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Bridget Fleming wins vacant Southampton Town Board seat

She won because she got more votes, plain & simple! Had Hughes had the Independence Party endorsement I would have still voted for Fleming, only I would've had to have done so on the Democratic line. I dare say I'm not the only person that voted in this manner.
Sorry, for you that your man lost.... Happy for the balance of power his loss represents!
" Mar 10, 10 1:55 AM

Special election today for Southampton Town Board seat

Many of the "Dongan Patent" rights have already been ceded to NYS. The State Leg. reduced the number of trustees to five from twelve. They also changed their elections from annual to biennial. Both of these changes went against the language in the Dongan Pantent. You should read it so you are aware what you are attempting to defend, so as to be better able to do so.

Interesting side note is the Town government who called themselves the Undertakers at the time of the Patents did not want to accept the Patents nor did they think they needed them to legitimize their authority to govern.

Now we are wasting money on lawsuits over Trustee rights and jurisdiction that amount to expensive pissing contests, with little to no benefit to the people of Southampton Town." Mar 10, 10 2:27 AM

Southampton Town Board work session canceled

How is he wrong?
Jim did pledge to give up his county job. I recall him saying to me in person he wanted to give back to the public. How is having two tax funded jobs giving back?

I realize the Town Council position is considered part time and heck the pay isn't as good as what is being proposed for homeless sex offenders, but he signed on for it and should keep his word." Mar 10, 10 2:35 AM

Local politicians consider congressional campaign

Nuzzi for Congress..... LOL, LMFAO" Mar 10, 10 2:41 AM

Parts of Southampton Village parks and beaches may become smoke-free

I have to say arson would be a stretch.... especially in the sand! Flicking the butts should be treated as littering. For some reason it is overlooked & is one of the most commonly littered items. A fine of $500 would be a decent deterrent, if enforced could go along way towards servicing our Town's debt.
Jail would be nice, but far too expensive." Mar 13, 10 8:34 PM

Southampton Town department asks for money following capital budget mishap

Blowes never Knows!!!" Mar 13, 10 8:41 PM

Suspicious indeed! Better material for presentations of projects that never get done anyway, so why bother. A blank bond for unspecified materials, not the type of transparency we were hearing about!" Mar 13, 10 8:45 PM

Southampton Town Code enforcement busts motel

The guy is probably a dirtbag as has been alluded to, but keep in mind these people that are living there are not the cream of the crop either. The broken windows, I'm willing to bet were not broken by the landlord. I also doubt he was the one who littered in the wetlands.
The smoke detectors were most likely removed by the tenants, because of repeatedly going off during cooking mishaps. The place should be emptied & either brought into compliance or dozed.
It has been a dump like this for well over a decade closer to 2 decades.
Why it took the town this long to act is the real question at hand." Mar 13, 10 8:53 PM

Unregistered vehicles is again because of the caliber of tenants! " Mar 13, 10 8:56 PM

Southampton Village police chief rescinds internal rule governing secondary employment

The law is what they (Police) are paid to enforce, as well as follow. There should be no thanks in order here, this wasn't a favor or choice he made, it was a legal obligation he had to comply with the FOIL. " Mar 13, 10 9:07 PM

Winds sweep through South Fork, causing scattered damage

“If we were in a hurricane season, this would have been a hurricane,” he said.

Mr. Law this is an erroneous and ignorant statement, I would like to know where you earned your degree in Meteorology? Oh, no degree, that's abundantly clear!

" Mar 15, 10 2:40 PM

Myriad views on deer control in East Hampton Town

I happen to like my flowers & veggies, if a deer is going to trespass to feed (destroy) on them, I hope it does get shot! These animals are out of control & need to be remedied, one way or the other.

Granted all mammals feel pain, pleases spare us the comparison of deer to humans. As for Jesus, he lived in the desert where there were no deer. Had he been subjected to their indiscriminate grazing & condoned it then your reference may have some validity. He died for our sins right? This would include killing deer, I don't think he held exception to certain sins.

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who deal likewise with their fellow men."

-St. Francis of Assisi

The above quote is laughable at best, in this modern world where genocide and civil wars run rampant, with starving children right here in America you are going to fight for an animal that is a pure nuisance and destroyer of property and crops. I don't hunt personally, but I thankful that many do. They have the right to and same on you for trying to use God to infringe upon their rights!
" Mar 15, 10 6:32 PM

Should have been "shame" in last sentence." Mar 15, 10 6:36 PM

Okay, I have the natural ecologically balanced solution, re-introduce the Wolf. " Mar 15, 10 6:46 PM

Levy switches parties, announces run for governor

Are you really this narrow minded & against all who are not Democrats?
This is the smart move for Levy if he is seeking the governor's office. The Democratic endorsement is going to Cuomo, so Levy is doing the sensible thing by seeking the republican nomination. He is good for the people & their will, no matter what letter is after his name. For you to throw a tantrum because he has left "your" team is foolish as he will still make the call he sees as right regardless of party affiliation.
" Mar 24, 10 10:02 PM

Local stationery and office supply shops react to Staples planned for Bridgehampton Commons

I believe he said legal reason, those are all considered in the planning dept. review. " Mar 25, 10 12:06 AM

LOL... The environment??? Please do tell how a staples is going to negatively affect the environment?
Truth is there is no reason to not allow a Staples in an area already containing many other franchises, which has parking and all other necessary amenities." Mar 25, 10 12:11 AM

Levy switches parties, announces run for governor

Your little league analogy is weak at best. BTW.... children in little league are not permitted to switch teams so why you attempted to relate that I can't imagine.

