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Southampton Supervisor Considers Leaving Bel-Aire Cove Motel Property As 22-Room Motel

Once again Hampton Bays is the step child. If this was in Southampton Village. it would be done by now and a beautiful park in its place.

Hampton Bays has as much right to the Community preservation funds to preserve open spaces as does the Wealthier sections of the town. The Motel is not a benefit to the Hampton Bays. Developing condos in that spot is ridiculous considering the CPI project. we need open space, not more summer condos.
Maybe the next supervisor will see that the working Hampton is as precious as the privileged Hamptons." Dec 19, 18 8:04 AM

Hampton Bays Water District Officials Speak Out Against SCWA Proposal To Manage Local Water

I am a full time resident of Hampton Bays, I graduated from HBJSHS, yest that's going back before the Junior High was built. Nasty comments are unnecessary. Do your research on SCWA, and decide if you want a political ARM of the NYS Legislature, managing your water, or local people who drink the same water. Regardless if the go on vacation or not.

The very simple fact is the equipment will not change, improvements that can be made from the Community preservation fund much like the $$ sent over to WHB which is run by SCWA, CPF are for the community and what could be more important than clean water. These funds are available to fix the long ignored maintenance of the infrastructure of our water systems. Our supervisor is preparing his next job, and Pat Halpin (also of SHT politics) is the next board member to SCWA. if it looks like a duck, it is probably a duck.

You will NOT see a decrease in the water bill, and you will NOT see improved quality. You will see additional taxes to now pay SCWA ( A public corporation, not a government entity) for water we use in public facilities. Fire Hydrants, parks, beaches, marina's, government buildings, ect.

I See Flint Michigan all over this.
" Jan 13, 19 11:30 AM

I say all the repairs/maintenance/improvements should be paid for out of the community preservation funds.
" Jan 13, 19 11:35 AM

Hampton Bays Water District Officials Dispute Test Results Showing High Manganese Levels In Drinking Water

My first question as a person who follows trust but confirm, who verify the independent testing and procedures done by suffolk county water on their wells?

And two, if the town has been aware of the issues with the wells why haven they used CPF funds to correct the issue like they did for westhampton and east quogue?

Allowing SCWA TO TAKE OVER will not prevent the increase in water bills, it will only reduce control over our assets. The wells. Southampton town board is sleeping at the switch, and has not been serviceing the hamlet." Feb 23, 19 7:50 AM

You do undearstand that the SCWA is a private corporation like LIPA, LILCO, ect. So its ok to sell a department of the government to a private corporation so they can profit. Lets sell the medicare department to blue cross. Sound good to you?" Feb 23, 19 9:26 AM

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Mentions Gabreski Air National Guard Base At PFAS Hearing

The volunteer fire fighters in the local area used the training grounds located at the back of the base as well. This is not to mention all the fire departments that used what ever means necessary to put out the suffolk wild fires in 95 successfully without the loss of life or homes.

Pfos and Pfas appear in anything that is stain resistant and many plastics for decades. I have not seen any sicentific evidence that this causes health issues to humans. We do know that it stays in the body once ingested. This is not to say that we shouldnt seek methods to elininate it from our water, but i dont see where it is a crisis" Mar 31, 19 6:54 AM

Southampton Town Approves $10 Million CPF Purchase Of 2.9 Acres In Southampton Village

If 20% of CPF funds are for water quality why is there an issue fixing the wells in hampton bays. Why is SCWA even an option especially now with the issues thet are having" Mar 31, 19 7:05 AM

Town Board Approves Measure To Extend Public Water Mains In East Quogue

the expense to hook up to the main is the home owners expense, not public expense, add to that the water mains paid for by public dollars will be used by Suffolk County Water Authority, which is a corporation much like LIPA. if the town is paying for this should it be Hampton Bays Water District providing the service? is this why SCWA wanted "purchase" the HBWD with our established wells. HMMM is some one working for a political promotion. anyone check lately who is the Chairman of the Board for SCWA. and Yes, if CPF funds can be used to lay water Mains for SCWA, why cant they be used to do the necessary repairs on the Water Districts Equipment?" Jul 12, 19 6:11 AM