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Store owner wants Silly String banned

I am a Westhampton resident who attended the Halloween parade with my baby this year and it was a wonderful day in most regards. I support the commentary on banning the use of silly string at an otherwise great day and here's why. I was walking down main street, saying hello to passing neighbors, strolling my baby along, when a group of pre-teens starting running around my baby and me spraying silly string. I was completely startled and my immediate reaction was to quickly move to protect my child from 2 things - getting hit with silly string and from having one of these overly aggressive pre-teens run into her (as they did me) as they tried to accost each other with silly string. If these kids find it necessary to amuse themselves with silly string rather than to attend the parade for its intended purpose then they shouldn't be there. If kids this age have outgrown the trick-or-treating custom of Halloween, then maybe the village and shopowners should create an alternative for kids in this age group. And, shame on the store owner who distributed the silly string. I think the store owner's use of the "economic downturn" as a reason for selling silly string is laughable. Surely, she was just trying to exploit the market as an excuse for her poor judgment. In any event, you can see that based on my experience at this year's parade, I didn't think silly string was harmless fun and feel it should be banned from all public community events. " Nov 15, 08 10:57 AM