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Wainscott 'Welcome' Sign To Be Moved

Shouldn't the new "Welcome to Wainscott" sign live directly below the preexisting NYSDOT "WAINSCOTT" sign that has been there for decades?
This way the new sign can be equally as redundent as it is ugly. " Jan 16, 14 3:11 PM

UPDATE: Bridgehampton CAC To Hire Attorney To Fight CVS Pharmacy Plan

This place is DONE…face it! The BOOM that we claim to have been living through has been happening for the past 30 years. What we have experienced was something merely in its infancy. A new, stronger, uglier, bigger, heartless boom is coming on strong like a rambunctious toddler. You thought the end was near…it has just begun. Isn't that right Mr. Farrell ?!?" Mar 27, 14 9:08 PM

Richard Gere Lowers Price Of North Haven Estate To $47.5 Million

You can never be too rich or too famous to profit from a Hampton$ flip!
Isn't that right, Mr. Farrell?" Aug 9, 14 1:24 PM

Pitch For Car Wash in Wainscott

Much needed....never going to happen....Unfortunately.
Although after seeing the monstrous size of Home Goods (Plitt Ford), I assume maybe anything is possible?!?" Jan 21, 15 10:09 PM

'Prince of Montauk' Dylan Eckardt Charged By East Hampton Town Police Monday With Driving Under Influence Of Drugs

HaHa....with the lunch his Mommy packed him in the brown bag he's carrying.
Someone is obviously HIGH on a lot more than himself!
Like SCALLOPER said...hopefully he doesn't hurt someone as he spirals downward.
He seems more like the Sean Ludwick of Montauk. " Jun 21, 16 6:46 PM

UPDATE: Trial For Day Care Worker Charged With Endangering A Child Adjourned

Better yet....with regard to horrible people....
Can we get anything more on Steven Mezynieski please?!?
Story went up....comments disabled immediately....then NOTHING!

The guy is charged with the top 2 worst felony sex crimes possible and in addition it involves a MINOR and NOTHING?!?
Truly unbelievable." Sep 8, 16 1:25 PM

Man Steals $20,000 Necklace From Southampton Village Jewelry Store In Smash-And-Grab

Perfect opportunity for a SKI-MASK?!?
" Dec 4, 16 8:47 PM

Thousands of Dollars Raised For Sag Harbor Residents Who Lost Everything In Fire

I'm seething over this absurdity!!
A middle aged man's smoking habit causes 8 businesses, 6 apartments and 5 buildings to burn to the point of being gutted and torn down......
The first thing that happens is the people raise a boat load of money for him and provide positive reinforcement for his irresponsible actions!!
That's insanity and Ms. Gornik's constant craving for recognition for somehow SAVING EVERYTHING Sag Harbor is nauseating.
Sag Harbor has a HOMELESS population that nobody dares to mention BUT we are going to fund an ACCIDENTAL ARSONIST??!!??
" Dec 22, 16 2:42 PM

UPDATE: Springs Homeowner Arraigned On Child Endangerment Charges

I refuse to comment any more on anything after not being able to talk about a senseless murder and a horrific rape....*Ludwick / Mezynieski"
Clearly this website, as well as all of the local papers and the entire media establishment has an agenda. $$$
So very disheartening!" Mar 4, 17 9:55 PM

Start Date For New Southampton Town Police Chief Once Again Pushed Back

What a FLIPPING disgrace
Such a JOKE!!!
Schneiderman is a SLIMEBALL
Guaranteed he gets a % of everything $$$" Mar 17, 17 10:21 PM

Hampton Bays Library Closed Friday After Mercury Spill Discovered

Very Confusing!!!" Feb 26, 18 8:39 PM

East Hampton Couple Celebrate Their 75th Wedding Anniversary

Normandy landings/Date
June 6, 1944
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People also search for
Attack on Pearl Harbor
Attack on Pearl Harbor
December 7, 1941
Battle of the Bulge
Battle of the Bulge
Dec 16, 1944 – Jan 25, 1945
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World War II
Sep 1, 1939 – Sep 2, 1945" Jan 22, 19 7:03 PM

Dust From Amagansett Farm Concerns Residents, Business Owners

I do believe that all of these dusty fields in the area are all farmed by Dankowski.
There are other farmers but no other fields with zero cover crop.
It seems they got their cover crop seed down on schedule. " Jan 23, 19 8:12 AM

Amagansett Farm Should Be Covered This Week; Town To Test Soil

I do believe that all of these dusty fields in the area are all farmed by Dankowski.
There are other farmers but no other fields with zero cover crop.
It seems they got their cover crop seed down on schedule. " Jan 23, 19 8:13 AM

Sag Harbor Restaurateurs Want To Revive Success Of La Superica At Same Site

I can guarantee that these self taught restauranteurs don't know everything.
But if they know one thing it's that they don't need the locals.
They certainly don't want a bar full of Fire Dept. jackets scaring the Millennial crowd away.
Their customer base will be walking over from Barons Cove, strolling through Steinbeck Waterfront Park, stopping in for a Margarita and a meal...
Then off to Bay Street theatre for a show. After the show they will split a gelato from Big Olaf (which by then will probably be a Starbucks). After some light conversation on the newly constructed Long Wharf Promenade then its back to Baron's for a gluten free beer by the outdoor fire pit while watching a blue grass trio.
The days of after hours bands and bouncers are long gone.
We all saw this coming but it is happening at warp speed suddenly!!
" Feb 6, 19 8:17 AM

Trying to attempt to thwart the gentrification that we really DO NOT need!
It is the least that I can do?!?" Feb 8, 19 11:09 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves Long Beach Road Underground Power Line District

$23,333 per house

That's not a lot of money at all for an incredible improvement like that

What a great deal!" Mar 27, 19 6:29 PM

UPDATE: Driver Who Caused Four-Car Accident On CR 39 Monday Morning Charged With Driving Without A License

If you really think about it...
It's unbelievable how more accidents/tragedy does not occur. " May 13, 19 8:28 PM