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Cafe owner and neighbor verbally spar over noise

I own Shock Ice Cream in WHB we have had outdoor music at our shop for the past couple of years its something we offer usually on a Saturday night or a holiday weekend Our customers and Visitors to WHB really enjoy it. Some of the listeners are my customers and some are not, some people I speak to are aware W" Nov 11, 08 8:25 AM

whb offers outdoor music so they come into town from Eastport, Riverhead and other surrounding areas to hear the music In this economic down turn we will all need to offer potential customers something more to bring them to town and free music is one of the reasons, along with our art shows, chamber events, outdoor music on the green on Thursday nights,and any other ideas we can think of, why not its free , and enjoyable to most, Please support your local Main Street. Shop Locally" Nov 11, 08 8:30 AM

Store owner wants Silly String banned

Why not ban candy on Halloween all the wrappers left discarded on the ground do the candy wrappers clog the drains that caused the flood in my store I NEVER HEARD OF ANYTHING SO RIDICULOUS SILLY STRING CLOGGING DRAINS? How ridiculous and anyway Silly String is harmless fum for children and their Parents too also check out Silly Strings Saves Lives google it People see the need to COMPLAIN , In this economic downturn I think people need to lighten up not tighten up stop trying to Ban everything in this town that is fun!!!!!!! St Patricks Parade is coming try Banning the illegal peddlers that are selling Pretzels from a dirty Waldbaums shopping cart that is a health code violation !!! " Nov 12, 08 8:24 AM

Cafe owner and neighbor verbally spar over noise

I just heard outdoor music was discussed at last nights whb village work session, lets hope that the outdoor music will continue, It is for the people who enjoy it and hopefully the village will just enforce the code we have .
It is a very simple code to enforce,It is a business district that operates with outdoor dining, late night shopping, a bustling performing arts center, and an increase in visitors to our downtown Main St to enjoy a walk after dinner, a stop into the bakery, bar or a stop foran ice cream cone Let this village survive, stop the negatives and lets have some enjoyment again. Life is to short
" Nov 20, 08 6:37 PM

hey Sam who are you, its me Maxwell and I share my games with everyone including your kids thanks for noticing the ad we will be open for Thanksgiving come in for a free cup of Pumpkin Ice Cream" Nov 20, 08 8:24 PM

Westhampton Beach might ban amplified outdoor music by next summer

The cops were called to my store a couple of times this summer, because of the music , instead of coming to my store and asking me if I could lower the music my neighbor called the cops, the cops came and found the music to be quite appropriate , The 2 nights were July 4th, and Labor Day the 2 busiest nights of the Summer I think the police had better things to do than come to my store. I have copies of all the police reports that have been filed on me and they all have the same name on them Take a guess.The kids that sang this summer were so great that Labor Day something happened that changed a boys life he went from performing with his band in my alley way to being invited back stage at the performing arts theater when Chris Isaac heard them playing at Shock Ice Cream and then a dream came true he actually jammed with Chris Isaac on stage, that was the same night Labor Day Weekend when the cops were called. What do we have to do to keep something like music alive in this village, we will have a public hearing, the public hearing should be held on Main St when everyone is on the street enjoying our Village, One person wants to ruin this village for what reason? We can't let this happen.

I encourage people to write in and express your opinions !!!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!

Stores report good sales in the wake of economic meltdown

I think it is a reminder to everyone , if we can all try to shop locally and support the local merchants . All of the local merchants really do a lot for the community.
Have a great holidy season.
" Dec 5, 08 12:17 PM

New business group will sponsor next Snowball

The Chamber of Commerce of Westhampton Beach is an organization that is run by a board and many people contribute to the success of all the events, these events are not run by one or two people but many and to disregard the input of all the people is an insult, all of these events of course would continue on with new people to pick up where others left off, that's why there are new people voted onto the board, people leave and are replaced by other people.But the people that have left over the years never felt the need to take these events with them , it is unheard of.Lets not forget the people that were promised monies from this upcoming Chamber Snowball that are no longer getting the much needed donation.Hopefully the chamber will remain strong despite the actions of some.
Happy Holidays and if you can, try to make a donation to a local charity this holiday season,many are in desperate need of funding.
Elyse" Dec 17, 08 8:22 PM

$19 million in Southampton Town capital budget unaccounted for

When will people who we vote into office be accountable to us the public, if this is true what then?
Lets hope this is not the norm but things aren't looking good.
So lets wait and see " Jan 26, 09 12:06 PM

