus funds for lawyers (and boy did they ever just look how much Kirsch made under Wilkie.....) so that thee would be no surplus funds for maintenance and then could justify asking for FAA funds. Other than buiding a tower, they did no maintenance. NONE. SO GET YOUR FACTS TOGETHER....." May 1, 15 12:48 PM

FAA May Support Temporary Restraining Order Blocking Airport Regulations

Those who have expressed interest in filing lawsuits might want to consider this an ideal opportunity to do so and demonstrate to the entire country and indeed the entire world that with money you can buy the outcome you want from the US government.
A watershed event, for sure, so stay tuned for blowback if there are no restrictions set before Memorial Day....." May 5, 15 4:39 PM

Now there's an idea, a superb location for a much-needed country club--could join up with the gun club nearby, make it an all around recreational area for the locals. and no need to trim the trees, no need to worry about the aquifer....brilliant idea. And local pilots can use the Montauk airport...a beautiful little spot right on the water.

" May 6, 15 4:58 PM

East Hampton Town To Set Airport Fines, Responds To Request For TRO

the commuter operators appear to have co-opted many if not most of the local pilots....how shortsighted is that! I, for one, am now truly sick and tired of the whining local pilots......they may shoot themselves in the foot by joining forces with the fly for profit group. Unless they too are flying private aircraft for profit---under the radar. " May 13, 15 10:05 AM

I appreciate the efforts made by the Quiet Skies people and all the other groups. that have formed over the past year or two, all mpacted by this EH noise. What blew my mind was the pilot Katherine Sly asking for special treatment instead of looking at the forecast and traffic patterns like the rest of us do---every day. Not a word about interrupting the sleep of wrkers. Give me a break. And how about the whining pilot that said in one meeting that complaining about noise is a luxury while saving his job was essential! EGO Manicas both! As far as I can see the groups for hoping for peace have not said close the airport--but have spoken on behalf of locally based pilots. So Mr, Local has again got facts wrong. " May 14, 15 6:24 PM

Throne-Holst To Challenge Zeldin For Congressional Seat

Anna Throne Holst for Congress---you gotta be joking!.
Having abandoned support for constituents living on the eastern flank of SH Town, by bowing to pressure from SH village, she withdrew her support for airport noise restrictions, together with Flemming and Scalera after having made much ado about supporting such restrictions.
A disgusting reversal and now it is clear why---so wealthy SHites would back her for congress. Constituents far beyond Southampton are also impacted by airport noise and are unlikely to forget her/their treason. " May 21, 15 2:58 PM

East Hampton Town To Appoint Airport Management Advisory Committee, Engineering Firm Lists Projects

WHAT A FARCE . Weeping millionaires---cindy herbst and bonnie krupinski---members of the infamous EHAA known for SPENDING THOUSANDS ON MISINFORMATION CAMPAIGNS---major proponents of FAA funding, to lower costs to their aviation operations, and continue to expand the airport operations. La Guardia by the Sea as they jokingly called it under Wilkinson.

these persons represent the out of town and out of state profiteers, including themselves, and NOT THE PEOPLE OF EAST HAMPTON AND THE EAST END.

" May 21, 15 5:28 PM

Throne-Holst To Challenge Zeldin For Congressional Seat

No way. Throne-Holst and Fleming both abandoned their constituents on the eastern flank of the town when they publicly, very publicly, announced they would no longer to support airport access restrictions both had formerly championed. Now, we know why---promises, promises for a more lucrative future for themselves in lieu of a more peaceful less polluted East End. Buyer beware of these two.
" May 21, 15 6:17 PM

Uber Halts Service In East Hampton, Montauk

At least they have 3rd party liability which private pilots do not need!!!!!

" Jun 11, 15 2:00 PM

Southampton Residents Lend Support To Village Board's Proposed Heliport Restrictions

One could say exactly the same about EH airport location and add several environmentally sensitive protected bird and wildlife sanctuaries, including a Federal Wildlife refuge...and last but not least thousands of environmentally sensitive residents whose quality of life has been blasted away by noise and jet fuel emissions---so none of this makes sense. The FAA supports the aviation community and so far, no government agency has acted on residents's behalf!!!!" Jun 24, 15 1:38 PM

Cantwell Wants More East Hampton Cops, Code Officers In $73.5 Million Budget

Local EH wrong again. The funds come from the airport fund, and must be used for airport purposes---just as the Wilkinson administration did---they used a huge surplus and made no repairs whatsoever.
Do your homework before you comment.
" Sep 30, 15 2:33 PM

East Hampton Political Ads Linked To Helicopter Company

WOW.....back to politics as it was under Wilkie and his aviaition puppet Stanzione---and the outside out of state business interests. Poor little East hampton Town.
they are trying to buy your peace and quiet.
Good luck because an "exclusive" resort reputation and its resulting economy can so easily and so quickly be ruined by noise and pollution. " Oct 7, 15 12:03 PM

Oceanfront Homeowners Sue Over Trucks On Southampton Beach

“The property owners knew the easement was there before buying, and knew the people had the right to use the beach” said Mr. Shultz. “The people that use the area respect the beach and leave it cleaner than when they arrived. I have always seen it orderly, and the continued use needs to be preserved.”

