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Political Affiliations Among Southampton Town's Regulatory Boards Questioned Again

I support Councilperson Fleming's resolution. The recent campaign season saw alot of promises made for transparency on both sides. This is a chance to back up those promises. If, as Councilperson Scalera and Supervisor ATH claim, there is no evidence of corruption, then there should be no reason for them not to support this proposal. Resigning your committee position is an option to be explored ahead of time if you choose to commit to one of the 3 boards involved. One can still be active politically, even without that position. Adopting the resolution signals to our community that you are willing to work toward a fair and open government.
" Jan 29, 14 3:58 PM

Well, Neil, I'm ALL for further ethics reform; but unless this passes how do you propose getting any further ones passed?? George Lynch publicly supported the resolution on Tues. night, so I doubt he'd feel as if he were being "punished'. (For the record, ATH abstained from the vote on that "family and friend".) Why not take the extra step that both Easthampton and Southold have taken to prevent that long standing perception we speak about? Doesn't Southampton deserve it? It will benefit us far more than harm us....and perhaps show us who is afraid of taking these measures.
" Jan 31, 14 4:40 PM

" Eliminate the ability to buy votes by requiring abstentions where campaign contributors are involved and eliminate wilson-pakulas and cross endorsements. "
YES. YES. A thousand times YES.

Art Vandelay: East Hampton. I know. When you live in Southampton, you sometimes quickly type Easthampton. I'm only human, not a Super-architect." Feb 3, 14 1:42 AM

Southampton Town Board Debates, Adopts Politcal Guidelines For Board Appointments

I support this resolution......weighing how we look at things like this and how we look at the issues of transparency in gov't as well as what encourages people to come forward and to serve in whatever capacity it may be...
perception being 9/10 of the law, and if there is ever a perception that there is a conflict there, and that that is somehow abused on any one of these areas of representation, then I do believe that we have a responsibility to make
sure that that perception is alleviated and reassure members of the public that we are by law then obliged to set our different obligations apart as we serve in different capacities moving forward.
Throne-Holst said this about Flemings resolution in Nov 2013. Wonder what changed her mind? Any insights?
" Feb 26, 14 2:08 PM

God love ya', turkey bridge! Looks like madam supervisor has failed the people more than a couple of times!! Let's hope the Dems wise up , otherwise, as so many have said for years, they'll be the laughing stock of Southampton town." Feb 26, 14 11:06 PM

Congressional Candidates Calone, Throne-Holst Trade Barbs At Saturday Event In Southampton

SH Press-Feb 25, 2009- “The Town Board on Tuesday unanimously adopted a resolution first proposed by Town Councilwoman Sally Pope calling for a state audit of the municipality’s financial books…..’I want them to look into the $7.5 million deficit in our operational budget, and the $19 million discrepancy in the capital budget’, Ms. Pope said this week. According to Ms. Pope, the state will first perform a risk analysis to determine if the municipality is eligible for a complete state accounting, which is a free service for the taxpayers of the town being audited. The first-term councilwoman said she began calling for a state audit during her campaign and wants officials in Albany to look at the town’s operational and capital books. Ms. Pope said she chose to go ahead with her resolution after speaking with representatives from the state comptroller’s office during the annual Association of Towns of the State of New York Conference last week in Manhattan. During the two-day event, Ms. Pope attended budget and auditing workshops, she said. The board also adopted another resolution introduced by Ms. Pope that directs the supervisor’s office to provide department heads with monthly budget reports that show actual spending for a given month versus what is allocated in the budget.”

SH Press-Sept 29, 2009 :“The state comptroller is already in the process of auditing Southampton Town’s books. He was called in to do so by Town Councilwoman Sally Pope, who, along with most other town officials, wanted answers to growing questions about the state of the town’s finances and financial records.”

AND Anna, you are NOT the first "non (R)' as you put it - because you clearly cannot say Democrat- to be elected to Town Board. Mardy DiPirro, Dennis Suskind, Steve Kenny, Carolyn Zenk, Sally Pope, Bridget Fleming. Any of those names ring a bell? Oh what a tangled web we weave...." May 6, 16 8:22 PM

FYI, even the independent capital accounting was first proposed by Dennis Suskind prior to Jan. 2008, and only after he recommended the forensic capital audit did Throne-Holst and Nuzzi jump on board.
" May 7, 16 1:02 AM

UPDATE: Schneiderman Unveils More Details About Proposal To Reroute Tuckahoe Road

Figures. This is also one of former supervisor (and Schneiderman supported) Throne-Holst's largest contributors!! Bloomberg, his family and board members all contributed the maximum amount allowable to Anna's current campaign. He has hosted fundraisers for her in NYC with all of his out of town billionaire friends.
Money talks. " Jun 15, 16 5:58 PM

Turnout Will Be The Wildcard In June 28 Congressional Primary

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks." The master of spin, anna, once again has turned around the words of Dave Calone to fit her purpose. Does she think we're stupid? She DID contribute to the Conservative Party 3 times.