Anyway back to Levy he is for LI, I would be inclined to voted for him no matter what party he runs under. He will vote his conscience regardless. It isn't that he won't win as a Dem, it is that he won't get the nomination. He wants to be Gov. so he is seeking the GOP's nomination.

You list HB as your residence? Do you really live there? If so, don't you want someone in Albany who will seek to even out the subsidization of upstate by Long Island? I think Andrew Cuomo is great but I don't believe he is likely to effect that type of change! Steve Levy will, he listens to the people, really listens and considers there wants/needs in his decision making.

As for courage of convictions, again I think you're wrong.... he is seeking office to bring to fruition his convictions, which he believes can be better done from Albany." Mar 25, 10 7:50 PM

Probably true, but unfortunate on the Gov. end for LI.
" Mar 25, 10 7:55 PM

County Road 39 to see minor widening project in the fall

Let's be realistic CR39 is no place for a bike lane. There is a bike lane in the works for Montauk Hwy. between the Village of Southampton east to the Village of East Hampton.
Bicycling on CR39 is not only dangerous due to the vehicles, the air quality is also questionable on such a busy road. " Mar 30, 10 5:50 PM

Poxabogue manager to meet with Southampton lawmakers about Fairway future

This is a disgrace to the Town Board for their blatant mismanagement of this situation. Good Job in destroying another fine east end establishment!" Mar 30, 10 5:54 PM

Shinnecocks clear last hurdle; recognition expected by July

Congratulations! This is long overdue!" Apr 1, 10 10:04 PM

Southampton Town residents express opinions on leaf pick-up program

Be done with the leaf suction program! Time to bag them people. I for one, am totally sick and tired of leaves blowing down the street and into my cleared yard, because the trucks take forever to get to pick them up!

The waste management dept. was charging the highway dept. for disposal of the leaves and still they managed to be at a deficit?

Time to change the administration to a competent one! " Apr 1, 10 10:20 PM

Oddone sentenced to 22 years in prison

Mrs. Reister should not have to be fighting for the pension, it should be at 3/4.
As for the Publick House they really should have been making an effort to reach out to her both financially & emotionally. After all it was their rule Mr. Reister was enforcing which was the catalyst for this incident. The fact that Oddone's employers supported him fully and are still supporting him is upsetting to many friends and colleagues of Mr. Reister's. Maybe instead of wasting energy on complaining about that, their energy would be better spent compelling the county and The Publick House to do right by Mr. Reister and help Mrs. Reister and her children. Form everything I've heard about him prior to that night, he was a great guy, so for his former employers to turn their backs on his widow shows a lack of integrity on their parts.

The bottom line is as the judge said "This was a defenseless man" Now this I cannot agree with, to stay he was defenseless is quite a stretch. He was 6'4" and 240-280 lbs. depending on where you obtain your info and was a trained corrections officer! Are the Suffolk County Corrections Officers really defenseless individuals? If they are they needs to be an overhaul of their training program. If anything Judge Hinrich's statement will come back to haunt him during the appeal, as it was inaccurate and possibly prejudicial.
" Apr 15, 10 2:30 PM

Anonymous - I didn't put words into his mouth, that was a direct quote from the Judge, how it was meant is up to interpretation. I guarantee I could have gotten him to let go very quickly, too bad I wasn't there!

Mr. Z - the rule about dancing on tables is common in many bars and restaurants, what isn't common is encouraging females to dance on tables
while forbidding males and ordering them removed when they do.
You may be "defenseless" if attacked from behind, but you probably aren't a corrections officer trained in self defense.... are you? If I were you, I would look into some martial arts training so you are not "defenseless" if attacked from behind. I have been attacked from behind on a couple occasions and wasn't defenseless in either of them!

honeylamb - I never said that the SCCO or the SCSD were lacking in their support, I said EMPLOYERS, Suffolk County, The Publick House... yes the pension is state run and the County could be helping Mrs. Reister get the State to do the right thing. "Also, this was only a 240 pound man" Let's be realistic here 6'4" 240 is a large person no matter how you slice it!

Truth prevails - Mr. Reister didn't start out unconscious, he got that way in the attack, there are many techniques for breaking a chokehold/headlock from behind, unfortunately he wasn't able to employ any of them. To say he was defenseless is a stretch, he was sober, larger and trained as a corrections officer.... maybe a review and subsequent upgrade to their self defense training is in order.
" Apr 15, 10 10:29 PM

What would metal detectors or armed bouncers have done to prevented this tragedy? Oddone had no weapon that a metal detector would have found, the other bouncers were too far away to assist in this incident. If Andy had a weapon it may have caused the situation to be even more deadly had it fallen into the wrong hands.
Either way metal detectors and armed bouncers is out of control! The steroids a lot of bouncers do would mix well with firearms!" Apr 15, 10 10:37 PM

IRS says Southampton Town comptroller owes $650,000 in back taxes

No, you become a registered sex offender, then you get roughly 32,760 a year tax free to cover food & shelter! That's if they push the $90 a day stipend for being a homeless sex offender in Suffolk County." Apr 15, 10 10:50 PM

Southampton Village Police launch internal investigation into inappropriate computer use

I can't imagine the same department that violated a prisoner's rights and privacy during a strip search by allowing it to be viewed by male officers, would be looking at porn! Yah Think!!! " Apr 17, 10 12:18 AM

That was a female prisoner
" Apr 17, 10 12:19 AM

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