AMEN" Oct 28, 15 1:51 PM

East Hampton Airport Control Tower Struck By Lightning Last Week, Out Of Service For Days

Close the thing. Its bring more noise and pollution to the East End not to mention chaos. Just close the airport to commuter traffic--there are other airports nearby, this one is not needed to service a few folk who believe they entitled to ruin the quality of life of thousands of people under their flight paths
. " Aug 16, 16 2:23 PM

Group Will Press Town To Close East Hampton Airport

And what if you are wrong, to
tally wrong, will you apologize?" Aug 24, 16 7:04 PM

Federal Appeals Court Orders East Hampton Town To Lift Airport Curfews

Too late, tried that. Local pilots and their association aused a large part of this problem through---greed, plain and simple, simply not wanting to make any concessions and not wanting to pay for the costs of their "hobby". A bit late to cry now..... " Nov 10, 16 7:58 PM

The lawsuits (7 in all) were placed by the commercial operators and a couple of small time local businesses with aviation interests) ...charter operators of seaplane, helicopter and turboprop and jets they use to shutlle the privileged to and from l NYC directly above homes of thousands of families who derive no benefit from the private transportation for the convenience of a few.
The writer above is one of those responsible for the out of control growth of the airport brought about by incessant demands by local pilots association over many years--to avoid footing the cost themselves of their little hobby. Is is right that a handful of out of state operators, and ka few part time hobbists (fewer than 50 likely and most not from EH,) should hold hostage thousands of families from NYC to East hampton, because they cry out their "right to fly". Two airport are nearby, and either could be used for their toxic hobby.
" Nov 10, 16 8:05 PM

Sag Harbor 'Half House' Leads To Dispute Between Owner And Village Architectural Review Board

Sag Harbor is under siege by greedy thoughtless newcomers demanding, demanding, demanding....why did they come here when all they want to do is change the character of the village ...
" Jan 26, 17 11:48 AM

Southampton Town To Launch Online Complaint Registry Soon

Can I file in advance?

I have several hundred complaints about noise from East Hampton Airport every year. " Mar 15, 17 8:19 PM

Corcoran And Blade Offer Free Helicopter Flights For Prospective Hamptons Renters

Corcoran CEO willing to team with a polluting helicopter company to try to hock its over-priced real estate to the unwary. Seems like this marketing ploy could turn around and backfireon Corcoran where it hurts them most.
Buyer beware, those properties could ---at the whim of a pilot, or the "recommendation" of the FAA be under a flight path, if not today, then tomorrow. Once away from the North Shore FAA mandated helicopter route, paths or "transition routes" to the airport as they are referred to are "voluntary". To commuter operators that means any route or altitude you want and if passengers want a little low alttiude sight-seeing detour----why not!
There is no local control of aviaiton. Close the airport. And buyers and sellers find a broker from an agency that respects the residents and the environment.
" Mar 31, 17 5:44 PM

Tell Cocoran to stop this abusive promotion:

Pamela Liebman, Pres & CEO - pl@corcoran.com
Janifer Jaeger, Senior Managing Director - jjaeger@corcoran.com;
Jocelyn Haas, Senior Managing Director, North Fork, Shelter Island and Westhampton - jh@corcoran.com; Ernest Cervi, Regional Senior Vice President, East End - Ernie..ervi@corcoran.com
" Apr 2, 17 4:58 PM

The study was thoroughly debunked as tripe by a distinguished NYU professor, and they smartly did not resurrect it. The "facts" were as real as the current FAKE NEWS.
" Apr 6, 17 1:33 PM

Let me guess, only an arrogant seaplane pilot might always be right, about everything, always. Wrong, again. Do some work, you'll find the information. Try the local newspapers.
" Apr 6, 17 1:41 PM

Michael Bloomberg Reaches Out To Southampton Town Official, Hoping To Revive Discussion Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute

Just plain sickening. All these people who believe they are entitled to whatever they want, whenever they want it. NO, it is a community road, Mike.
" May 4, 17 11:07 AM

Just plain sickening. All these people who believe they are entitled to whatever they want, whenever they want it. NO, it is a community road, Mike.
" May 4, 17 11:07 AM

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