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Southampton Town Board candidate Fleming receives Independence endorsement

I am supporting Bill Hughes for the Special Town Council Seat. Our Committee met the other day and discussed whether we would support him. We decided that he will work towards him being elected. I met with Mr. Hughes and felt that he was very direct and had been in a decision making capacity for his working carreer. I feel he will work for all the people of the town as he has been a public servant of this town and wants to extend that service to the town board. I feel he will be an asset." Jan 27, 10 9:58 PM

Mustapha Kahia of Southampton dies at 52

I am so sorry to see that Mustafa has passed on. I always enjoyed speaking with him and you. I will pray for you and his family.

Ron" Feb 8, 10 8:17 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

I was at the CAC meeting in Hampton Bays and also the CAC meeting in Flanders. No one has mentioned or made any comments about the moderators at both meeting shutting down questions or cutting off questions from the public. I was not at the League of Women Voters debate and heard that someone was also shut down by the moderator from asking a question.
I cannot believe that grown people cannot find a way to find a way for this to happen. Who puts these people in charge. More importantly if we believe in Free Speech why do these organizations handcuff or stifle openness. The reason they have these debates is so the public can actually ask there own questions to ascertain whether the candidate will represent their values and concerns.
Not to mention why the newspapers are not covering this. Yes we can blog today. It's not the 80's." Feb 25, 10 8:51 PM

Southampton Town Board work session canceled

Well, I'm still in town and I will be down at my local polling place in Hampton Bays to do my duty. Yes, I will be voting and listening to all the discussion and opinions from everyone. I will be casting my vote for Bill Hughes and whether there be a quorom or not that is my mission.
We all need to keep our eye on the mission at hand. This is important." Mar 8, 10 9:24 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

It sounds as though many would appreciate something other than politics as usual. Also someone being endorsed by "Alphabet Soup" does not necessarily guarantee a good candidate. I have been to two of the debates and saw one of them on TV. I very much appreciated direct answers. So tomorrow I am proudly casting my vote for Bill Hughes. See you all there!!!!" Mar 8, 10 10:13 PM

Altschuler balks; debate with Bishop canceled

Why not debate at Citizen's forum venue. The only difference to a debate at League of Womens Voters Venue and Citezen's Forum may be that questions may not be screened and thrown out." Oct 11, 10 12:34 PM

Town Board Opens Up Chief Position To Lieutenants

Sounds like I'd would hesitate to back the Conservative Party's pick. Just saying. It sounds great that we should open up the interviewing to outsiders. You can see how that has served the Schools and protected the taxpayers. At least we know who we are dealing with. Bridget I recalled bragged about her having the PBA in her corner. I think maybe we should look at this.
" Apr 23, 11 10:18 PM

$43 Million Tear-Down Approved In Sagaponack

People with smaller properties always seem to need variances, going back and forth to the town for anything and everything under the sunset. Maybe the town is speading their process up. I know everyone has the best interest of environmental concerns and the taxpayers as their focus. We can only hope.

" Apr 27, 11 11:35 AM