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Democrat Perry Gershon Will Run Again In 2020, Seeking To Unseat U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin

Just stay on the dole." Jun 4, 19 9:27 AM

Ooooh that smell
Can't you smell that smell
Ooooh that smell
The smell of death surrounds you.
(Lynyrd Skynyrd)" Jun 5, 19 7:50 AM

Advocates For Affordable Housing Throw Support Behind Proposed 60-Unit Complex In Southampton

There goes the neighborhood !" Jun 5, 19 4:34 PM

Three non resident people spoke in favor of The Sandy Hollow Section 8 Projects & 1000 legal residents/homeowners signed a petition against it. Another Section 8 Housing complex so close to Sandy Hollow is over the top ridiculous. We must vote out these insane politicians who run & ruin our Southampton. A pox on their houses." Jun 6, 19 8:41 AM

Southampton Village Places Surf Camps On Hold

People don't "learn" to surf, they're "born" to surf or not !!!" Jun 6, 19 8:44 AM

Southampton Village Candidates Debate Top Issues On Friday

Rain Drops Keep Fallin' On My Head." Jun 11, 19 8:37 PM

Democrat Perry Gershon Will Run Again In 2020, Seeking To Unseat U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin

What country are you a citizen of ????????????????" Jun 12, 19 7:18 AM

Rest Room Issues" Jun 12, 19 1:41 PM

Dangerous Blue-Green Algae Discovered In Mill Pond, Wainscott Pond

Today's Special : Piping Plover served with Blue-Green Algae sauce. ." Jun 13, 19 8:21 AM

Primary Set For Democratic Southampton Town Trustee Candidates

Welker's first vote was to give Mecox away, unforgivable." Jun 13, 19 5:43 PM

Southampton Town Planning Board Takes Early Look At Proposal For CVS In Hampton Bays Movie Theater Space

Good location for an ICE Detention Center !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jun 14, 19 1:07 PM

First Wind Farm Hearing Focuses On Wainscott, And Climate Change

First hurricane here and they're all over the beach busted up and your electric bill is higher than your mortgage or rent payment." Jun 16, 19 8:02 AM

Suffolk County Tells Shinnecock East Campers 19 Sites May Close Due To Piping Plover Chicks

The east end electrical grid will someday be powered by the piping plovers." Jun 17, 19 12:43 PM

State Approves Law To Allow Driver's Licenses For Undocumented Immigrants

On the other hand its a tricky way to document the undocumented." Jun 18, 19 9:04 AM

UPDATE: Kathleen Mulcahy Wins Upset In Sag Harbor Village Mayor's Race; Corish, Plumb Elected To Board

Just saw Schneiderman debate Gregor on SEA-TV for the Independence Party line. Just as in real life Gregor acted loud, stupid, nasty and highly uninformed. He appeared as if in an altered state. Shame on us all who ever voted for Gregor for anything. He's real bad news and needs to go." Jun 19, 19 7:33 AM

State Approves Law To Allow Driver's Licenses For Undocumented Immigrants

There is such a thing as "Born In The USA", and you're not that either. Just Sayin'." Jun 20, 19 4:43 PM

Yet you are scared crap-less to fight for The USA, like you just said :

"You only want citizens who are willing to die for the US? Oh well, that's a hard pass from me.
By Fore1gnBornHBgrown (6648), HAMPTON BAYS on Jun 21, 19 8:44 AM"

The Majority opinion :
If you are not willing to do that for your country, why would I want you here in mine.
By Bayman3142 (198), Southampton on Jun 21, 19 8:14 AM" Jun 21, 19 9:15 AM

You weren't vetted, or admitted to this great Nation based on merit, and thus you take & never give back. You truly are a persona non grata." Jun 21, 19 9:54 AM

UPDATE: Jesse Warren Wins Southampton Village Mayoral Race

Joseph McLoughlin for SHT Supervisor !!!!!!!!!!!!" Jun 22, 19 8:43 AM

Shinnecock Nation Tackles Electrical Issues At Billboards

Long Live The Shinnecock Indian Nation !!!!!!!!!!!!" Jun 22, 19 8:44 AM

Mark Halsey Recalls 40 Years Serving Customers At Herrick Hardware In Southampton

Mark hasn't changed much since grade school, he's one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Long Live Mark Halsey !" Jun 23, 19 8:39 AM

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