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Westhampton Beach Village Police Put Forward Plan To Station Armed Officer In Schools

Thank you WHB for caring about our kids! What a stand up response to offer guards to protect my greatest treasures! I expect the costs to be put in the budgets for next year split between the tax base of the school and I am happy to pay my small share to make this safety measure happen. Glad many of you commentators are just stickin your nose in WHB business and dont live here.
" Mar 2, 18 6:50 AM

I live in EQ and I realistically think the bill should be split between WHB and all its feeder districts. Maybe just for now to get up and running WH can foot the bill or maybe be reimbursed in the future. I dont care but lets make it happen. I have no problem with paying my share.
" Mar 2, 18 3:51 PM

Southampton Village Considers Regulations On Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

Do you live in Southampton Village?
" Mar 12, 18 9:28 AM

East End High School Students Walk Out In Protest Of Gun Violence Wednesday

It is kind of sad that kids feel so immature that they want big government to regulate that they are not permitted to purchase a gun till 21. SMH" Mar 15, 18 9:30 AM

Southampton Town Residents Come Out In Support Of Rose Hill Deal

Cleanwaters Democrats need control?? If memory serves me the Rose Hill ramp deal was voted on in favor unanimously?? Trustees should be about electing good people from our town regardless of political party! Funny also how people are telling others in town to mind there business if not from water Mill. Now you know how East Quogue felt with everyone chiming in about the Hills golf coarse. " Jun 21, 18 5:40 AM

Again all trustees voted yes! Welker recused herself from the budget adoption because she was new and didn't have the info needed. Why not on this? Again good people are needed regardless of political affiliation" Jun 21, 18 9:01 AM

State DOT Shuts Down Southampton Town's Plan To Blink Water Mill Traffic Light During Rush Hour Commute

Somebody finally tries to help with SH horrendous traffic and finds a simple way to help substantially. Then the state steps up and shuts it down? SMH this place is hopeless!" Jun 28, 18 5:49 AM

United States Files Civil Action Against Shinnecock Indian Nation Resident For Illegal Dumping

https://youtu.be/j7OHG7tHrNM" Jul 13, 18 4:47 PM

Dont think link works it was a link to crying indian pollution commmercial. Oh well thought it was funny how things have changed." Jul 13, 18 4:51 PM

Lawmakers, Environmentalists Push To Close Sand Land Because Of Water Contamination

Shutting down because of water contamination. Ok, Can we restore the Bridgehampton race circuit when the Town Board closes the Bridge? The board knows that golf coarses are evil and contaminate water. Thats why they denied the Hills coarse right? The witch hunt on Wainscott sand and gravel will have and better have others that contribute to pollution in there sights as well. IE TOS dump stations, all other mining operations , airports, ect. Just heard of a 50% increase in yard debris dumping fees the other day, NOW THIS. Hold on to your wallets this is going to sting for the little guy, but isnt that the plan anyway?" Jul 17, 18 6:17 AM

I live above one of the TOS toxic dump site areas. Ya I dont care about water contamination. What a troll! Selective enforcement and outrage is the problem. $$ is the problem.
" Jul 17, 18 7:02 AM

The evidence pointed the other way! TOS already killed the water supply with the Damascus dump site. Stop the lies and miss info!" Jul 18, 18 5:09 PM

President Donald Trump To Fly Into Gabreski Airport On Friday

Think I am going to fly my American flags in my red neck truck and rock it on up to the airport. Show the President of the United States some love from a life long LI'r. Keep up the good work. MAGA!
" Aug 16, 18 8:17 AM

Silas Hiscock Sr. Of Bridgehampton Dies Following Injuries Suffered In Riverhead Raceway Crash

What a great guy! 78 and racing, bad ass!" Apr 29, 19 5:11 PM