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EH Airport Releases Data On Noise Complaints

Trish must be one of those rare Top Ten Complainers. Now we know.
Hey Trish, I'll buy your house. But it's got to be convenient to the airport." Mar 20, 14 1:15 AM

East Hampton Camp Relocates Counselors From Three Houses After Court Order

It's likely these tenants are young people from elsewhere (even foreigners). So they are unacquainted with local laws and accepted (sight unseen) what they were told by the greedy landlord/camp profiteer.
I think they are victims of human trafficking. And the landlord should be treated as the trafficker. Confiscate his property. Jail time." Aug 11, 15 2:45 PM

Volunteer Pilots Fly Young Cancer Patients into East Hampton Airport

In recent years local pilots have been vilified and referred to as greedy, heartless, and self interested. Yet this is more typical of the pilots I've met: kind, generous and concerned for others." Sep 28, 15 3:05 PM