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Turmoil continues in Tuckahoe; commissioner will decide fate of school board

I have been a Tuckahoe parent for a few years and do not always attend the Board meeting as I don't have the time, and almost always never comment. But in the past few months from what I've seen, there has been a shameful increase of wild incivility by some parents directed at some members of the Board centered on the reported non-renewal of the former superintendent's contract and her subsequent resignation. In the midst of the patently personal attacks, nothing that can be remotely accused of being misconduct on the job, the Chair has always behaved with calm and reasoned responses that always addrerssed the iissues.

No one has backed any of the personal attacks with any documented misdeeds. The venomous incivility coincided with the Superintendent's apparent ousting with many attacks that centered around this issue from apparent fans of the Superintendent, who coincidentally are backing the effort to elect a new Board.

To fcmcmann: Grimag's complaints were reportedly driven by the poor level of math education his child received as he entered Southampton High School.
If you have any evidence that his statements were lies, kindly present some proof. Otherwise, you should prevail upon the Board and the former Superintendent to both waive confidentiality of the severance agreement so the Community will know once and for all. That is the only way you could back up your accusation that Grimag's statements were lies. But don't hold your breath since one of the parties will never want the truth to come out.

" Feb 11, 10 12:17 PM

EastEndGrl: Why continue propagating information you know is untrue.
"I have noticed that the only people bringing up the former superintendent at meetings and in the press, have been the board members themselves as well as parents who have said they support the board."

You only have to listen to the tape of the Jan 11 Board meeting, as a parent repeatedly attacked Ms Grindle for responsibility for removing the best Superintendent he has ever known. Another Board member likewise claimed the former Superintendent never had a bad mark on her record in bringing up the subject, two assertions that would likely vaporize if the whole truth were known.

Ms Grindle or any person sympathetic to her never brought up the former Superintendent. Much untruth is bandied about to obfuscate the issues. You only have to listen to the tapes to know you are not telling the truth! " Feb 11, 10 5:05 PM

Tuckahoe parent drops board overhaul effort

"However, please BOARD when you make decisions that affect the whole community please discuss openly why you are making these decisions (Ie: not renewing contracts, etc...). We the taxpayers and parents are entitled to know."

Infoseeker: We all know the genesis of this controversy - the resignation of Mrs. Rozzi. The extreme behaviour in Board meetings as some members of the Board were verbally attacked on this issue. Ms Grindle has repeatedly said she would like to oblige but was under a legal gag order not to disseminate info on the settlement of the crisis.

This was largely for the protection and the interests of Mrs. Rozzi. So Ms Grindle took the abuse repeatedly to fulfill her obligations. And this was taken to mean she was hiding something from the superintendent's allies. She was protecting the Tuckahoe School District for what could be a mutimillion $ lawsuit for violating the Agreement terms.

Instead of taking great pleasure in berating her and abusing her FOR NOTHING (and saving Tuckahoe millions, the abusive parents should simply have called the school legal counsel to confirm the limitations in disseminating sensitive info.

So understand that legally, she couldn't satisfy your demands. If parents insist on knowing the truth inspite of the legal proscriptions, then ask your ally the former Superintendent to waive such proscription and authorize the release. I'm certain Ms Grindle will only be too glad to oblige." Feb 13, 10 2:04 PM

The name of the school's lawyer is available from the Administration's office or the Superintendent and I'm certain Counsel will tell you that such information about the legal agreement concerned is strictly confidential and subject to legal penalties for the school if violated.

Any Board member who fails to admit this legal proscription is flat out lying, which is not surprising. " Feb 13, 10 4:32 PM

Turmoil continues in Tuckahoe; commissioner will decide fate of school board

Yearrounder's comment is unfortunately typical of the petitioners' lines of attack - relentlessly spear the Chairperson with personal attacks without mentioning any factual basis for misconduct that they could bring to BOCES or the NY Department of Education; a vocal minority attempting to create an impression of misdeeds by the Chair (and reflected in Press articles) without any substantiation whatsoever, evidenced by their failure to make any charges.

Typical of the petitioners, Yearrounder responds to Teachourkids' factual comments not by refuting A SINGLE ONE OF THEM, by a simple nasty one line dismissal, devoid of any substantiation or fact! "WE ARE RIGHT BECAUSE WE SAY SO", not because of anything we can document.

