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Beaches At Shinnecock Will Be Rebuilt With Sand From Inlet

was dune no such thing" Oct 4, 12 2:10 AM

Greenport Man Charged With Embezzling $250,000 From Southampton Village Law Firm

Seating a jury to convict for ripping off lawyers may prove arduous." Oct 15, 12 9:16 AM

Dog Dies After Ingesting Georgica Pond Water

Mosquito larvae feed on bacteria. I wonder if spraying is contributing to the bloom?" Oct 18, 12 7:00 PM

Cops Called To Westhampton Beach Village Hall After Bakery Owner Refuses To Leave Without Permits

"Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely"
Lord Acton" Nov 14, 12 1:55 PM

Corrections Officer Facing DWI Charge Returns To Work At Suffolk County Jail

".....pending the outcome of his case."
Maybe he wasn't drunk after all, and no-one was even injured." Nov 20, 12 6:41 PM

Brawl Erupts At 75 Main, Police Looking For Instigators

Gangsta got cred. Can't read or write, but hey!....got cred." Nov 27, 12 9:20 AM

Southampton School District Officials Do Away With Val And Sal

No child left behind. No child steps ahead. Stay in line, be quiet, and get graduated. Baaa" Nov 29, 12 6:06 AM

Two Pulled From Shinnecock Bay Saturday Afternoon Were Disoriented Hunters

Tag and release to a drier habitat." Dec 9, 12 6:48 AM

Elimination Of Val And Sal At Southampton High School Meant To Reward High Achievers

obligatory car analogy here:

NASCAR restrictor- plate racing. Slow down the faster drivers. Everyone "competes" at the same speed in a tight pack. Wrecks collect more victims. If luck is on your side, proceed to the "Winner's Circle" " Dec 12, 12 11:56 AM

Guilty Verdict In Federal Case Against Brother Of Fugitive Wanted For Nun Hit-And-Run

Why was the driver of the vehicle (an illegal immigrant) employed and driving around in my country in the first place?" Dec 20, 12 7:50 AM

...I meant "alleged" driver" Dec 20, 12 8:22 AM

North Sea Camp Owner Wins Right To Add Pool

"It's the only way to deter wealthy thugs from coercing innocent civilians into yielding their rights to procedural extortion"

There's always "eminent domain"" Dec 24, 12 9:46 AM

Suffolk County Jail Sergeant To Be Sentenced For DWI February 15

“I’m trying to avoid publicity and so is he,” Mr. Ferris said....

nice try" Jan 2, 13 1:53 PM

House Of Representatives Approves Some Sandy Funding

You want parallels? Try late 5th century Rome." Jan 9, 13 12:09 PM

Judge Grants Order Forcing Temporary Removal Of Vehicles From Speonk Property

"Judge Grants Order Forcing Temporary Removal Of Storm-Damaged Vehicles From Speonk"

Temporary removal? Does this mean the vehicles will be moved back at some point in time?" Jan 13, 13 11:59 AM

Dream Act Provides Opportunities For Immigrant Youth

Obviously you haven't seen the printer thing the Fed has. You put ink and paper in one end, and money comes out the other! How cool is that?? And if that gets too slow, they can mint coins worth one trillion dollars each. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades." Jan 23, 13 8:57 AM

Decision On Religious Boundary Lawsuits Could Come This Year

Push or pull something in defiance of The Almighty in front of MY house on the Sabbath? Better think twice, I've got water balloons." Jan 23, 13 9:35 AM

Shooting Enthusiasts Up In Arms Over Gun Control

Knee-jerkers, in their rush to pass the strictest gun-control law in the nation, forget to exclude cops from the legislation. Now, that's a knee-slapper!" Jan 25, 13 7:11 PM

Decision On Religious Boundary Lawsuits Could Come This Year

um, no....Friday is holy to Pastafarians!" Jan 25, 13 7:25 PM

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