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Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

Just remember that Perry Gershon also proposed to “stop the cooperation or communication between Ice and our local forces” during the Southampton Progressive Caucus.
It appears that many here don’t want this.
Vote Zeldin on Nov 6th." Oct 2, 18 9:45 PM

Trump Endorses Zeldin; Giffords Supports Gershon In East End Congressional Race

Why was Gershon seen running out during the Q & A after a speech when confronted with the question about his position on offshore drilling and his his financial interests in Louisiana State Offshore Terminal Authority Revenue Bonds? His investments appear to be in direct conflict with his position against offshore drilling....nothing more than a snake oil salesman. " Oct 2, 18 11:07 PM

I’m no speech language pathologist but did anyone other than myself take notice of Perry’s stuttering and stammering when speaking about issues or things which appear to not lend any truth? Ask him what color shirt he’s wearing, what type of car he’s driving, or questions about his business background and he speaks both fluently and fine. Ask him about the issues and he starts stuttering and stammering. I don’t think he believes what he’s saying half the time.
It’s okay Perry, just tell us the truth...It’s not your script, but the script of others..Attaboy Perry, you can say it.

This guy’s nothing more than a snake oil salesman, and not a very convincing one. He can’t even convince himself." Oct 3, 18 10:49 PM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

Legitimize local enforcement and cooperation through a 287(g) agreement between DHS and Suffolk County. The Immigration and Nationality Act Section 287(g) grants DHS the authority to deputize state and local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws. " Oct 7, 18 6:36 PM

Southampton School District To Officially Honor Indigenous Peoples' Day This Year

In many instances, pre-Colombian cultures and justice systems in the Americas were extremely brutal long before Columbus ever sailed the ocean blue. Slavery, capital punishment, mutilations, and amputations were commonplace in many Mesoamerica cultures and beyond. " Oct 8, 18 11:38 AM

Next they’ll be wanting to drop the name America due to Amerigo Vespucci’s complicity in the slave trade. " Oct 9, 18 6:50 AM

NY Times Poll: Zeldin Leads Gershon, 49-41, In Upcoming Congressional Race

Perry’s statement on fossil fuels:
“We need to invest in clean, renewable energy that grows our economy — not more dirty fossil fuels that pollute the air and threaten our coast.”
Clean air Perry who drives a Chevy Volt has investments in the Louisiana Offshore Terminal Authority as per financial disclosure. LOTA promotes, plans, finances, develops, constructs, controls, licenses, regulates, supervises, operates, manages, maintains and modifies offshore crude oil terminal facilities. The Louisiana Offshore Terminal Authority is responsible for the operation, monitoring, and regulation of the Louisiana Offshore Oil Platform, LOOP being the largest receiving terminal for foreign crude oil in the US, handing and storing 13% of our nation’s foreign oil.
We don’t need liars like Perry representing us.
Vote Zeldin!
" Oct 12, 18 8:38 PM

Perry seems to think they do belong in Agawam Park and proposed to obstruct enforcement as per the statement he made of stopping the cooperation or communication between Ice and our local forces during the Southampton Progressive Caucus. " Oct 13, 18 10:51 AM

Don’t think he ever voted in our district.
Check the e-courts...seems like he doesn’t like paying his fair share of property taxes in East Hampton and has sued local business.
" Oct 13, 18 11:01 AM

Perry. Listening to him makes me think of Defense Counsel John Gibbons’ opening speech from “My Cousin Vinny”.
" Oct 14, 18 3:25 AM

With your mention of Zeldin dodging questions about why neo-nazis support him, I was just wondering who Perry’s been palling around with lately...that campaign fundraiser poster-child mouthpiece of his, Alec Baldwin? You want to talk about a temperamental, violent, abusive, homophobic, and racist supporter & spokesperson? The guy definitely needs a 12-step program or something. Listen to the YouTube audio from 2007 of a recorded phone message to his 12 yr old daughter where he calls her a pig. The audio is quite disturbing. He has a long history of alcoholism and being abusive to women. And what about the racial remarks made to a retired police officer of color, and getting fired from MSNBC for anti-gay slurs?
Perry Gershon’s company says a lot about his character and the party he represents. I’ll take Zeldin over Gershon any day.

P Revere, you’re welcome :). We had a good laugh here too.

" Oct 15, 18 6:58 AM

Polo Grounds Bar & Grille N.Y., Inc. @ 1472 Third Avenue & 83rd. Nice place. Been there many times. DOS initial filing date 2/19/1987. " Oct 15, 18 11:28 AM

Speedo, One quick answer to your two quick questions:
I’m going to change my name as you suggested, only I’m dropping the SNA in SNAFU, and keeping the last two letters just for you." Oct 16, 18 11:50 PM

Perry Gershon with glasses = Mr Six Flags

Nothing more than a comedic song & dance.

Vote Zeldin " Oct 20, 18 10:54 AM

I’m reminded of the invasion every day by the swarming fruit flies on construction sites emanating from the invaders’ food garbage strewn all over the homes, primarily on floors and window ledges when there’s a trash receptacle only feet away. Nobody should have to be stepping over their banana peels, apple cores, pizza toppings, chicken bones, half full fruit drink containers, tamale corn husks, and inhaling fruit flies. Total disregard for no the “No se permite comida ni bebida en la casa” signs. Total disregard for our rules and laws in general. It’s really disgusting.
" Oct 20, 18 12:40 PM

Zeldin, Gershon And The Two Issues That Are Defining 2018

The migrant caravan = YouTube’s,

The Latino Comedy Project's "300" " Oct 30, 18 7:01 PM

The left created their own Boogeyman, Trump. What are they so afraid of? " Oct 31, 18 5:38 PM

What's Next For Perry Gershon

That’s who he reminds me of, Austin Power’s Dr. Evil’s Mini-Me" Nov 18, 18 8:01 AM