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Strain On Hampton Bays Water District Caused By Out Of Service Wells

So funny all of the people commenting on this situation. There is nothing to hide here. The water is governed by outside entities such as the board of health, h2m, the engineering firm, and the board of water commissioners. You really thing these people are really trying to hide anything. Chief1 you sounds ignorant about the situation when you say you need a biology degree, and run out if parts? There a municipality not a lab and what are they a retail store running out of parts? Are you even from hampton bays if not mind your business in your own town. I recieved 3 different call outs about this situation, one because I have my phone number registered with town hall, if you don’t you should call and make sure you have your number on file. The water is safe according to the board of health. We are not the only town going through demands, according to Julie lofstad she said that hampton bays tried to get assistance from there valves, Suffolk county’s, but we actually started feeding them, so having SCWA take over would be stupid as they would raise our rates and good luck getting them out here to fix an issue. I’ve seen these guys working on Holliday’s, snow days, rainy days, correcting problems within minutes of a call. How do I know because I had a leak in front of my house on a Saturday night, I called it in and they were here within seconds of the call, atleast there on call guy was, they fixed the leak and were back the next work day to clean it up. How you people knock someone when they are down is atrocious. These guys voluntarily shit down the Wells last year when a suggested not mandated level of pfoa and pfos were detected in the wells. After all this happened they began the process of getting these carbon filters installed so they can get the wells back up. It’s out of the water districts hands and they didn absolutely nothing wrong and are hiding nothing. Hampton bays can be so evil when uneducated about a situation and just reacting instead of educating themselves. How do I know so much information because I read the letters they send out and listen to the messages. If you installed a filter in your house that’s your own problem, no one said you had to, I drink from the faucet as do my kids. I bath my kids, I wash and do everything with the water and even had it independently tested and all came back good, even with iron particles. This isn’t a prolonged issue. They clearly state samples have been taken and should be back up in a couple weeks. Why can’t we unite as hampton bays Baymen and help these guys out as they have so often done to others. Listen to the demands of odd/even watering days, bare with them as they are doing whatever they can do to help this community out and stop judging them on your personal beliefs. The water is safe, we are safe, things are getting done, give them a hand and listen, and let’s get back to being a community and helping instead of separating and pointing fingers.. rant over

Proud Baymen " Jul 4, 18 11:09 AM

Mostly everyone in hampton bays is Family and friends anyways so you can take that comment and throw it out the window. Name a situation where they didn’t have the parts to fix a problem because they sure fixed my problem very quickly. Just like SCWA they need to obtain a water license which covers microbiology, which is a New York State license. The board of health I’m sure won’t lie to us about the water, if you believe that then you need to stick your head where the sun don’t shine. Stay in southampton and worry about yourself. I’ll defend hampton bays with every notable credited information I can get. " Jul 4, 18 12:27 PM

Southampton Town Board Having Informal Talks With Suffolk County Water Authority Regarding Possible Takeover In Hampton Bays

Are we looking at the same numbers? SCWA charges $1.46 per 100 Cubic feet plus a $25 surcharge , hampton bays water charges $1.10 for the first 3000 cubic then $1.24 there after. The tax is an average of $155 per household as per Jay Schneiderman so that equals to a $12.91 charge a month. Unless you see something different. According to the there fees the fee for the hydrant rental for the fire district looks to be almost triple what hampton bays charges, so that would raise our taxes a lot. Cost of a 1” install is $1850 appose to $1250 from HB. Back flow prevention devices which are installed in every business and some residents. These tests are free of charge for hampton bays, SCWA charges a fee. Think you need to check for more leaks. " Jul 26, 18 9:11 PM

No way am I associated with the water. I am a hampton bays born and raised resident. When another entity wants to come in and take over I do my homework. You still have proven numbers as they available when you call the office for both entities. Where are you getting skipping tests. As per the last couple articles the wells were shut down voluntarily not mandated. Where do you think the SCWA gets there water from? Same aquifer as HB. Your just a pawn of the democratic scum that wants to benefit from this" Jul 27, 18 5:52 PM

And black water isn’t pfoa " Jul 27, 18 5:59 PM

Hampton Bays Water District Officials Dispute Test Results Showing High Manganese Levels In Drinking Water

Hey dfree god rest his soul but mr. Yes Buckley is deceased. So if they wanted to call him it’s too late." Feb 19, 19 5:12 PM