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Shinnecocks expect final word on recognition Tuesday

One thing I have learned is that people have a choice, they can choose to speak ignorance or thaycan take time and do more than surface research. I am not going to make this an education forum, because it would take all day to try open the eyes to so much that people don't know. if I'm going to debate, I'm not going to waste it on someone that didn't take time prepare, too easy. Anyway I am grateful that my great aunts that are here, in their late 80's and 90's, they were able to see this day. There have been many that have died during this process, don't belittle the meaning. Lastly, to all the teachers, Police officers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, the clergy, adminstrators, home care assistants, medical assistants, business owners,securiity personnel,carpenters, construction workers, accountants, military veterans and currently serving military personnel, elected officials, college bound and current college students that live within our tribe we are happy today to be recognized for what we are and always have been, an Indian Nation." Jun 15, 10 10:12 PM

Discord Erupts Over Shinnecock Vote On Casino Partner's Future

Trustees don't get paid" Dec 17, 11 5:10 PM

Firefighters Battle Blaze On Reservation

I have $100,000 in student loans, my education wasn't free so sthu. oh by the way I filed taxes every year since I was 15. Stop with the ignorance. One more thing, we have tribal members that are volunteer firefighters & ambulance, police officers, teachers, lawyers, in the health field and 99.99% of our tribal members don't shoot at people and are just as angry about the incident, so stop being ignorant in a world where you have every opportunity not to be." Aug 17, 12 6:16 AM

Shinnecock Woman First Native American Female To Graduate From Oxford University

Congrats Kelsey, Shinnecock is proud of your accomplishment." Oct 18, 12 12:05 AM

Southampton Town Sends Sandy Hollow Apartments Back To The Drawing Board

I find it interesting that we have teachers that can't afford to live in the town in which they teach. We are quick to build another private complex but it's the great debate for affordable housing. I want to make sure the design is safe, but why is it so difficult to do that, as much as we build around here. Then again the post office parking lot sucks, so I guess we do need time to do it right." Sep 20, 13 12:16 AM

Arson Suspected In Fire That Destroyed Gaming Authority Trailer

Did I miss something, are you Shinnecock? Don't attempt to think you know anything, your statement alone reflect you have no idea. So stop trying to be the bearer of knowledge, you don't care about our well being anyway, just an opportunity to vocalize your hate for us. Your username says it all, bunch of anonymous comment thugs. It's funny when a tribe member graduated from Oxford, the first Native to do so, not one response, but something negative and there is so much to say. Just remember Shinnecock is my family, for better for worse, for rich, middle class or poor, whether we fight or celebrate the gifts God has provided, we are strong and will never let anyone or anything divide us. You have no clue.
" Oct 31, 13 11:06 PM

Waldbaum's In Southampton, East Hampton To Close Doors In October

What makes no sense to me is that we had 3 grocery stores, Gristedes, IGA and A & P,but we closed two and built pharmacies. Years later we complain that we need another grocery store, really?" Sep 21, 15 8:19 PM

Wauldbaums closes October 5th and Stop & Shop is opening 3 to 4 weeks later.
" Sep 21, 15 8:21 PM

UPDATE: Rapper's Manager Disputes Claim That Assistant Principal Heard Song For Music Video

Some people have a taken 1 incident, poor choice, etc and made it so big that it negated an educator's career. I believe this could have a been a good learning experience for the young adults. We are not perfect, we all have made mistakes or poor choices. This is supposed to give us an opportunity to reflect and learn from it. Instead it's more of a ferocious attack as though she was a pedofile that needed to be removed from child contact. We make mistakes, we learn and we move on. We shouldn't teach young adults that your life is over if you make a mistake. yes there will be consequences but this was overboard. Tenure or not, if it was something very serious they would have fired her, they were trying appease those that wanted her out of the position against those that didn't want to see her fired. I think she has learned a big lesson, the story has gone national, everyone from East coast to West coast are putting in their 2 cents and she is in some new made up position. I just don't think the punishment fits the "crime"." Oct 17, 15 8:29 PM

Remsenburg-Speonk Residents Speak Out Against Workforce Housing Proposal At Community Forum

Right now you teachers that can't afford to live in the school district that they teach in, really ridiculous." Dec 3, 15 5:40 PM

UPDATE: Kenneth Yerves Died In Tuckahoe Accident

People are doing 50-60 and look at you like your crazy if your doing 40.
" Jan 12, 16 9:46 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Village Shooting Not 'Just A Random Event,' Police Chief Says

