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Support is mixed over school expansion plans

We need to invest in our children NOW. This generation and generations to come deserve the best education they can get. We are not in the 80's any more...times are changing and Remsenburg Speonk UFSD needs to get up-to-date with the times like the surrounding school districts. Many demands are placed on children in school and out of school; they don't have much time to be kids! We all benefited with a good, fun, enriching educational experience; now it is time to give back. INVEST in the education of a child and watch how the world will become a better place.

Think of how you spend your money...and put it to better use...instead of thinking poor me, my taxes are going up...spend less on that expensive shopping spree or impresive dinner and inspire a child with a chance to become interested in science, technology, and life.

Cleaning up past generations greed, garbage, and pollution is not going to be an easy task for this generation. The world is not as carefree as it use to be. Stand Up and Take some Responsibility. When you give from the heart, you get back ten-fold..." Nov 16, 08 10:02 AM

Emotions run high at school expansion hearing

Emotions were running high and I still don't understand why the opposing side was so rude and negative. If it is alternative designs they desire, then why don't they personaly draw up a rough plan as to better explain their ideas. They might have a better design...will we ever find out?

Dr. Salomone did an excellent job of showing, via the slides, what classrooms were being taken away, renovated and added and explained why. Some people sat their with their arms crossed, huffing and puffing. They weren't listening to the facts...only the same old thing replaying in their head...they are doubling the size of the school...were they paying attention?

It was very sad to see that some people lost sight of whom this expansion would mostly benefit...the CHILDREN and the teachers. They seemed more concered with themselves and their business title. These children are the future of this community. If you have a plan; put it together and bring it to the board for review...if there are alternatives, document the facts and address them, don't blow out asumptions and lies or exagerations. Present a better plan that you feel will work...is there one?

The gift of a good education will last a life-time. Letting the school fall apart will affect the value of our homes, community, and the quality of ever growing educational mandates and demands placed on our teachers and children. Wake up and realize that times have changed; the world has changed...GREEN AND GLOBAL are the future which these children have to adapt to.
" Nov 21, 08 5:33 PM

Sandy Hollow Affordable Housing Lawsuit Dismissed By State Supreme Court Justice

Most are not arguing against WFH. In Speonk-Remsenburg...they are putting it in the wrong place and all on one street over a solvent plume. The town already denied Mr. Bernstein's initial proposal at 95 N Phillips Ave, Speonk (2 times) - this plan called for 55+ condos - he was denied with the reasons; added density, open space issues, ground water concerns. He is presently approved for 13 luxury homes in the same spot, which is in tune with "as of right" zoning, etc. Now, the TSHA and Mr. Gallo, seem to think that a zone change adding way more density is okay...in my opinion NO for many reasons! The Town Plan called for WFH near Gabreski Airport (I believe)...why not create something over there...near the workforce and give the vets, EMF, Fire Fighters, Teachers, etc. first choice...I also support giving tax credits to homeowners creating apartments added on to their homes (also mentioned in the plan) - not tax credits for builders of big projects that will ultimately raise our taxes, over-burden our schools...eventually running many out of town..." Jan 7, 16 7:38 AM

Is there a Class C Plume in Sagaponack? I would not rent or buy over a plume and I don't think building should take place until it is cleaned up...would you want your kids playing on top of it...then don't expect other kids...rich or Section 8 for that matter...everyone has a right to the best life, but putting future resident's health and the health of the whole community and water! Think Twice
" Jan 9, 16 7:39 AM

I agree littleones I am still drinking my coffee this AM and misunderstood what you said at first and can't delete my post. Any how, yes I am hearing the same sentence going around about the Village of Remsenburg Speonk." Jan 9, 16 7:43 AM

It is mentioned in their plan though, maybe it needs to be re-read." Jan 9, 16 7:46 AM

I remember signing a petition regarding the drag strip...I also remember fighting a zone change behind a pumpkin farm as well...that never happened because the a few in the community got together...I also remember paying monies into the CPF Fund when we built our house...people need to sit back and really get a visual as to what is going on and stop bashing others
" Jan 9, 16 7:55 AM

Autistic Remsenburg Man Lands Job At New Best Yet Market

Best Yet is lucky to have Christopher...it is a hardworking, pleasant and a happy guy!" Jun 2, 16 7:36 PM

Best Yet is lucky to have Christopher...HE is a hardworking, pleasant and a happy guy!
" Jun 2, 16 7:37 PM

KKK Recruitment Fliers Found In Westhampton Beach And Quogue Villages

Interesting how it says on the flyer that they are a Christian group that follows the bible...Love thy Neighbor...hummm...I guess this could also address some points above as well.
" Jul 26, 16 7:20 AM

East Quogue Church Evicts Psychic From Annex After Two Decades

Jim's prayer group offers a place of love, acceptance, and peace. A place where someone can go to reflect, pray, and connect with God. Jim's prayer group offers solace to those who may feel rejected by the church or lost, spiritually. Often, Jim's prayer group is a door that opens for people to find themselves - leading them to church or at least a stronger connection and faith with God and the Holy Spirit - However, this prayer group is non-denominational. Frankly, it brings many people from all walks of life together in a joyous way. Sometimes people feel isolated and alone - this prayer group offers hope, support, and friendship in a way that speaks to and thru each other's heart. It offers a place of non-judgement where people who do have the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to gather and feel accepted. God does use ordinary people to do extraordinary things - he always has - why would it stop these days. " Oct 12, 17 9:03 AM