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Suffolk County Comptroller Order Halts Selection Process For Beach Hut Replacement Vendors

Its all crooked. Has been for years and will continue to be unless there is transparency. " Apr 26, 18 6:30 PM

VIDEO: Congressional Candidates Sit Down For Newspaper Digital Debate

Vote out all Republicans. " Oct 28, 18 1:32 PM

Let Love Rule: Jackie Lamb Marks 50 Years In Southampton School District

I hope she gets a good retirement after 50 years. How much would a teacher get after 50 years?" Oct 28, 18 2:06 PM

VIDEO: Congressional Candidates Sit Down For Newspaper Digital Debate

Vote out all Democrats too. Nancy Pelosi lives in a gated community and became a multi millionaire. same with Chuck the Schmuck Schumer. Get rid of ALL incumbents. Term limits needed. Open borders will destroy any chance of Medicare for all we cannot give free medical care to invaders that dont pay taxes. Both sides lie. End the far right and far left stalemate. Vote for sensible candidates. We need a party for middle America. We ve needed it for 60 years. Turn back the invaders. Put troops at the border instead of Korea, Japan, Germany and all these other places. America First.
" Oct 31, 18 12:59 PM

Hello?" Nov 2, 18 12:09 AM

UPDATE: Opponents Raise Concerns Over Southampton ZBA's Decision To Approve East Quogue Golf Course As Recreational Amenity

Can long term residents still dump garbage at the end of Spinney Road? I mean thats whats it there for right?" Nov 16, 18 11:46 AM

Census Says Shinnecock Nation Numbers Are Declining; Tribal Officials Disagree

Time for this scam to end. Drug dealing, weapons, the sale of cancer causing cigarrettes. Lance Gumbs depositing hundreds of thousands of dollars in local banks weekly to support this charade. Close it down. Crime will drop. Use your cigarrette money to buy waterfront property Mr Gumbs and pay taxes like everyone else. Your pipe dream of a casino has gone up in smoke literally. Get real. The Shinnevock Nation is in its death throes. Self inflicted not government neglect. People are tired of this act. Grow up. " Feb 7, 19 11:29 AM

East End's First Opioid Forum Draws Large Crowd To Address Opioid Crisis

Six opiod deaths is incorrect. My daughter died in March 2018. I have spoken to people in SH Town Govt but they keep quoting inaccurate statistics as though they are making progress. How many others have not been counted? " Feb 14, 19 11:59 AM

Long Island Rail Road Commuter Connection On Track For Monday Start

Give it a chance. Theyve been working on it and talking about it for 20 years or more. Too much traffic. Make it $5 like the monorail to Jfk. $4.25? Whose idea was that? " Feb 28, 19 11:02 PM

Police Chief Raises Concerns Over State Plan To Legalize Marijuana

The number of opiod deaths in 2018 is wrong, it is 7 not six. Your didnt count my daughter Chief. How many others werent counted so we can show we re making progress in the war on drugs. Heroin is everywhere in this town now. Why is anyone wasting their time on marijuana sales? " Feb 28, 19 11:37 PM

Town Readies To Rebuild Montauk Dune Again, And Waits For County To Ante Up

Let Montauk become an island, then they can secede from NY and become the 51st state before Puerto Rico. Then the people of Montauk can finally live free. If a hurricane hits we can be rebuilt after a political circus ensues. Get rid of half the population in the chaos, they can all move to Florida. Then Montauk can live out its days in peace and quiet so the remaining people can rest in peace. " Mar 1, 19 12:03 AM

East End School Districts Reveal Preliminary Budget Figures For 2019-20 School Year

Close the schools. Give all students a lap top and home school everyone. No more buildings, a lot less teachers, costs would go way down. Schools are an antiquated idea. Its the 21 st century think outside the box. Also post all teachers and administrators salaries and pensions. Make it mandatory in every budget. People have a right to know what theyre paying and why their taxes are so high. " Mar 21, 19 11:22 AM

Why do taxpayers have to pay for teachers to teach students to learn to speak English. Any potential student who doesnt speak Englsh should be given dvds that teach you Englsh before you enroll in school. This way the parents can learn too. Spend your summer learning to speak English then come to school ready to learn. " Mar 21, 19 11:31 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves Bel-Aire Motel Purchase, 4-1

The place has been a dump for years. Registered child molesters have been living there. Tear it down. Anything is an improvement. " Apr 11, 19 5:08 PM

Foster Crossing Estate Hits The Market For $20 Million

Turn it into housing for the homeless. " Jun 27, 19 1:01 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Reopen The 'Picnic Area' To Vehicles

Why cant you just park your pickup and CARRY ALL YOUR CRAP TO THE BEACH. You could probably use the exercise. Leave your dog home in the yard barking like he does the other 6 days of the week. " Aug 4, 19 12:44 PM

Good Ground Park Summer Concert Series Wraps Up Highest Turnout Season

Too bad it took 30 years to build this park. I dont live there anymore. I cant hear the music from Florida. " Sep 6, 19 2:13 PM

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