Real bright, a bunch of anonymous comment thugs. " Jan 29, 16 1:25 AM

Shinnecock Man Killed While Crossing County Road 39 On Foot Friday Night

I was driving right by the scene of the accident this morning and I tried to see how fast the cars were driving, I hit 60 and couldn't keep up with the Range Rover in the next lane, that's crazy, 25 miles over the speed limit, where are the police? Oh over their on Hill Street.. I'll stick to my 35-40 while most of the cars pass by, it's not worth it.
" Apr 14, 16 10:52 AM

Shinnecock Tribal Member Fights For More Than Parking Ticket

As Natives, we didn't come up with a tax, we didn't tax the settlers,that's something that was created by them. We were here and are still here and shouldn't have to deal with accessing waters that we freely accessed before they were taken. Freebies, nothing is free, millions died by the hands of U.S> government but we still fought and died in the U.S. Armed forces and had to become American citizens to do so. Not that we were treated any better coming home. Anyways this place needs better education, because people are very ignorant of Native culture. It's funny when a member of our Tribe became the first Native to graduate from Oxford, not a single peep." May 10, 16 7:20 PM

peep is slang for word, Not a single word was stated about the article no comments, no responses. It's only when there is negative coverage or something people can spit their prejudice attitude at." May 11, 16 7:44 AM

First it's not a prior civilization, since we are still here. That's the problem with education in the country, we have always been here, never went anywhere.
" May 11, 16 7:47 AM

Actually Natives fought in the war too, like my family that have a few Native Veterans, we have fought and died in every war since. Secondly the U.S. wasn't the only country fighting that war, 3rd, thanks for the millions of us that were killed prior to the Nazi threat." May 12, 16 12:13 PM


How about comment on this, since people don't say anything when positive activities are reported from the Reservation. If your going to troll on the negative or what you feel is negative, at least be balanced. " May 12, 16 5:37 PM

UPDATE: Victim In Reservation Shooting Identified; Does Not Live On Reservation

Actually you do hear good things and nobody makes a single comment. I just posted the Lacrosse game that was hosted on our Reservation, not a single comment, it was right in this paper 2 weeks ago. How about the First Native to graduate from Oxford, youth volunteering to plant at the museum, not a single comment. I can go on, you just notice the negative, that is what broadcast. We have activities on a regular basis, from cultural, environmental and sports. We have are participating in the bike ride, Tour deCure for Diabetes on the 18th, so don't make a blanket statement based on an incident you don't know nothing about." Jun 9, 16 11:34 AM

Police Make Arrest In Shooting At Reservation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4mfmhUBZ9k&index=1&list=LL_YOhnd7NIja8_8bVDHHMYw" Jun 15, 16 10:38 AM

https://www.globalpeace.org/blog/american-indian-youth-expand-their-world-one-community-time" Jun 15, 16 10:39 AM

Southampton PBA President Issues Statement Following Dallas Police Shootings

Actually Obama signed the Blue Alert Law in 2015 in response to the 2 officers ambushed in NYC. It's Nationwide alert to any threats against police, so the PBA is just following what the administration put into place.
" Jul 9, 16 10:38 AM

Organizers: Sunday's Black Lives Matter Protest Is First Of Several To Come On East End

What does Barack have to do with this? This just didn't sprout up in 2008, it's been ongoing, but since it's not affecting your life, you don't know. Social media, if anything has brought it to the forefront." Jul 12, 16 5:43 PM

No, actually a person with a mental illness (again) together with hate because of years of seeing nothing being done, thought it was good idea to kill officers. Only a mentally ill person would do something like that, the people protesting were calm, as stated by all parties including the police. Stop blaming Obama, you have no clue, just easy to jump on a page and comment about something that is not affecting your daily life. I would like to see the "good cops" step up and turn in officers that they know are not doing right. It's because nothing has been done, that all of this has come to pass. As for the New Black Panthers, groups on both sides said they would carry, since it is an open carry state. It's interesting that the Tea Party protestors weren't called "malingers" interesting that you would use that word, it tells a lot about your attitude. You probably stay on those websites that cater to your type of thinking, while doing nothing to find a solution, that's why we are here." Jul 13, 16 10:43 AM

