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Store owner wants Silly String banned

How about some thanks for those wanting to keep our kids safe and having fun in the village. Thanks to those with the local chamber of commerce, parents on the PTA, the local police, fire dept & DPW crews, the very generous merchants on Main Street and local sponsors who actually make the Halloween Parade and Main Street Trick or Treat happen each year for our local kids. There is a lot of candy given out, superb costumes, wide eyed youngsters and overall fun for all who participated. All of that doesn't... just happen. Thank you.

My fun with my granddaughter came to an immediate halt when a boy with a can of that silly stuff knocked my beautiful little princess over on the pavement. He was running after his friends spraying it no more than a few inches from another boys face. All good and fun in Sam's eyes. But that boy unfortunately missed his friend, knocked my princess over and got her in the face dead on with that gooey plastic stuff in the can. Our fun was over quickly with lot's of tears and flushing of her eyes. Thank you to the kind store owner who let us clean up in her wash room.

Like Frank said above, it is the behavior of some that is the problem. But that afternoon it seemed that the negative behavior was associated with that canned silly stuff every time.

Thanks Mrs. Galasso for trying to keep the safety in the event.

" Nov 17, 08 10:49 AM

Cafe owner and neighbor verbally spar over noise

This OLD FOGIE enjoys the Westhampton Cultural Consortium's concerts on the Village Green on Thursdays and take my granddaughter to the great Kids on the Green performances on Tuesdays in the summer. They are great programs. We love walking up and down Main Street shopping, eating ice cream and listening to the many street performers along the way on hot summer evenings... the duo at the old Sextons, the bands at Simon's Bakery, Shock alley music, acoustic guitar at Margarita Grille, the church bells, that fine young man with the Cello on the bench. It's all great.

But it all comes down to respect as well for those around you - time restrictions, sound levels, decorum and enjoyment. It has nothing to do with children. It all has to do with judgement, behavior, tolerance, appreciation, good character and again respect for all. That has to start with the adults of this town at every level possible, otherwise our children wont have a running start in the world.

" Nov 17, 08 11:11 AM

Group files second opinion regarding proposed religious boundary

The observant Orthodox Jews of the Hamptons Synagogue and Rabbi Schneier seem to think that opposition to Eruvs is unique to this community - when in fact such opposition seems to accompany every proposed Eruv worldwide... read the blogs and articles out there. The Hampton Synagogue retained the services of a local Catholic attorney to first propose their Eruv to the Village of Westhampton Beach, a man who couldn't even pronounce it, "Erv," let alone describe the concept properly the first time. So what type of response was expected? The concept, need and the opposition is nothing new worldwide. All of this debate, attention and anger locally is only hurting our community. Historically, Westhampton Beach is not the first community to oppose an Eruv. The Orthodox Jews of the Hampton Synagogue knew what to expect, but instead they acted surprised. Then came the claims that the village was full of uneducated anti-semites when in fact the most opposition came from the conservative and reform Jews in the village. Thank goodness the JPOE surfaced finally taking some of the burden off of us "now proclaimed uneducated anti-semites." This is a worldwide controversial issue, not a battle to be settled for all Orthodox Jews in our quiet little seaside village. " Nov 17, 08 11:48 AM