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Numerous Forgeries Charged In Lawsuit Over East Hampton Campaign Nominations

Far from "orchestrating" anything, I had nothing whatsoever to do with the Independence party nominating petitions other than to file the legally required acceptance when informed that I had been nominated. I am named by Goodman in his lawsuit as Respondent. As yet, I have made no response at all, merely referred it to an election lawyer who agreed with Goodman's lawyer on a court date. Goodman is furious because he was unable to succeed in his attempt to get me to broker Republican Manny Vilar onto the Independence party line in exchange for dropping his objections. I told him in no uncertain terms that I would not enter into any sort of deal to remain on the Independence line if I did not properly and legally belong there. If they had the required number of signatures, I would be on their line, if not, not. I then told him he would have to follow the regular legal process for objecting to nominating petitions to its conclusion, if he thought he had grounds, and that I would make no bargains with him. Quote me. David Gruber" Jul 31, 18 11:00 PM