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Tuckahoe School District Dealt Another Blow In Attempt To View Local Golf Course Assessments

Sorry guys, I agree the original comment in this string is loony. Your response is to try to guess and rip who wrote it? Why? Attacking the messanger is what people do when they are losers on the messsage. Strive higher." Sep 5, 18 7:38 PM

Traffic In 2018 Was Up, And Out

The town has been studying the traffic problem for years and has comprehensive plans to deal with it. What we lack is leaders who care past their own next reelection and take a risk on long term solutions. The buck stops with the local electorate. We get the leaders we deserve. " Sep 11, 18 11:54 AM

Suffolk County District Attorney Deploys DWI Checkpoints, Patrols Over Labor Day Weekend

Saves one life, it’s worth it. Amen" Sep 11, 18 11:56 AM

New York Moves Closer To Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Recreational pot is good for exactly nobody I care about.
Cuomo is just trying to fake being a lefty to get re-elected. What he really is is an idiot." Sep 11, 18 12:02 PM

Deepwater Files Its Application For South Fork Wind Farm

How much power is generated by 15 turbines? I know the company can sell whatever it produces, so they win, but how is the community benefitting? Cheaper electric bills? Has the case been made?" Sep 19, 18 10:11 AM

New Traffic Plan In Place At Bridgehampton Intersection

Good for the Board for at least trying something to make our traffic better and safer. Too often our leaders recoil from people yelling at them and are afraid to try. We pay these politicians to make decisions and they made a decision. " Sep 24, 18 5:58 PM

Southampton Town Highway Superintendent Wants To Reclaim Road From Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Map looks clear to me. Gregor is a low panderer. " Sep 25, 18 3:34 PM

Southampton. The only town in America where the leaders try to welch on an 80 year old deal by seizing private property from another resident, and there are actually some who say “well done”. Then they complain about those leaders later. We get the politician we deserve. We deserve Alex Gregor. " Sep 27, 18 4:32 AM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

Sympathies aside, do we really want our Town Board to be deciding which Federal Laws our police will enforce and which they wont? If you want to answer this question honestly, ask yourself “what if I loved the federal policy in question, and the Town Board refused to have the police enforce it?” I say: let’s not burden this Town Board (which struggles already with our legitimate local issues) with reversing the outcome of federal elections we may or may not like." Sep 27, 18 12:55 PM

Local police do the federal government’s job every single day. Local law enforcement is the most critical ally the FBI has. Surely we want the SHPD helping the Feds catch terrorists and drug kingpins and child molesters who break federal laws? Your position is they shouldn’t help on the laws you dont like. That’s what federal elections are for, not our Town Board who can’t even get the traffic right IMHO." Sep 27, 18 1:34 PM

Southampton Town Highway Superintendent Wants To Reclaim Road From Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

I hear you my friend...my kids went to Tuckahoe. But I’ve studied it, and your beef is in Albany, not with these people. The state tells these golf courses how much tax to pay, just like me and you. In any event, not an excuse for this highway guy trying confiscate private property. That’s just playing ugly games to win cheap votes. Sorry " Sep 27, 18 4:26 PM

Well then Mr Gregor will be glad for your vote. I hope this never happens with your property, and your fence." Sep 27, 18 4:37 PM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

I love the debate about Federalism here. I think there are great arguments on both sides. My main point is more practical: do we really want our town board delving into national issues by picking and choosing which federal laws to enforce? Do we think they have nailed every local issue and should now spread their wings?" Sep 27, 18 5:11 PM

" Sep 27, 18 5:45 PM

Section Of Main Street To Temporarily Close For SouthamptonFest 2018

I don’t know...helping local businesses seems to me like something to support. We can’t be mad about everything our politicians do!!" Sep 30, 18 12:50 PM

UPDATE: Fire At Creeks Estate In East Hampton Began In Attic

Well done first responders. We are proud of you. " Oct 2, 18 11:38 AM

Southampton Town Highway Superintendent Wants To Reclaim Road From Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Save your money on that sleigh. Gregor is already taking you all on a ride. Probably laughing at you right now that you are buying his baloney escapade. Calling him working class hero, instead of what he is: the playground bully with bad grades and a detention problem, who picks fights and tries to steal stuff from rich kids because a few think that makes him worthy. Prediction: in this case, he is trying to steal too much and the rich kids will smack him right back in the nose. And this blog will say “thanks for trying Alex”, we’ll get those rich kids next time! Not realizing that you are all just pawns in his real objective...keeping his taxpayer job. Which he does pretty badly, but we dont care because he is picking fights with the rich kids and that makes us feel good about ourselves.

" Oct 4, 18 7:04 AM

Southampton Town Board Hires Outside Counsel For Potential Rose Hill Battle

What total incompetence all around, and total waste of taxpayers money on this litigation. Whatever the town pays lawyers to sort out this bungle, we are not getting in services. Where is the leadership? Come on Jay, get in a room and figure this out, that’s what we pay you for. Not to spend even more of our money punting it to lawyers. Awful" Oct 7, 18 8:23 AM

Red Bar And Little Red Close For The Season

Bummer. One of the few, great year-rounders" Oct 12, 18 5:56 PM

Southampton Village Board Rejects Proposed Deer Fence Plan

Irving is right. Let’s kill all the deer with arrows so that other animals aren’t inconvenienced by my fence. ��" Oct 15, 18 4:25 PM

Car Flips On County Road 39 In Southampton Saturday

All I know is that if any meaningful change does come to the safety of the CR39 corridor, it will be led by Suffolk County. Our Town government has ZERO courage to act in the face of all our hysterical micro-constituencies. They are deer in the headlights." Oct 21, 18 4:36 PM

The whole community unites against cars flipping over on CR39. Got to start somewhere I guess :)" Oct 22, 18 3:35 PM

Enforce, enforce, enforce. I agree. But that means more cops, more cops, more cops. Which means more taxes, more taxes, more taxes. Just so we are all clear." Oct 30, 18 5:27 PM

Mocomanto Owners Revise Already-Approved Expansion Plan In Effort To Appease Neighbors

Sounds like the Foxes just got a better architect. Think of all the expense that would have been saved had they gone to him first!
" Nov 14, 18 2:13 PM

New York Supreme Court Decision Overturns Southampton Village ARB Approval Of Gin Lane Compound

Is there a less confidence-inspiring public body anywhere than the Southampton Village ARB? Seems like their toughest decisions are frequently drawn-out, convoluted and controversial affairs, and even then...they whiff in understanding the law to be applied? I know they’ve changed leadership, but seems like a greater overhaul may be in order? So much authority getting bungled far too often, in my view" Nov 14, 18 2:20 PM

UPDATE: Opponents Raise Concerns Over Southampton ZBA's Decision To Approve East Quogue Golf Course As Recreational Amenity

The Southampton Town Board are masters of the small picture. Whatever vote gets them through the next hearing and the next election, that’s their orientation. No matter how small minded, how shortsighted. True leaders would have gotten ahead of this process, and gotten the community maximum benefit if the outcome were reasonably inevitable. Used their leverage while they had it. This group of amateurs whiffed yet again. Zero leadership in the Town right now." Nov 16, 18 4:44 PM

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