Bad economy forces some migrant workers home

Shouldn't our gov't be able to track money sent out of the country by wire.See where it came from and apply taxes to it.
I pay sales tax, payroll tax, social security, and every other tax I have to being an employer, I pay my taxes because I have to and I remember to pay them becauase I have to.
" Feb 4, 09 7:51 PM

Former Westhampton missile base boasts rich history

The real story here should be the amount of contamination that was caused by all of these military sites, the amount that was dumped into the water, the pine barrens and what seeped into the land. Just bearing witness to what was left behind shows the carelessness of this operation. Governor Pataki declared Brownfield Sites at the airport, there seems to be plumes from Speonk to Quiogue I wasn't here back then but I live just south of the airport and its disturbing to think of what lies beneath us ." Feb 9, 09 8:36 PM

I don't live in Quiogue by the way I have no problem with living near an airport just what has happened to all the nuclear waste, and the proper responsiblity of the cleanup , I look at the whole picture not just the past history but the future as well " Feb 11, 09 8:16 AM

Westhampton Beach might ask Village Police to monitor outdoor musicians

I think things should remain as is .The police should FINE the people that make the complaints If the cops are called to my store when it is not warranted just because someone has a grudge ( and we all know who this person is) that person should get a warning. Anyone is welcome to come , see and hear the music at my Ice Cream Store this summer and decide for yourself. I have had music for the past couple of years and everyone knows my store and enjoys both my ice cream and the entertainment, from one man playing a non amplified guitar and singing songs he wrote, to a group of young girls singing without any music at all,to a group of 10-13 year old boys that played rock we have had no problems , except from this same person. This is the summer in the Hamptons , let people have a little fun, why would anyone try to stop the music, This is a non issue just enforce the code we have uniformly and FINE the people that complain , the more they complain the higher the fine.
Elyse & Maxell" Mar 4, 09 9:46 PM

Hey G
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, all I do is run my businesses , and its funny how I have managed my sanity here in business for 25 years and have been able to survive and open new fun stores that were needed here .Maybe I seem to be the most vocal because I defend myself and the right to run my businesses the way I see fit. What does that comment that I am hurting mean?
Happy pills not necessary, Just breathing and enjoying life lighten up" Mar 5, 09 12:06 PM

Online auction has mansions up for sale to highest bidders

I think it takes someone with new ideas to get the job done.If sellers need to get out or want to be the first to get out what is wrong with someone doing what it takes to sell these properties, one person sells and a new one buys thats what makes the world go round, good luck to both until this market pcks up,hopefully optimsitic its a great time and opportunity if you have money on the side , low rates, houses priced right make a move and get back into the gane,and yes I am a realtor also at Prudential in Westhampton Beach Office" Mar 27, 09 7:51 AM

Four will vie for two seats on Westhampton Beach board

I am running for Trustee in this years election in WHB
I have turned in a flawless petition this time around, I dotted my i's
and crossed my t's and of course numbered my pages, this year I return as a
Proper Paginator. I am running this year with the determination and tenacity
that I hope will get me elected to this position.I am a Mom (best job), I have been a local business owner in this village going on 25 years , I am a local Realtor at Prudential Douglas Elliman, ,I just became a Lion with the newly formed Lion's Club of WHB,and a long time member of the Chamber of Commerce, you could say I am very good at multi-tasking
Everyone can now follow my campaign at
Twitter at twitter.com/Richman4trustee
If anyone wants to talk I am always on Main St at one of my stores.
Elyse Richman" May 16, 09 7:55 AM

I guess that's why over 14 million people are signed up to use twitter, I wish I thought of it first, Like I said Richman for Trustee,
Vote Row B June 19th Westhampton Beach" May 18, 09 2:47 PM

Do you feel better now that you have insulted teenagers too, When was the last time you had a conversation with a teenager, I have employed hundreds of kids over the years in my shops, many who have graduated 1st in their class, many who have come back to visit WHB throughout the years, many who are still here raising there own kids, that will maybe work at Shock ( 2nd generation ),too. I suggest you try to have an intelligent conversation with someone and maybe you will be enlightened by a giddy teenager, and you don't have to be a teenager to be giddy
Richman For Trustee" May 19, 09 9:16 PM

Hamptons are still hot

Why whenever you read an article about the Hamptons, they seem to leave out Westhampton Beach,Quogue, Hampton Bays, we do exist.
I have been in business in WHB for over 24 years
Do I have to open a store in Southampton or Easthampton ?
Well I chose WHB so you will have to come here to shop at Shock, Baby Shock and get the best Ice Cream at Shock Ice Cream, ps there have even been celebrity sightings on Main St
Hope to see you here" May 21, 09 7:56 AM