Actually you don't know what BLM is doing, protesting is just one aspect. How many officers showed any condolences to the family of the two killed men? How many officers stood up against the bad cops that were making this a growing issue? Were you disgusted every time you heard about another police killing for a routine traffic stop? No you have the privilege of sitting back, because it's not a problem that concerns you on a daily. You go walk around as a black male for one day, just following your normal routine, then come back and talk. " Jul 13, 16 11:30 AM

Since you are not checking for what happens in these neighborhoods, your ignorant to the many people living there, while working 2-3 jobs ( they actually work, wow!), volunteer to bring about change. The positive that people do doesn't get the media attention, it's doesn't get people to read the newspaper or click on the web page. Now what are you going to do, besides quote statistics and tell people actually living there what they should do? " Jul 14, 16 9:58 AM

Castile had a permit to carry, it's an open carry state. He volunteered that information to the officer, he was going to get the ID and his license to carry when he was shot 4 times. Also in the case of Sterling, it's an open carry state, but he didn't have a license to carry." Jul 15, 16 10:06 AM

Actually it's people in your community too, White, Black Native, Asian. I know you just thought it was black people. They can't block the streets, they would need to get a permit. Maybe you should come and actually talk to this group of "disruptive" people, you may be surprised. I'm asking too much, let me stop." Jul 15, 16 10:11 AM

Shinnecock Nation Member Becomes First Native American To Complete Civilian Police Academy

The next class is not until March 2017 but if they get an influx of applications there would be one in October. Go to the Suffolk County Civilian Academy website, you can download the application.
" Jul 16, 16 6:35 AM

Organizers: Sunday's Black Lives Matter Protest Is First Of Several To Come On East End

So every protest is the same? The protest in Riverhead didn't block traffic, no cursing or spitting. There were people of all backgrounds, that's a problem with prejudice, you pre judge, that's been a cancer in our society and most likely why we have some "bad" cops that take improper actions. The organizer reached out to the proper authorities and was told if your in the street you need a permit, such as a parade but if you stay off the roads no permit is required. it will totally kill you if everything remains calm and after 2 hours they go on their merry way." Jul 16, 16 6:50 AM

First of all these are two different groups, the one in BH is considered a vigil and is not blm, they civic and church groups, the one in EH is the same group that protested in Riverhead and it didn't block any traffic and was peaceful. Instead of being concerned about them protesting, it's why they are protesting. It should have never gone this far if action was taken years ago.
" Jul 17, 16 6:30 AM

Actually it was beautiful day with a very diverse crowd, chanting Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter. There were officers out and they given respect and showed respect for the fallen police of Baton Rouge. So you can stay in your hole, we have many positive people here and it may get worse before it gets better, but it will get better. You wanted it to fail so bad and yes we are very proud of ourselves and everyone else that stood up for what is good and that's united body that want to work together to make things better for all involved." Jul 18, 16 12:00 AM

So far the protest in Riverhead, Easthampton & Bridgehampton, have not been disgusting, Actually a diverse group of people. By the way BLM has nothing to do with what's happened, in Dallas you had an individual that had mental issues and most likely angry too, that would use an opportunity to follow thru on this path. Pretty much the same for Baton Rouge, hate filled individual with issues. It's funny, there was a shooting at a court in-between these two events, I believe July 11th, 2 bailiffs were killed, it made news quick but then disappeared. Oh they found out the shooter was not black. No story about the 2 bailiffs lives lost, because it didn't mesh with the big story. People don't see how the media is as much a part of the problem. Racial tensions are a ratings juggernaut." Jul 18, 16 5:43 PM

Black Lives Matter Rallies Held In East Hampton And Bridgehampton Sunday

First of all that will not work because the White House doesn't designate hate groups, that was tried with Westboro and they had more signatures. Second, the basis BLM is to be able to move around this place we call the U.S. and not be profiled , not to feel like a target. Republican Senator Tim Scott, pulled over by the police 7 times in one year. Students on college campuses being profiled, mistreated, harassed. BLM is not a supremacist group and if you hear someone say something that rooting officers to be killed, say something, because that's not BLM is about. Most of us in this country have family and friends who are active/retired officers/military/FBI etc. so it just doesn't make sense for BLM to be a hate group against cops. As in any movement there can be bad apples, there is no application process, so anyone can use BLM but ti doesn't mean they are. " Jul 19, 16 11:13 AM

As close knit as SH is, to say you have never seen racism, against black people, latino people , or Native?? Do this, for one day walk around in the Hamptons as a black person male/female whatever you are. Follow your normal routine, then let me know about how BLM is racist, that makes no sense." Jul 19, 16 11:23 AM

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