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East Hampton Rental Registry Law Trial Ends In Acquittal

Here is the actual win/win: The Public Safety Director wins as he continues to enjoy double-dipping taxpayer $$ while not having to do his job enforcing existing laws or properly managing staff.
The town wins as they sit back and collect hundreds of thousands of dollars through the mismanaged Building Department while trying to convince the public the RR law is a cure-all for excessive turnover and unruly behavior.
This law is a sham, as is the checklist, designed to absolve the town from accountability.
"No smoke detectors and people died? Not our fault - they checked off a box!"" Mar 27, 18 6:57 PM

Anyone else curious as to why the well-paid town prosecutor opted out of handling this case? My guess is Nancy knew she couldn't win this one and didn't want to attach the name Thiele to such an embarrassing loss.
" Mar 31, 18 12:45 PM

With CDCH Building, East Hampton Sees Opportunity And Challenges

How about the food pantry? They're a non-profit who should have some money in the budget after occupying town offices rent free for years. Some of our Senior services should move in there as well and it will all tie in nicely. " Dec 31, 18 12:29 PM

Doggy Day Care Stirs Up Controversy In East Hampton

Springs over-run with multi-family homes - and THIS is what code enforcement is focusing on? Shameful!!
" Feb 6, 19 5:30 PM

Town And Property Owner Settle Dispute Over Duryea's Development Potential In Montauk

Anyone see the EH Town Attorney's meltdown at 2/21 board meeting over this? Me think he doth protest too much!!
And using code enforcement's lack of .... enforcement as "proof" that violations haven't been occurring?? Everyone can see: that department (as well as the building department) is going to stay as FAR AWAY from the property as possible.
" Feb 22, 19 8:15 PM

Arrest Of Suffolk County Police Officer Charged With Assaulting Girlfriend Not Released By Town Police

and to this day continues to skirt the law and double-dip collecting a pension plus a high salary for a phone-it-in title.
" Mar 1, 19 7:27 PM

State Court Grants East Hampton A Temporary Stay On Duryea's Lobster Deck Settlement

As the sun sets on Sendlenski's career, someone should take a look at ALL of the settlements of stipulation he crafted. Duryea's is not the first time he avoided having to properly prosecute a case by making a deal that allows the defendant to bypass site plan/zoning requirements. And who "told" Glennon she had to give them a CO? Doesn't she have a supervisor?
Oh wait...that's right - she's taking her marching orders from Sendlenski's cohort David Betts. They're so busy crowing about what a great job they did - they're not hearing that the public at large (and at least 1 Board member) are onto their game. " Apr 11, 19 4:55 PM

New Septic Going In At Surf Lodge In Montauk

And this is how a pre-existing, non-conforming commercial property gets to expand :"Installing the new septic system was one condition of a 2016 agreement with the town to resolve hundreds of safety and zoning violations ..."
Satisfying 1 condition (albeit a big one) while the "hundreds of safety and zoning violations" are ongoing? Hasn't the owner been in violation of that very agreement by continuing to amass charges every season since entering into it?
This is another example of Sendlenski's finest work - a stipulation of settlement that ignores the code and forces the planning and building departments to base their decisions on his pre-negotiated terms. Sounds familiar.
Don't get me wrong - a new septic is absolutely warranted here. And it's definitely a step in the right direction for Jayme to exercise some control over her patrons who enjoy using the pond as their toilet. But how many other aspects of planning have been overlooked? With virtually no parking and the right-of-way being used as a taxi/Uber depot - how will the town address the public safety nightmare that goes on every summer weekend?
And could it be possible that Surf Lodge was the target all along for that God-awful music permit re-write? We need better legal representation stat.
" Apr 23, 19 3:50 PM

East Hampton Town Authorizes Donation For Armored Car Purchase

Great piece of military equipment... wondering how it's occupants are going to communicate with others during a real crisis. I have nothing but respect for the chief and his department. But shouldn't the board be focusing on the sub-par communications issues that have plagued the police and fire chiefs for over a decade?
I mean - all the equipment purchased to upgrade their systems have sat unused and are now obsolete. Getting the latest toy before fixing their cell tower clusterfudge suggests that their priorities are skewed.
" Jun 11, 19 3:44 PM

East Hampton Town Gets Restraining Order Against $2,700-Per-Night Rental In Springs

Springs housing complaints have been ignored all year. The summer is 2/3 gone and this is the 1st mention of any enforcement activity from a dysfunctional Public Safety Division. It should surprise no one that with an election 3 months away - the EH board issues a press release to show how tough they are on quality of life issues." Aug 1, 19 9:45 PM