In last week's Board meeting, a cascade of questions that needed to be answered by parents who wanted to know what due diligence was made by the petitioners regarding te effect the abolition of the Tuckahoe CSD would have on our taxes, school costs, unioin agreements, bond obligations, and many many more but there was not one single answer!

The total absence of facts and consequences evident in that meeting behind the petition was horrifying - not one single educated answer to the questions, just more unsupported fire and brimstone against Ms Grindle!

So go ahead with the one line dismissals we see in the comments on this article - they sound very intelligent and persuasive.

" Feb 15, 10 12:01 PM

East End Grl:"All those things would have been discussed but couldn't be because the petition was not even on the agenda. "

That is a really lame excuse! The endless berating by the petitioners of Ms Grindle without any substance (actual actionable charges of misconduct - just opinions) was not on the agenda either, but it just went on and on for way over an hour! It would have taken less than 10 minutes to answer the raised issues if any of the petitioners had the answer.

I would think the petitioners would have answered those critical questions to avoid the charges that they haven't even thought through in an intelligent manner of the major consequences that could have negatively affected Tuckahoe as a result of the destruction of our 100 year old corporation, and educate parents of the propriety of their radical proposal without any debate scheduled.

Sorry, it just doesn't ring true. There was too much time devoted to endless unsubstantiated personal harangues of Ms Grindle to make the not-in-the-agenda excuse other than farcical." Feb 15, 10 8:30 PM

Moody's downgrades Southampton Town's bond rating

Linda Kabot's opponents took great pleasure in tying her to the horrific fiscal mess when it is now obvious that all these fiscal improvements were envisioned done during Kabot's time. It was she who wiped the slate clean in the Comptroller's Office Management staff.

The improvements took almost her entire tenure as Supervisor to erect, leading to a reversal of Heaney's catastrophic financiao stewardship! The Town owes a debt of gratitude to Ms. Kabot who fixed the mess. We should wish her well and thank her for her leadership tat is now being acknowledged y Moody's." Feb 23, 10 9:11 AM

Tuckahoe petition sparks review of historic statutes

There you are, exposed in Black and White for all to see! THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES! Grimag seemed to have been right. Under the leadership of Mr. Grisnik, the petitioners and their backers in public announcements, have grandly exclaimed that their petition was well conceived, the details were well thought out, the Referendum process was well documented and simple (or simplistic?), was the consequence of very professional planning.

If even the most educated, experienced, professional experts in BOCES and the NY State Department of Education admit they have no idea of exactly how this process works, its consequences, its potential negative implications, and how it could affect Tuckahoe CS, its students, and taxpayers, how can the the petitioners, none of whom can even approach the expertise in those two institutions sound remotely intelligent in making their claims?

Mob rule? " Feb 25, 10 12:53 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

Reg Rep: Your posts always show a severe lack of understanding of complex issues. You are suggesting that the deficit was always merely $5 Million, not a higher amount. If you reread the article on the FTI findings and Tamara's statements, the deficits were much larger than $5 Million, but they applied unused balances on Town approved capital projects as an emergency measure, cancelled them if possible, and offset much of the other deficit accounts with them.

So the costs to the Town were cancellations of other projects that would have benefitted the town - a net loss to citizens. If this strategy were not employed, taxes would have been raised long term or the larger deficits would have been required to be bonded (debt), which inevitably results in higher taxes to service higher debt!

So your conclusion reveals no understanding of our financial problems, just a way to paper over the huge deficits and fiscal and accounting incompetence perpetrated by your Republican hero Skip Heaney as everyone with any sense knows." Feb 26, 10 7:38 PM

Moody's downgrades Southampton Town's bond rating

Turkey Bridge: I find most of your posts factual and on point except your inclusion of Linda Kabot with the Heaney fiscal catastrophe, where you are totally off track. If you examine the wanton overspending in the Town as well as the incompetent accounting and financial mismanagement, you will find all these happened during Skip Heaney's years as CFO/Supervisor, not Kabot's!

You don't serve your cause well by focusing on Kabot erroneously. If you review the Press coverage and the past Town financial statements, the out of control spending and growth of Town government occured during 2003 - 2008, the last year of Heaney's approved budgets, even though that was the first year of Kabot's reign.

