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Democratic In-Fighting Flares At Start Of Special Election Campaign In East Hampton

Lys is weak and lacks spine...just Peter's sad errand boy. Gruber should get out of the way and go back to Paris. Single party Dem-rule has been a disaster. I'm with Manny! " Jul 17, 18 1:16 PM

Fraud And Loathing On The Campaign Trail In East Hampton

"Area Woman Lashes Out Following Exposure of Election Fraud Scheme."" Jul 24, 18 11:27 PM

Numerous Forgeries Charged In Lawsuit Over East Hampton Campaign Nominations

Typical David Gruber: happy to take the the benefits, never the responsibility." Aug 6, 18 3:15 PM

Can't believe I would ever say this, but kudos to Amos. Patsy's been playing loose and fast for awhile now. Maybe it finally caught up with her!" Aug 6, 18 3:23 PM

Elections Board Validates East Hampton Petitions, But Court Case Looms

Only last week, Elaine denied anything was wrong with her petitions, and now it's well "mistakes were made" and "they did it too.?!? Come on lady! Why would anyone trust this serial liar? Put up, as Amos has, or shut up.

As for Patsy M., she has been playing loose and fast with ethics for years, from her time as McGintee's sidekick, to her ignominious tenure as a Trustee, which was marred with contract improprieties. TIme to hang it up!" Aug 14, 18 9:32 AM

Lys Forms New Political Line For East Hampton Election

Republican Chairman cum petition hall monitor.

Here's a thought: maybe try affirmatively winning an election, not just trying to suppress votes. " Aug 21, 18 4:42 PM

More East Hampton Voters Say Their Signatures Were Forged On Petitions

Desperate Patsy Mansir and Sleazy Elaine Jones distract from being caught forging redhanded. They go from "our petitions are fine" to "he did them too." Give me a break!" Aug 22, 18 10:43 AM

Judge Throws Out East Hampton Independence Party Nominations After Allegations Of Forgery

Goodman is classy and effective. Right call to take the win and throw Patsy a lifeline. She's served her community and doesn't need to be crucified.

Elaine Jones has been a blackhole of venom and lies for decades. This might be the first time anyone's stood up to her! Go Amos!" Aug 27, 18 12:38 AM

Lys Forms New Political Line For East Hampton Election

Nah, you're so wrong DISAPPOINTED.

I give Amos a hard time sometimes, but he's a smart cookie. Been that way all his life. Is he perfect? No way! He has a lot to learn, but he's effective and classy. Much more so than the fools who ran the GOP before.

Politics have always been a rough game -- here and everywhere. Amos plays for keeps, which is exactly what we need.

And Lys, are you for real? Dude is a weasel, which is exactly what you'd expect from a Chris Kelley stooge " Aug 27, 18 12:51 AM

Judge Throws Out East Hampton Independence Party Nominations After Allegations Of Forgery

Nope. Sounds like Amos Goodman was spot on. Everything he said was true. Few people in this town have the balls and brains to pull something like this off. And he even did it with grace. He's really growing into the position." Aug 28, 18 6:28 PM

Amos for Supervisor!" Aug 28, 18 6:28 PM