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Governor Cuomo And DEC Launch Blue-Green Algae Removal Pilot Program In Southampton Village

Cuomo must be polling poorly with white women. Media and pro Cuomo Dems were looking for white women for a photo op at Lake Agawam today. Cuomos are wasting our tax dollars on a phony election year game.

Wake up" Oct 8, 19 5:45 PM

Climate Change Is Happening On The East End

Why don’t you commit to improving your literacy? " Oct 8, 19 5:49 PM

Dems for 3 yrs- IMPEACHMENT!!! NOW!!

Trump yesterday- enough talk, do it.

Dems today- Hey, whats the rush?" Oct 9, 19 6:52 AM

The whistle blower admitted under oath, yesterday, that he had a professional relationship with a democratic presidential candidate. In other words, the President was right- he’s partisan and coached by schiff who lied about it. Check Please! We’re done here." Oct 9, 19 7:13 AM

Second Southampton Press Sessions Event Focuses On Affordable Housing Crisis

You should have had appraisers and real estate agents on the panel. " Oct 10, 19 12:37 PM

Climate Change Is Happening On The East End

Men of honor do not support guys from Westhampton who take out full page ads with themselves in winged angel costumes to hide their pedophilia" Oct 15, 19 12:27 PM

No one needs you to agree with anything. The court of public opinion is now in session. The collar popping crack head named ''Hunter'' who cheated on his wife with his dead brother's widow needs all the help he can get." Oct 15, 19 1:35 PM

Well, the Supreme Court sided with Westboro Church on funeral protests and ruled that ''God Hates F*gs'' is protected speech. So either you know that to be true or you're wrong. Which is it?" Oct 16, 19 10:03 AM

@ Mr. Z:

Socialism: You have two cows. The government takes one and gives it to your neighbor.

Communism: You have two cows. You give them to the government, and the government then gives you some milk.

Fascism: You have two cows. You give them to the government, and the government then sells you some milk.

Capitalism: You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull.

Nazism: You have two cows. The government takes both and shoots you." Oct 16, 19 10:06 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Village Mayor Discharges Two Attorneys From Duties

Is there an echo in here?" Oct 21, 19 10:44 AM

Press Sessions Will Explore The Housing Conundrum In East Hampton

The people responsible for said housing conundrum are responsible for 99% of the Press' ad revenue. This seems like a conundrum which will impede a frank discussion of solutions to the housing conundrum." Oct 21, 19 10:47 AM

Independent Pharmacies Feel Helpless As Unregulated Middlemen Influence Profits

When 3 top Democrats in the House, Steny Hoyer, James Clayburn and Nancy Pelosi pocket MILLIONS in contributions from Big Pharma, you can kiss any solution to high R/X costs goodbye." Oct 22, 19 11:18 AM

You're a genius!" Oct 22, 19 12:14 PM

Climate Change Is Happening On The East End

Yours is an accusation disguised as concern.

While one can’t dispute your claim that you have never heard of Trump spending a weekend with Barron, there are numerous photos of the President, Melania, and Barron leaving the White House together on weekends to board Marine One.

And it’s well known that Melania keeps her son out of the spotlight as much as possible, especially after prior photos and videos resulted in diagnoses of autism from medical experts such as Rosie O’Donnell.

Leftists have a weird obsession with the Trump family and some have made disturbing “jokes” at Barron’s expense, including some rape fantasies. Is it any wonder that Barron’s parents want him as far out of the public eye as possible – and that the act of keeping him out of the public eye demonstrates just how much of a damn “45” gives?" Oct 28, 19 10:57 AM

The Washington Post called Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi an "austere religious scholar" in an initial headline for his obituary.

Snopes Rating

" Oct 29, 19 10:02 AM

Judge Reopens Nick Sandmann’s $250 Million Lawsuit Against The Washington Post
October 29, 2019 Updated: October 29, 2019" Oct 29, 19 11:37 AM

Ahhhh. Someone other than you was responsible for your mistake.

How typical." Oct 30, 19 11:33 AM

Army Corps Seeks To Reassure Camp Hero Residents, But They And Town Officials Are Not Convinced

Same people gave the same assurances to the people of New Orleans." Oct 31, 19 10:50 AM

Shinnecock Indian Nation Plans To Build Two Gas Stations On Tribal Land

Fine but no bonfires at the site of the gas stations, please." Oct 31, 19 10:55 AM

Climate Change Is Happening On The East End

Bernie Sanders never held a job until he became a mayor at age 53.
He lived off of welfare and 4 different women. Had a child out of wedlock with 1 and 3 marriages didn't work out.
In his entire career in the Senate, he's proposed 365 bills and 3 passed. Two were to name post-offices.

He's now 78 and just had a coronary. Tell me all about his capabilities in taking on billionaires.
" Nov 1, 19 9:12 AM

Southampton Town Justice Barbara Wilson Ordered To Pay $250k To Neighbor

Can someone remain as a judge if they have a record?" Nov 5, 19 4:15 PM

Suffolk County Begins Pumping Sand Onto Beach In Hampton Bays

It won't last the winter." Nov 5, 19 4:25 PM

Housing 'Crisis' Discussed In East Hampton 'Press Sessions' Forum

The people who caused the problem aren't the people who will solve it.

In fact, the thought of additional taxes on real estate sales to build more slush funds that will ultimately benefit nobody but the politicians is profoundly offensive." Nov 7, 19 11:32 AM

From Inside Role, Zeldin Rises To Fore Of GOP Defense Of President

Zeldin has become a powerhouse representative of the people.
Bishop was a weak representative for hillary and nancy pelosi.
Never forget." Nov 10, 19 11:47 AM

I think they call it " knee jerk parroting of the propaganda "" Nov 11, 19 11:21 AM

You are hiding something, obviously." Nov 11, 19 11:48 AM

I went the ER yesterday and was actually admitted for the night. My quid-pro-quo was covered in emoluments and obstructed my collusion. " Nov 12, 19 6:44 AM

His opponents always stop at the point where they are supposed to offer up a better alternative, like you did." Nov 12, 19 6:52 AM

Mysterious Die-Off Of Scallops Seen In Peconics Is Worst Since Infamous 'Brown Tides'

This scallopocalypse was caused by boaters turning the water acidic by burning so much fossil fuels. " Nov 13, 19 8:09 AM

From Inside Role, Zeldin Rises To Fore Of GOP Defense Of President

There is no honor is claiming entitlement to what someone else earns." Nov 13, 19 9:19 AM

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