Four will vie for two seats on Westhampton Beach board

The year is 2009 and we are approaching an election lets stick with what is in front of us now and move forward with positive energy.
I am really fed up with trying to air dirty laundry , I am a postive candidate with a lot to offer this village, witht the help of the village residents , hopefully they will come out and support my campaign.
Lets start this year on a new foot.
I am always available to talk on any topic.
See you on Main St for hopefully another busy season
Elyse" May 22, 09 11:53 AM

If anyone was in town this weekend you would know how busy our village was, people shopping, visiting, dining and strolling in the village. The Theater kicked off the summer season and everyone was in a great mood, the weather held up and it rained everywhere else on Sunday except WHB. The flag was raised at the Yacht Squadron on Sunday and we are all here for a peaceful, fun summer.
The village is looking good, lets stop this arguing and get down to business, who will make a difference helping this village to grow and maintain its charm ,in the upcoming election. Lets stay focused , you can't run a business or a village if you lose your focus.
" May 25, 09 4:18 PM

Election signs should be popping up around the village soon.
I hope no one steals miine like in the past, you know who you are and so do we.
" May 26, 09 11:54 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Board votes behind closed doors

lI hope everyone comes out for this election and does the right thing,
Lets get rid of this negativity and there sure is a lot of anger out there.
We live in a peaceful village , at the beach , evryone needs to keep the charm we all know and love here.
Now I would suggest a nice yoga class for all.
Richman for Trustee
June 19th" Jun 4, 09 11:50 AM

No debate again this year in Westhampton Beach

I was disappointed by the email I recieved from the League of Women Voters
as follows:

Due to the lack of response from two of the four trustee candidates , The league of Women Voters of the Hamptons will not be involved in a debate in Westhampton Beach this year.
Thank you so much for agreeing to participate on such short notice Your Positive response indicates your awareness of the importance of public airing of issues affecting your community.
I WAS available , I am very busy but as a candidate it is important to be able to address issues in a public forum, not behind closed doors.
For the best interest of this village I hope everyone comes out next Friday to show your support for your village.
Elyse Richman
Shock the Vote June 19th" Jun 9, 09 8:53 PM

Political advertisement causes a stir in Westhampton Beach

Lets follow this story, who can answer the question who is the First Hampton Party ?
Who is funding the First Hampton Party?
Why the need for all the coverups?
Disturbing to me and many other village residents !
Elyse" Jun 9, 09 10:20 PM

But if the 2 incumbents broke away from the First Hampton Party, why would the check still bear her name ?Who is donating money to the First Hampton Party to pay for this campaign ad and 2 who approved this money to be taken out of this account, If this money was in the account of The First Hampton Party who had the approval to take this money from that account.
No one seems to want to speak the truth here, and according to political campaigning we need disclosure here.Lets see who donated funds to the Lightning Party as well.
Its our right to know the answers to these questions before we cast our votes next week.
Some things just don't seem Kosher to me .
Peace Elyse" Jun 10, 09 8:00 AM

No debate again this year in Westhampton Beach

Don't speak for me and don't put words in my mouth, Never stated anything to the 2 points you have brought up here repeatedly, where have you gotten your information, have you been following me on twitter , iI don't think so, Twitter is fun along wiith every form of social networking, why do feel the need to bringup an eruv issue that has been a mute point for almost a year now Lets get real and deal with the here and now.
Stop playing this eruv card.
Peace Elyse" Jun 10, 09 3:12 PM

Political advertisement causes a stir in Westhampton Beach


Lets stick to current issues in this election !!
The ERUV has no part in this years trustee election.
The village voters in this village are smarter than this.
The reality is the ERUV application was withdrawn last year
and if you see what the 2 incumbents said to the Paper in March
( you can google the article) :
they both stated they would not use the ERUV in their campaign for another
term . Make you choice, Choose Peace Harmony & Integrity.
Elyse Richman" Jun 16, 09 9:46 AM

Four candidates are seeking two open seats in Westhampton Beach election

Correction :
I never ran on the First Hampton Party, The mayor and I ran on The New Direction Party that year.
I had no affiliation with the First Hampton Party . Come out Friday and do the right thing for this village!!!
Elyse" Jun 16, 09 9:27 PM

Now this is ridiculous, Are there going to be new requirements to run for office in WHB , by the way I am a single mother . They keep giving the village voters more reasons to keep it real, WHB come out and Vote for our sanity !!
Elyse" Jun 17, 09 10:53 AM

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