The other Heaney fiscal abomination was the Charlene Kagel School of Madoff Accounting and Comptrollership, the worst example of incompetent municipal accounting I have ever seen, as confirmed by FTI, the forensic accounting firm that the Town needed to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars to uncover such incompetence! The Kagel/Heaney accounting mess was unprecedented.

Both these major problems were rectified under Kabot, with a 2009 budget that held down expenditure growth, a 2010 budget that she reduced by $5 Million (which Throne Holst promptly increased in December in Town Board even before she was sworn in). She also worked hand for a year and a half with Tamara Wright to overhaul financial reporting policies as recommended by FTI and rectified the false financial statements presented as factual by Heaney and Kagel.

In fact, the Republican Party and Heaney tried to muzzle Kabot to keep her from exposing Heaney's shameful Republican patronage and mismanagement during her entire reign, even denying the initial Republican endorsement as a retaliation. These events were widely covered in the Press.

And in the Flanders debate, Bill Hughes laughably pointed to his political hero and mentor, Skip Heaney as his Southampton guiding light for Town Board governance, a terrifying prospect! What a cruel joke!

So give Kabot her due, keep your posts clean and factual, lest your other many good points become wasted in apparent partisan fervor. " Mar 2, 10 12:42 PM

To Turkey Bridge: Re: Linda Kabot

"I can't wholly absolve her, however, because at that time she had held high office in Southampton for thirteen years, ... more first as Executive Assistant to a Supervisor (acknowledged to be Vince Cannuscio's right hand), then as a Town Board member, and finally as Supervisor herself. It seems she has to take part of the blame, if only for not discovering the mess sooner -- how large a part is an open question."

This is my last post on this matter as the truth will become obvious.

Your take on Linda's role is understandable due to her long distinguished role in Town Hall. But we are talking about 2003-2008 when she was a mere Town Board member whose access to Town financial statements are strictly limited to Charlene Kagel's and Heaney's double Pulitzer prize winning fiction writing as confirmed by forensic accountants at FTI.

Her role as executive assistant to Cannuzio was of no use in deciphering the Mickey Mouse financial statements submitted to her by the Town CFO while she was a Board member during that period.

In fact, even Throne Holst in a public Board meeting while she was in the Town Council, discussing the fraudulent financial statements that totally overstated the Town's fund balances (reserves), said that they were victimized by the Heaney/Kagel Team's reports.

In addition, the Town's CPAs, the notorious AVZ (also starred in the Easthampton financial debacle), ACTUALLY CERTIFIED AS ACCURATE the false financial statements SUBMITTED TO THE TOWN BOARD, where both Throne Holst and Kabot were members.

So how can one single out Kabot and not include ATH and the others for relying on financial statements submitted that showed there was no problem in accuracy. And as Supervisor, Kabot had absolutely no inkling in her first year that Heaney and Kagel were disseminating financial garbage! I rest my case.

" Mar 2, 10 3:45 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

Terry, "community organizer"? 20 people in a row at 7/11? Regarding a sustainability coordinator? Another one of your out of context remarks. Tsk, tsk, that sounds crypto-racist. Totally out of place in this forum where an open exchange of ideas should be the norm, not a venue for gratuitous insults and intolerance.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself!" Mar 3, 10 7:52 PM

Terry, "community organizer"? 20 people in a row at 7/11? Regarding a sustainability coordinator? Another one of your out of context remarks. Tsk, tsk, that sounds crypto-racist. Totally out of place in this forum where an open exchange of ideas should be the norm, not a venue for gratuitous insults and intolerance.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself!" Mar 3, 10 7:52 PM

Fidelis, if you are a political junkie, you should know that in the ultra right wing parlance, "Community organizer" are code words for undeserving African Americans getting undeserved, wasteful, government dole outs for non-productive jobs organizing non productive people. The extreme right wing blogosphere is teeming with these references.

These code words were used with terrifying frequency about Obama during the last elections. You couple that remark with senseless " 20 people standing in the AM in front of 7/11" and you don't need an IQ beyond single digits to know what that is all about.

Hello there, where have you been?" Mar 3, 10 9:38 PM