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Turmoil continues in Tuckahoe; commissioner will decide fate of school board


It's pretty funny that you would say these things about Anthony Grimaldi when he was not permitted to make his statement at the meeting because of the complaints of one individual. Her actions are perfect examples of why many of us don't trust this movement to immediately move to a Union Free District without due diligence and the opportunity for widespread debate. I thought that this is America; that people are allowed to express their opinions. Or maybe this is just your America where your point of view is permitted.
" Feb 11, 10 9:29 AM

Excuse me but Tuckahoe continues to educate Mr. Grimaldi's children who are now in high school that our tax dollars are paying for. He has every right to express his opinions - he is still a parent in this community.

Oh and while we're at it. Even though you think so the reality is that Tuckahoe School isn't your personal playground that only serves your kids while they attend the school. It is a $ 16 million public corporation serving this community that is answerable to ALL of this community. There are about a thousand voters in this school district. They have every right to participate in this process. How dare you minimize their input.

" Feb 11, 10 4:41 PM

Math program at heart of turmoil in Tuckahoe

Man you guys and gals are amazing. You push and push Sharon Grindle to tell all about Linda Rozzi. She finally does and now you get on her case about breaching privacy rules (by the way I don't believe that this will be the case because the issue came up first by a member of the public in a public forum). But of course this petition about getting rid of the board. Not too transparent.

But here's the big thing. To all of you rose colored glasses wearing lovers of Linda Rozzi that kept pushing pushing pushing. Congratulations. You've basically now trashed her career. She will have trouble getting a job as dog catcher let alone superintendent at another district. " Apr 4, 10 6:40 PM