As the Daily Kos says: "However, Calone never accused Throne-Holst of backing Trump; rather, he pointed out that she gave money to the Conservatives, who in turn endorsed Trump. This is why, if you're a progressive, you don't donate to an organization like the Conservative Party, but this isn't something that should be hard to figure out. It's not like the Conservative Party tries to hide what its aims are—hell, it's right there in its name."

In her self defense, she claims she attended lots of "community events". Since when is a Conservative Party fundraiser a community event? If she had been invited, she wouldn't have had to write a check -- and she did it year after year! She also put 2 registered conservatives on land use boards, further tying her to the Conservative Party. Some progressive. " Jun 15, 16 6:57 PM

Throne-Holst Hopes To Bring Record Of Problem-Solving To Washington

Anna sure has a lot of that out of town billionaire money to spread around! Her personal financial disclosure also shows that she receives $$ from Saunders Realty 2 years in a row now. For what? Has anyone seen her showing houses around town lately? Is it commission? Same amount, both years.

As for her record of "problem solving"....HA! The only problems she solved were for the developers. And then she usurped others' ideas to claim as her own.
Clearly, I'll be voting for Calone, along with a countless number of other Southampton Dems who would fear for our little town (although she sure can spin it) should Holst ever get anywhere near another elected office." Jun 22, 16 10:04 PM

Hills Opponents Offer Alternative Plan For East Quogue Property

It should be noted that many proponents of the golf course project have a direct tie to DLC. Money is flowing in the direction of residents who are compensated in one way or another for their positive comments. Jobs at Dune Deck, cash and/or promised deals are all the order of the day for DLC in their fervent race to make this golf course development a done deal. Opponents of the project have nothing to gain but peace of mind that the water and land will remain free from the cesspool of pollutants DLC will bring to our town." Dec 6, 16 4:44 PM

Democratic Primary In East Hampton Town Race May Be Likely

“By law, the decision as to the party’s candidate does not lie either with the party committee or with its screening subcommittee, but with the party membership” . While Mr. Cohen's statement is true, the screening committee has been through an extensive interview process with each of the candidates. The committee has been selected to recommend those they believe best represent the party's principles. With that being said, a nomination from the floor or a primary are both accepted and welcome options in a true democratic process." May 4, 17 12:04 AM

'The Hills' Developer Selects Wastewater Treatment System

So, Hissey claims the project "has been demonized as a result of the ignorance of a few". REALLY? Those "few" happen to include The East Quogue CAC, the East Quogue Civic, the Board of East Quogue Historical, the Coalition of Southampton Town CACs, Group for the East End, Mr. Amper of the Pine Barrens Society, Legislator Bridget Fleming ( and former Town Councilwoman), Assemblyman Thiele, and I could go on & on. Literally hundreds of people have come out against The Hills. These people have done their research and listened at countless forums and public hearings. They are not paid to do so; they simply love their community. When in doubt, follow the money. Are we actually going to dismiss their opinion because they can't afford to live on a large piece of property? The arrogance is astounding." May 25, 17 6:28 PM

Bridget Fleming To Seek Reelection As Suffolk County Legislator

I, for one, am very grateful that she advocated for tick research and awareness. When you have lingering effects from this devastating disease, you understand how important this is. Her work in coordination with the Health Department and the money she got to reduce the tick population goes a long way in managing lyme and other tick borne illness. Glad I have a legislator I can count on with this. Thanks, Ms. Fleming." Jul 24, 17 1:13 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Board Votes Down The Hills Proposal Tuesday

THANK YOU JOHN & JULIE! We are much relieved and appreciate your thoughtful consideration. " Dec 5, 17 5:54 PM

Geraldine M. Jack Of East Quogues Dies February 28

Geraldine was a kind, intelligent and all around wonderful person. I served with her on the EQ CAC. Her sweet demeanor, patience and community involvement always inspired me. She will be sorely missed. " Mar 5, 19 2:23 PM