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Hampton Bays Water District Says Test Results Dispute Retailer's Claims Of High Nitrate Levels In Drinking Water

Why does the Town refuse to install monitoring wells around the Hampton Bays transfer facility. The high levels of iron and manganese point directly to the vegetative waste processing at the transfer center. This facility is way over capacity and in violation of DEC regulations. Where is Fred Thiele. Seems he only cares about the well heeled donors east of the canal. " Apr 12, 19 8:05 AM

UPDATE: Local Stakeholders Take DEC And Sand Land To Court, Seeking To Block Settlement

All of these "Stakeholders" are financed by the owner of the Bridge golf course. Group for the East End has their benefit hosted by the course. CCE receives thousands in donations form the course. Both Schniederman and Theile are financed by Bob Rubin, the owner of the course. The three neighbors have had the lawsuit initiated and funded by Bob Rubin. This is how the rich get their way. They not only buy politicians, they also buy civic groups and "environmental advocates" that in turn get municipalities to further their goals. In this case increasing the value of lots that surround a golf course. How much tax payer money has the Town wasted trying to increase the value of the lots a the Bridge golf course?" Apr 17, 19 8:19 PM

Thiele And LaValle Introduce State Legislation That Could Force Sand Land's Closure

Fred Thiele is try to shut down a local business because iron and manganese was found in the groundwater. The business no longer accepts the yard waste that allegedly caused the release of iron and manganese. We have Schniederman claiming that iron and manganese in Hampton Bays water is not a problem and only an aesthetic concern. Where is the disconnect. Is Jay lying or is Fred lying? Why is neither one concerned about the iron and manganese coming from the Hampton Bays transfer station? It is time to get Theile out of office. All he cares about are his well healed benefactors east of the canal. Fred should be ashamed. Hampton Bays deserves better." May 16, 19 1:22 PM

President Trump To Attend Reelection Fundraiser At Bridgehampton Mansion On August 9

I could not think of a better location for the heirs to the Massengill and Summer's Eve fortunes to congregate. Quite the fest.

" Jul 31, 19 2:13 PM