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Scallop harvest disappointing in East Hampton

I'm not a scientist. I don't commercial fish around Long Island. I don't even recreational fish much in the area. My observation that I am going to talk about is purely factual. I know the folks who fish commercially may want to disagree. Ok. I have been diving for scallops on Nantucket for over 20 years. I have followed the scallop controversy closely over the years. Everyone wondered why so many bad years. Here is what I can tell you. The one and only year that a large area was closed to commercial scalloping had the best and most productive scalloping ever. This was Madaket harbor. I can remember the protest by the commercial folks. But you know the following year there was a 4 inch scallop in every square foot of the harbor floor. It was unbelievable. But it never happened again because the commercial guys lost the profit the year before. Instead they raised the price for a recreational license. As if the recreational folks were the cause of the decline. Now it is back to the way it was. And unless they close it to commercial it will stay that way. The oceans will restore themselves if we leave them alone. Even if we just manage with some patience it will help. So if you want to see scallops and lots of them close the commercial fishery for a few years and just watch. " Nov 15, 08 6:54 PM

Critics respond to airport plan

I'd give anything to live in East Hampton. The ocean, the beaches, the weather..etc.
Why worry about a little airport noise. You should learn to fly. It's fun and then you might appreciate the aircraft noise more." Sep 10, 10 3:30 PM