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Store owner wants Silly String banned

This is exactly the type of nonsense that makes me think that there is no hope left for the world. why not ban play grounds, a child could fall off and break a bone. Why not ban smoking? The cigarette butts usually get flicked on the ground, they could clog up the sewer as well. You must be out of your mind to think that anyone else would support your "theory" of the silly string clogging the drains. I myself have played wtih silly string. It comes off windows, you just have to clean them, and unless your shop has glass walls it shouldn't have taken you all of Halloween night to do so. As far as the silly string clogging the drain, anyone who has ever seen silly string knows that thats impossible, unless you have people purposefully shotting A LOT into the drain i highly doubt that its going to do anything more than wash away. Try complaining that its harming wildlife n then maybe someone will support you, until then, get a life!" Nov 12, 08 11:16 AM