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Task force breaks up East End heroin ring

I'm glad something is being done. My brother, Tom, died from an accidental overdose of Heroin in 2007 in Hampton Bays. He had to get it from someone, somewhere. But I do agree that more needs to be done. If you can't line the perps up and shoot them, then put them all on an island, in the middle of nowhere, and give them their heroin and nothing else. Problem solved." May 15, 10 12:50 PM

UPDATE: Storm Lessens In Intensity; Should Make Landfall At 10 a.m.

I hope it's not like Hurricane Hugo in S.C. on Sept 21, 1989. That was devastating and I lived 25 miles inland. Over $10,000. in damages. But no one was hurt at my house, Thank the Lord. Things can be replaced (and they were) but people can't be replaced by an insurance company. " Aug 26, 11 7:21 PM

Do whatever you have to do................just be SAFE." Aug 27, 11 2:33 PM

LIPA: Fewer Than 200 Outages Left Islandwide From Irene

I had Verizon during Hurricane Hugo in Charleston, SC and I was on the phone to my mother in Hampton Bays almost for the whole storm. Had no problems at all. That was on Sept 21, 1989. This cable phone is a disaster when there is a disaster." Sep 1, 11 7:11 PM

It is. nauti lady mentioned not putting all her eggs in one basket and asked where Verizon was. My statement is that Verizon is always on whether there is a storm or not, in my case, I happened to be down South when there was a very large storm which did millions in damages if not billions, tore trees down, had tornadoes and still Verizon was on. You won't get that from cable phone. And what does it matter where you are; Verizon is the same everywhere. So you can get off your high Southampton Horse with your 949 more than likely aggravating posts. From a Shinnecock Hills Gal." Sep 1, 11 7:27 PM