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In case of emergency: East End SWAT teams

Dee I agree with you 100% - what when you all need their help you won't be putting them down then!!! They risk their lives to save others
Please don't call them when you are attacked by some maniac!" Mar 3, 10 11:11 AM

Congressional candidate Cox joins anti-abortion activists in protest at Bishop's office

Laszlo, you don't know anything about the tea party supporters. And, that HW guy owned you. You should stop while you are ahead. I voted democrat for 32 years and because I REJECT the POLICIES of the current administration, I have looked for a found someone willing to take them on. You will never get your mind wrapped around the concept of a wholesale rejection of you and people that believe in your ideas." Aug 30, 10 2:13 PM

Altschuler, Bishop Will Take Part In Campaign Event On Thursday

hi this is yessiree's nurse at the home. we agree with him 100% and trust that he's representing perfectly well. thank you." Oct 19, 10 12:57 PM