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Math program at heart of turmoil in Tuckahoe

Blatant Mismanagement I understand to mean their financial mismanagement. It is never wise to pay someone to not work, There is something like 100 or 200 thousand dollars added to this years budget for the super/ princ position (which now they are saying they are going to split) buying out the previous one's contract and paying the new one til the end of the year .
If i don't like the way my truck works, I don't pay to have it fixed then put it into storage and go rent a truck until i can get a new better truck- maybe I shouldn't get a truck at all maybe I'll get two smart cars.
Oh, and if the school is big enough to warrant a split position aren't we by the same logic big enough to have more representation on the board." Apr 3, 10 12:24 AM

Nah, I've been on the discussion board. Plenty of wild banter on there as well" Apr 3, 10 12:27 AM

Tuckahoe School Board adopts budget

I don't know all the details of "the pay freeze" they offered the teachers and unless you do know all the facts- which you probably don't unless you are a member of the board or a teacher rep- maybe you shouldn't be blaming them for their fellow teachers lay offs.

'Coup' I don't see how saying they could' immediately be reelected to the board if they wanted to remain' as some nefarious plot.

" May 1, 10 7:34 PM

The mistake of paying the former superintendent is exactly why people are mad at the board members.
I didn't care if they kept the past super or not but the two board members clearly cared enough to use tax payer money to buy her out. That's not good business that's bad blood.
" May 1, 10 11:26 PM

Tuckahoe superintendent to leave; School Board interviews finalists for position

The poor kids of Tuckahoe can't catch a break. I just wonder what the plan was when they originally wanted to replace the the superintendent. Let's hope the doctor is a chess player and can think more than one move at a time. " Jul 1, 10 8:06 PM

I said 'poor kids' because having a 3 superintendents in 12 months can be stressful. Kid's thrive on consistency and routine, so they can learn and thrive. They don't need a whole bunch of changes, I feel for anybody kid or not that deals with that. It's called empathy not anger." Jul 3, 10 12:32 AM

Hope none of the people you mention in your comment mind you using their names or talking about their children" Jul 3, 10 12:43 AM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Would Rent District-Owned Home Following $95,000 Renovations

on campus housing maybe we should change our name to Ross School or maybe we should purchase Southampton College and house all the teachers. The only Supers I know that need to be available 24/7 are the ones that fix the plumbing in apartment building" Dec 8, 10 8:04 PM

Tuckahoe School Board Sticks With Referendum Plan

How about adding becoming union free to the referendum and getting a bigger board, maybe with a bigger board we'll get some sane people. Heck at least they're not stealing from us... wait maybe they are but they don't mean to-" Dec 16, 10 9:10 PM

Child Care Center Introduces Inclusion Program

If they have teachers half as good as my granddaughter had when she went to Once upon a Daycare they are in good hands
" Jan 11, 11 11:25 PM